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Macedonia 30.10.20 | 17:27

Investigative journalist announces that a major new racketeering scandal is about to hit SDSM

Journalist Branko Geroski announced a new major corruption scandal that will involve top SDSM party officials. Geroski was instrumental in revealing the Racket scandal, which brought down SDSM loyalist Katica Janeva as Special Prosecutor and badly wounded the Zoran Zaev regime with credible allegations...

Macedonia 10.01.20 | 14:44

Company close to the Government will be new subcontractor for the construction of the Stip Clinical Center?

The government is silent on the “Racket 3” affair, Oliver Spasovski is silent, Venko Filipce is silent. There is no reaction from Zoran Zaev, although “Racket 3” as a follow-up to “Racket 1” and “Racket 2” goes public three months before the elections,...

Macedonia 10.01.20 | 13:43

The rackets of the government and Zaev’s crimes are multiplying

VMRO-DPMNE Secretary-General Igor Janusev wrote on Facebook that while the rackets of the government and Zaev’s crimes are multiplying, the only thing that is not expanding is the prosecution’s investigation against these criminal cases. Racket 1 and 2 brought Racket 3. While the rackets...

Macedonia 10.01.20 | 11:47

What really lies behind the “Racket 3” case: How did Filipce from a neurosurgeon become a racketeering kingpin

The public will be appalled by the madness of the government and its degree of lucidity and criminalization, VMRO-DPMNE Secretary-General Igor Janusev said recently, announcing that the Racket case will have several sequels, as the party is daily receiving information on affairs, people’s testimonies...

Macedonia 07.12.19 | 13:43

Janusev announced new corruption scandals which will astonish the public

There will be a third installment of the Racket scandal, predicts VMRO-DPMNE Secretary General Igor Janusev, after the dramatic testimony of Jordan Orce Kamcev yesterday revealed many new details about the widespread abuse of the judiciary for extortion under the Zaev regime. VMRO-DPMNE demands a full...

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