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Macedonia 09.07.21 | 16:29

Only 15 months in prison for the driver who killed a 20 year old woman in Strumica

An 18 year man from Strumica was sentenced to just 15 months in prison for the hit and run killing of 20 year old Verica Belcovska. The incident happened in early April in downtown Strumica. The driver fled the scene after running over Belcovska, but turned himself in the next day. Belcovska’s family...

Macedonia 27.04.21 | 16:34

Strumica high-school students plan a boycott over Minister Carovska’s latest plan to rewrite school books

High school students from Strumica are organizing to boycott classes in protest against plans by Education Minister Mila Carovska to switch to electronic school books. The students are repeating their old request for in-person schooling and insist that e-books will just solidify the Ministry’s...

Macedonia Culture 24.04.21 | 10:45

Strumica culture center statement shows you can’t always rely on Google translate

The newly appointed director of the Strumica culture center Vasil Bubev is off to a great start. The gym teacher who was decried as completely unsuitable for the position by the local actors and employees, is putting together an exhibition of sculptures. The “Anton Panov” center shared a...

Macedonia 23.04.21 | 14:01

Three men detained in Strumica for rape

The Strumica court ordered three men to be detained for carrying out a rape of a local woman. The attack was perpetrated on April 8th in an underground garage in the city center. One of the men raped the woman while the other two are charged as accomplices.

Macedonia 08.04.21 | 08:46

Girl badly injured after a hit and run in Strumica

A 21 year old woman was badly injured in a hit and run incident in downtown Strumica yesterday evening. The woman, from the village of Rusinovo, was residing in Strumica. She was hit while crossing a street on a pedestrian crossing. Due to the severity of her injuries, she had to be taken to Skopje for...

Macedonia 19.03.21 | 18:03

Roma man brutally beaten in Strumica says that the attackers were from Zoran Zaev’s security detail

Igor Vckov, the Roma man from Strumica who was brutally beaten yesterday, spoke out today about the assault. Vckov blamed the attack on the men from a security company that is linked to Prime Minister Zoran Zaev – who was Mayor of Strumica for a decade and practically runs the city. Vckov said...

Macedonia 18.03.21 | 19:50

Attack in Strumica: Roma man was brutally beaten by Zaev’s bodyguards

With the police still silent over the brutal beating in Strumica, an official from a People’s Roma Party revealed that the attacked person is a Roma and the leader of the attackers was a local thug close to Prime Minister Zoran Zaev. Zaev was Mayor of Strumica for a decade and he and his family...

Macedonia 18.03.21 | 16:38

VIDEO: Man brutally beaten up in Strumica

Shocking footage of an assault on a man was shared today from Strumica. The footage show a group of man chasing a person, and beat him up mercilessly after they caught up with him. The video, which is difficult to watch, is available here. Local news outlets report that the attackers were allegedly part...

Macedonia 01.03.21 | 17:18

Two months after the fire, part of the Global shopping mall has reopened

Parts of the Global shopping mall in Strumica reopened today, after the devastating fire on January 2nd. About two thirds of the mall are now reopened, in the parts that were less affected by the fire. The roof is also repaired and by the end of the week work on the most affected sections will be near...

Macedonia Culture 10.02.21 | 09:29

Actors from the Strumica theater protest against their unqualified new director

Actors from the Strumica theater will hold a protest today. They object to the appointment of an unqualified gym teachers as their new director. Vasil Bubev was appointed over several candidates from the institution, and better qualified outside candidates. Bubev was appointed to the position after managing...

Macedonia Culture 30.01.21 | 12:20

Gym teacher named head of the Strumica theater

Actors from Strumica are protesting that a gym teacher was appinted as head of the main Anton Panov theater and culture center. Vasil Bubev, the newly appointed director, worked as gym teacher and director of a local kindergarten, and won over two other candidates who had more than five years experience...

Macedonia 26.01.21 | 13:54

Traffic accident scams reported in Skopje and Strumica

Motorists in Skopje and Strumica are warned to be careful as fraudsters are trying to fake traffic accidents and extort money. The scheme includes men who pick a slow moving vehicle and throw themselves on it, and then insist they will call the police unless the driver pays them money. One taxi driver...

Macedonia 19.01.21 | 18:52

Zaev’s Government instructs all public institutions to donate for the reconstruction of “his” burnt shopping mall

The Zaev Government adopted a request from an association set up to rebuild the burnt down Global shopping mall in Strumica, and called on all public institutions to donate money for its reconstruction. The mall was unlawfully built during Zaev’s term as Mayor of Strumica, by investors who have...

Macedonia 08.01.21 | 17:10

Global shop-keepers divided into categories based on the damage they sustained from the fire

Shop-keepers in the burnt Global mall in Strumica have been divided into three categories, and will press their claims for reimbursement. The categories involve businesses who suffered total loss, partial loss, or no loss at all. The ground floor of the large mall developed under controversial circumstances...

Macedonia 04.01.21 | 19:23

Police officers had to fire warning shots during an arrest in Strumica

Police officers were forced to fire warning shots in Strumica yesterday evening, during the arrest of a 32 year old man. The man, identified as S.M., resisted arrest for several prior crimes, and was joined by a group of others who assaulted the officers. During the attack in which blunt objects were...

Macedonia 03.01.21 | 14:49

Zaev visited the site of the charred shopping mall in Strumica

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev visited the site of the Global shopping mall, built in Strumica during his term as Mayor, which suffered a major fire yesterday. The entire ground floor and large parts of the upper floors were badly damaged in the blaze, and dozens of stores have been destroyed. Fortunately,...

Macedonia 03.01.21 | 12:10

Entire floor in Strumica’s Global shopping mall has been destroyed in the fire

Apocalyptic images surfaced from the Global shopping mall in Strumica, where the ground floor seems completely burnt out in the large blaze that broke out yesterday evening. Firefighters said that they had to approach the mall from three sides, and needed assistance from teams across the region. The...

Macedonia 03.01.21 | 09:07

Major fire in the Global shopping mall in Strumica

A major fire broke out yesterday evening in the Global shopping mall in Strumica. There are no casualties but serious damage was inflicted on the shops. The fire started on the ground floor and then spread upwards. At least ten stores were burnt down, as well as much of the marketplace. Mayor Kosta...

Macedonia 24.12.20 | 17:13

Woman charged with leaving the Strumica hospital while positive to the coronavirus

A 58 year old woman from the village of Veljusa near Strumica is being charged for leaving the Strumica hospital while diagnosed with the coronavirus. The woman was hospitalized in early November, but decided to leave for a total of five days, without signing a dismissal statement and informing the staff.

Macedonia 23.11.20 | 16:38

No spare beds in the Strumica hospital

The Covid-19 ward in the Strumica hospital is filled to capacity. Currently 83 patients are treated there, 40 of them inpatient. We have 23 specialists who are helping out and given the relatively good level of staffing, things are more or less normal. But we are concerned about the high number of patients,...