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Macedonia 01.12.20 | 10:00

Angeleska: I was left alone with a colleague against Asani and ten of his men

Policewoman Jasmina Angeleska, who announced her resignation after suffering from abuse and a covered up assault, spoke out about the incident in 2017 when she was verbally assaulted by DUI party official Bekir Asani. Policewoman who was victim of an assault and cover-up resigns from the force Angeleska...

Macedonia 30.11.20 | 14:49

Policewoman who was victim of an assault and cover-up resigns from the force

Jasmina Angeleska, the policewoman who suffered a humiliating assault in 2017 and was apparently pressured to lie about it, announced that she is resigning from the Interior Ministry. Angeleska was attacked by DUI party official Bekir Asani, whose SUV she was in the process of removing because of illegal...

Macedonia 12.08.20 | 14:49

EU embassy in Macedonia calls for the arrest of the men who attacked gay rights activist Bekim Asani

The European Union embassy in Macedonia called on the authorities to identify and prosecute the men who attacked LGBT activist Bekim Asani. Asani was badly beaten in front of his Tetovo office last week. Respect for human rights and the rule of law is the corner stone of the European Union, where every...

Macedonia 05.08.20 | 20:25

Gay rights activist beaten in Tetovo

Gay rights activist Bekim Asani was attacked close to his own office in Tetovo. Asani said that the attackers derisively asked him “are you that ‘faggot?'” and then began punching him. The attack on the ethnic Albanian LGBT activist was perpetrated by two men. It’s not the first...

Macedonia 22.12.19 | 13:34

Ahmeti removes Duraku and other top officials from the leadership of the DUI party

Following his re-election as leader at the DUI party congress held yesterday, Ali Ahmeti removed some of his main lieutenants from the leadership of the party. The most notable removal from the 100 men strong General Council of the party was that of Sadula Duraku, who is now Deputy Prime Minister in...

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