The government is silent on the “Racket 3” affair, Oliver Spasovski is silent, Venko Filipce is silent. There is no reaction from Zoran Zaev, although “Racket 3” as a follow-up to “Racket 1” and “Racket 2” goes public three months before the elections, VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Naum Stoilkovski said outside the government building on Friday.

It is now clear why Stip was left without a hospital, it is clear that due to lucrative and illegal actions the hospital has not been completed yet. “Racket 3” is a case of racketeering a domestic company and pushing it into bankruptcy for its further takeover. “Racket 3” is a case of a minister being involved in racketeering and failing to comply with a bank guarantee to the detriment of the budget even though the contract is not respected. “Racket 3” is a case of a new 7m-euro budget request for the same company that owes money and is two years behind the deadline for completing the construction, Stoilkovski said.

He called on Oliver Spasovski, his mentor Zoran Zaev, and first of all Venko Filipce to explain why the bank guarantee was not activated.

Which company will be the new subcontractor and is it really close to the government? Are the construction work and the construction companies of the Shtip hospital coordinated by a man from the family of former Prime Minister?, Stoilkovski asked.

The behavior of the government is shameful, and that of the prosecution of organized crime is even more shameful. There is no escape from responsibility. Responsibility will come, and defeat for those who are bringing us defeats today is inevitable, Stoilkovski said.