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Macedonia 15.10.23 | 11:33

An arrest finally made over the July stabbing of a Bulgarian football fan in Skopje

Months after the stabbing of a Bulgarian football fan in Skopje, the police finally made a single arrest. A.D. (21) from Skopje was arrested when entering Macedonia from Albania, at the Struga crossing. He is charged of being part of the crowd of Shverceri – Albanian nationalist fans of the football...

Macedonia 30.08.23 | 20:28

Prosecutors preparing charges against an arrested top member of the Grcec narco mafia

State prosecutors say that they are preparing charges against a rare catch – an alleged top member of the Grcec narco mafia. Muaremi Iljaz is reportedly a major drug boss from the village close to Skopje which recently became a no-go zone and whose gangs surpassed other more established branches...

Macedonia 29.08.23 | 17:43

Gostivar: Man arrested for the rape of a minor relative

A 31 year old man from Gostivar has been detained for the alleged rape of a minor. The girl that was assaulted is the relative of the attacker’s wife. The attack reportedly happened two months ago. The man will be detained and face charges.

Macedonia 26.01.23 | 18:00

Ali Ahmeti’s nephew was arrested for drug smuggling

Musa Ahmeti, nephew of the most powerful Albanian politician in the country Ali Ahmeti, has been arrested for alleged drug trafficking a month ago. Alfa TV reports that Musa Ahmeti (34) was detained in the family’s stronghold of Zajas, near Kicevo. During a raid, the police found marijuana, cocaine,...

Balkans 17.03.22 | 21:07

Boyko Borisov arrested!

Former Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov was arrested today, after an international investigation that was coordinated with European prosecutors. Prime Minister Kiril Petkov announced the arrest with a tweet declaring that “No-one is above the law”. So far the details of the investigation...

Macedonia 17.02.22 | 20:05

Gostivar man who attacked journalists with an ax briefly detained, will be charged

Gostivar police detained the man who attacked two journalists yesterday in a village near Gostivar. The attacker pushed the journalists and chased them with an ax. They were in the village of Gjurgeviste to report on the poor working conditions in the local school. The police released the attacker, but...

Macedonia 23.12.21 | 21:24

Man from Skopje arrested for blackmailing a girl with her nude photos

A 24 year old man from Skopje was arrested today as he was trying to extort 3,000 EUR from a girl using the threat that he will release her nude photographs. The man was blackmailing the 22 year old girl for a while, and she turned to the police, while pretending to go along with the blackmail. Today,...

Macedonia 29.10.21 | 18:14

Man arrested in Kocani for bribing voters ahead of the run-off

Police in Kocani reported that they detained a 53 year old man who was distributing money to would-be voters in the second round of the local elections. The man was paying out 1,500 denars – 25 EUR to get an unspecified number of voters to support one of the two mayoral candidates – the police...

Macedonia 10.09.21 | 10:45

Tetovo police arrests an 80 year old heroin dealer

Police in Tetovo arrested an 80 year old man who was selling heroin. During the raid in his apartment, the police seized drugs and a large cache of ammunition.

Macedonia 08.06.21 | 19:21

VMRO demands action against the police officer who brutally arrested a young activist

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski expressed support to the young party activist who was briefly detained today, simply for filming the on-going protest in Skopje. “Stay strong Stefan, we will carry on forward, for Macedonia”, Mickoski said. Stefan Kaloshev was brutally arrested by the...

Macedonia 08.06.21 | 17:15

Police arrested a young VMRO activist in Skopje simply for filming the protest

A member of the VMRO-DPMNE youth organization UMS was arrested today during the party’s protest against Zoran Zaev’s concessions to Bulgaria. VMRO is blocking intersections in Skopje and a dozen other cities, and the arrest occurred at the intersection in front of the main Skopje courthouse. The...

Macedonia 28.05.21 | 22:35

Zaev regime arrests police officers suspected of leaking the report which revealed how Vice Zaev’s was shaking down a mining company

Two police officers were detained this afternoon, reportedly for acting as whistleblowers in the major new scandal involving the Zaev regime. Plusinfo reports that the detained officers are Aleksandar Janev – former head of the organized crime unit, and organized crime inspector Ilija Calsev Menis....

Macedonia 07.04.21 | 12:26

Macedonian citizen sought for serious crimes detained in Hamburg

German police in Hamburg detained a Macedonian citizen who was sought for a number of crimes including robbery, fraud and forgery. The man, identified only as K.D., is sentenced to 17 years in prison. Macedonian police coordinated with the German security services to secure his arrest.

Macedonia 14.03.21 | 12:03

Police arrests Jordan Kamcev, the businessman who brought down Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva

Businessman Jordan Orce Kamcev was arrested today, the Fokus news site reported. One of the richest Macedonians was the target of extortion in the major Racket scandal, and his actions to detail the extortion brought down Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva and badly implicated the Zaev regime in her criminal...

Macedonia 22.02.21 | 09:04

Arrest warrant issued for Saso Mijalkov, as the police are unable to locate him

The police is looking for Saso Mijalkov, former head of the UBK security service, after the court ordered him into house arrest. The powerful former official and businessman, who held his office during Nikola Gruevski’s terms as Prime Minister, was charged by the Zaev regime in numerous criminal...

Macedonia 19.02.21 | 17:26

Man from Veles died in police custody after a mask violation arrest

A 60 year old man from Veles died in police custody yesterday after being detained for not wearing a mask. Police officers claim that they were identifying the man and were about to cite him for walking without a mask, when he grabbed his identity card from their hands and tried to run. The officers...

Macedonia 17.02.21 | 15:23

Serbian police arrests Albanian national from Macedonia with one kilo of gold on his neck

An Albanian national from Macedonia with one kilogram of gold on his neck was arrested at the Batrovci border crossing on the Croatian-Serbian border. The price of the gold he wanted to bring home is worth around 30,000 euros. He was caught on a bus leaving Italy. The Albanian national is 32 years old...

Macedonia 01.02.21 | 16:47

Man from Skopje arrested for trying to extort 1,500 EUR from a woman using her nude pictures

A 28 year old man from Skopje is charged with trying to extort 1,500 EUR from a woman and threatening to publish her nude photographs and videos. The woman reported the blackmail to the police and the man was apprehended in a Skopje cafe on Sunday, moments after receiving marked 500 EUR from the woman....

Macedonia 05.01.21 | 23:06

Police arrested dozen citizens gathered to celebrate Badnik eve near Skopje

Pоlice officers detainеd a dozen citizens from the village of Orman near Skopje, because they dared to set alight a Badnik fire. Traditionally large fires are stoked on the eve of Badnik – the day before Christmas according to the Julian calendar – and entire villages and neighborhoods...

Macedonia 04.01.21 | 19:23

Police officers had to fire warning shots during an arrest in Strumica

Police officers were forced to fire warning shots in Strumica yesterday evening, during the arrest of a 32 year old man. The man, identified as S.M., resisted arrest for several prior crimes, and was joined by a group of others who assaulted the officers. During the attack in which blunt objects were...