Policewoman Jasmina Angeleska, who announced her resignation after suffering from abuse and a covered up assault, spoke out about the incident in 2017 when she was verbally assaulted by DUI party official Bekir Asani.

Angeleska said that she was not physically attacked by Asani but was confronted with him and 10 of his men, and she received no help from the police backup that came.

We had 30 colleagues come over and no-one tried to identify him or bring him in. I banged the door of the vehicle in revolt because I was left alone. Asani was there with 10 of his people, and I was with just one colleague, that is why I called for backup. But the colleagues came just to hang around. After that I was “rewarded” with an assignment in the Dracevo police station, Angeleska said.

The incident, involving the powerful DUI official, and the subsequent attempt to cover it up by the Interior Ministry, quickly dismissed any expectations that the SDSM party will ensure respect for the rule of law. SDSM formed a coalition with DUI in 2017, and the Albanian party has only grown in power and impunity ever since.

The Ministry still tried to do damage control in the case, issuing a press release that Angeleska did not report mobbing or harrassment at the job, as she now claims, and that she hasn’t resigned yet but is only on vacation. Angeleska informed the public over the social media that she is quitting the force because of abuse by her superiors.