VMRO-DPMNE member of Parliament Rasela Mizrahi, who was the first Jewish member of Government, said that the Jewish community is appalled by Zoran Zaev’s new position on Bulgaria – to accept revision of history, including that of the Second World War and the Holocaust.

Rewriting history to make it fit your daily political agenda can’t be part of any treaty. I ask Zaev, is he aware how insulted my community is by this treaty?, Mizrahi asked.

Bulgaria demands, and Zaev agreed, that the occupation during the Second World War is deemed as “administration” and subsequent “liberation” of parts of Macedonia by Bulgaria. In his BGNES interview Zaev did not say anything about the Holocaust, but in the past, Bulgaria would reach angrily when Macedonia would mention its responsibility for the deportation of the more than 7,000 strong Jewish community in Macedonia.

It’s unacceptable to run away from the historic facts. It’s unacceptable to deny the Holocaust and we will not allow it, Mizrahi said during a TV interview.