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Macedonia 13.04.20 | 20:09

Son stabs his father to death in Skopje

Skopje police confirmed the media reports that a son killed his father yesterday evening, near the main clinic center. The 24 year old killer has reportedly acted violently against his father in the past, and had a lng running dispute. The attack was perpetrated with a knife, with multiple stab wounds,...

Macedonia 13.04.20 | 18:55

Skopje covered in trash as city authorities refuse to run the garbage trucks during the curfew

The citizens of Skopje woke up to shocking scenes of overflowing garbage cans across the city, left over during the three days long curfew. The curfew is imposed to help contain the spread of the coronavirus, but leaving the trash uncollected raised the danger of spreading other diseases. The Komunalec...

Macedonia 09.04.20 | 21:19

Trash collection issues to be added to Skopje’s quarantine woes

Skopje’s public utility company informed the public that, due to the curfew, it’s only operating in the morning shift. As the capital prepares for its first full weekend curfew, that begins on Friday early afternoon, it’s possible that the trash situation, which is already getting bad,...

Macedonia 09.04.20 | 17:44

Three illegal migrants detained in Skopje during the coronavirus curfew

Three illegal migrants were detained yesterday afternoon in the Kisela Voda part of Skopje. The three men, aged 24 to 35, were from Syria, Morocco and the Palestinian territories. Macedonia has seen a sharp drop in the arrests of illegal migrants, which would number in dozens almost each day at the start...

Macedonia 07.04.20 | 20:42

Sixth coronavirus victim of the day – man from Skopje (45) died while being taken to hospital

A 45 year old man from Skopje died this afternoon from Covid-19. The man tested positive and was being taken to the “8th of September” hospital when he died en route, the Government press service informed. He is the sixth coronavirus patient to die over the past 24 hours. This brings the...

Macedonia 07.04.20 | 17:04

Elderly prisoner dies in Idrizovo

A 72-year old prisoner in Skopje’s Idrizovo prison died this morning. There were no signs of violence on the body and an autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death. In the police report there are no indications that the coronavirus could be a cause of death.

Macedonia 25.03.20 | 18:58

Judges insist that trials of opposition officials and activists must continue despite the epidemic

Criminal trials in the Skopje courthouse, many of which are part of the campaign of the ruling SDSM party against the opposition, have been ordered to continue despite the coronavirus epidemic. Court President Ivan Dzolev ordered that the so-called “Titanic” trial, one of the many politically...

Macedonia 23.03.20 | 15:36

Reductions in public buses in Skopje has made them greatly overcrowded

Authorities in the city of Skopje failed miserably in handling the public transportation issues. Buses have been reduced greatly, in line with the calls on the public to self-isolate, but as many citizens are still forced to go to work as essential personnel, this means that those buses that do come...

Macedonia 21.03.20 | 16:06

49 Covid-19 cases are from Skopje, 30 from Debar

More than half of those infected with coronavirus are from Skopje. According to information on the map for monitoring the Covid-19 situation in the country, 49 of the cases positive for the virus are from Skopje. 30 of the 85 confirmed cases are from Debar, two from Stip, two from Kavadarci, one from...

Macedonia 19.03.20 | 09:49

Last passengers before the lock-down arrive to Skopje from Basel

A flight from Basel, Switzerland was the last to land at the Skopje airport for the time being. The plane landed on Wednesday evening and at midnight the airport closed for passenger aircraft, as part of the measures meant to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Several previous flights had people...

Macedonia 18.03.20 | 16:52

Mass coronavirus tests to be conducted in Struga and Skopje

Early detection of the disease is important in order not to burden the health system, Health Minister Venko Filipce said at Wednesday’s press conference, announcing that screenings are being carried out in Debar, Struga and Skopje. Early detection, screening according to epidemiological indications,...

Macedonia 18.03.20 | 12:53

Four new corona cases in Macedonia, 35 in total

Four patients were diagnosed with the coronavirus, the Healthcare Ministry informed, bringing the total of cases in Macedonia to 35. All the new cases are from Skopje and all patients are considered stable. The passengers on a plane that landed from Brussels yesterday, where several passengers had flu-like...

Macedonia 18.03.20 | 09:51

Skopje airport closes at midnight

The Skopje airport will close at midnight, as part of the measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Macedonia’s other airport, located in Ohrid, was closed earlier this week, as were most land border crossings. The remaining four crossings closed yesterday. Most flights planned to land in...

Macedonia 17.03.20 | 19:27

Skopje court will greatly reduce the civil cases workload

As many venues of public life grind to a halt because of the coronavirus, the Skopje civil cases court announced today that it is restricting its work. The court will only hear urgent cases such as those that deal with child protection, commitment of individuals to hospitals, testaments, registration...

Macedonia 16.03.20 | 20:01

Skopje cafes are now empty but the parks are full of retirees

Lifestyle under the coronavirus epidemic in the Macedonian capital Skopje has changed over the past few days. If school children used the opportunity of their unexpected spring break to fill the cafes and their parents flocked to the near-by restaurants last week, the establishments are now empty on...

Macedonia 16.03.20 | 17:23

Skopje airport asks passengers to use the available disinfecting stations

Skopje’s airport operator TAV Macedonia urged passengers and visitors to keep a high level of personal hygiene and use the disinfectants made available at the airport. Several disinfecting stations are put in place throughout the airport, which is also being scrubbed three times a day to stop...

Macedonia 13.03.20 | 17:25

Two Algerian citizens arrested after a late night police chase in Skopje

Two Algerian citizens were arrested overnight, when they refused to stop to a police patrol in Skopje. The two were driving in a stolen car with Veles licence plates around 3:40 in on Friday morning in the Aerodrom district of Skopje. Police officers signaled them to stop, but the Algerians tred to flee....

Macedonia 06.03.20 | 11:06

Rapist arrested after hiding in the woods west of Skopje for a year

A rapist who attacked a close family member a year ago, was arrested in the woods of the Matka canyon, west of Skopje. The man was hiding in an improvised mountain hut for a year to avoid arrest. Police located and arrested him on the between Thursday and Friday. They shared a video of the arrest.

Macedonia 06.03.20 | 10:21

Two armed robberies in Skopje

Armed robbers attacked a gas station in Skopje’s Butel district late yesterday evening. The attackers fired a bullet in the air as a warning to the employees before grabbing the money from the register. They then fled in the car they came in. The same evening, in Dracevo east of Skopje, an armed...

Macedonia 25.02.20 | 10:14

Patient treated in Skopje does not have the coronavirus

A patient who was suspected of having the coronavirus was treated in the main Skopje clinic yesterday. Following the tests, it was determined that the patient does not have the virus. Officials from the Healthcare Ministry informed that they have a crisis team put in place and are implementing recommendations...