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Macedonia 04.12.20 | 12:17

Police Union calls on the Government not to harm Macedonian national interests during its talks with Bulgaria

The Police Union of Macedonia joined representatives of the military and the fire-fighters associations in protesting against Zoran Zaev’s new policy toward Bulgaria. In an open letter, the Union states that the acceptance of all Bulgarian demands which Zaev announced in an interview last week...

Macedonia 01.12.20 | 10:00

Angeleska: I was left alone with a colleague against Asani and ten of his men

Policewoman Jasmina Angeleska, who announced her resignation after suffering from abuse and a covered up assault, spoke out about the incident in 2017 when she was verbally assaulted by DUI party official Bekir Asani. Policewoman who was victim of an assault and cover-up resigns from the force Angeleska...

Macedonia 24.11.20 | 14:39

About 150 police officers and 300 Army members will guard health facilities

A total of 295 members of the Army will support the police in securing the health facilities in accordance with the needs of the Ministry of Health. This number is elastic and it does not mean that everyone will go out on the field tomorrow, said today the acting the director of the Crisis Management...

Macedonia 21.11.20 | 16:26

Video of an attack of Roma citizens of Kocani against the police published online

Video footage of an incident that occurred 10 days ago in Kocani was revealed today. It shows several Roma citizens of Kocani fighting with police officers. The Interior Ministry informed that after the incident, three Roma men were detained. The incident broke out over a police raid at the Kocani market. Several...

Macedonia 06.11.20 | 09:56

Negotino police seize 50 kilograms of marijuana

Negotino police seized 50 kilograms of marijuana from a 29 year old citizen yesterday evening. The man, identified by the police as E.E., was keeping the drugs in his home in the village of Dubrovo. The man has been detained.

World 06.11.20 | 09:16

German police raids Islamists possibly linked to the Vienna attacker

German police has joined in the investigation after the Vienna terror attack, conducting raids in several German states. German officers believe that the Vienna Islamist who carried out the attacks, Kujtim Fejzullai, was linked to Islamists in Germany. Fejzullai is an ethnic Albanian whose family emigrated...

Macedonia 26.10.20 | 16:52

Police union holds a strike tomorrow

Police officers will hold a protest tomorrow, organized by the KSS police union. The union alleges violations of collective bargaining rights and the dignity of the uniform. We can’t allow the police to be degraded and undermined, said union chief Blagoja Ralpovski. In a recent incident, a number...

Macedonia 26.10.20 | 11:17

Police to enter homes upon reports or upon receipt of information

We had a meeting of the main crisis headquarters and we still do not have new recommendations that imply more radical measures. But nothing is ruled out,t he Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski said Monday on Slobodna TV’s “Utrinski brifing” show. At no point will we violate the inalienable...

Macedonia 12.10.20 | 12:40

Officers issued 869 fines for violations of the mask mandate

Police officers ramped up the issuing of fines for citizens who don’t wear masks. A total of 869 citations were issued over the past 24 hours, against citizens who did not upheld the mandate to wear masks in public spaces. As of tomorrow, the Government is expected to declare a much stricter mandate,...

Macedonia 09.10.20 | 11:05

With strict new mandate set to go into effect, police fines over 600 citizens for not wearing masks

Police officers fined 608 citizens over the past 24 hours for not wearing masks. The mask mandate is about to become much stricter, with the Government expected to make their wearing mandatory even in open spaces by yourself. Until now, masks were mandatory in closed public spaces such as banks and supermarkets...

Macedonia 08.10.20 | 10:26

Police union reports massive political revenge pressures on officers in Kumanovo

The SPM police union informs that Kumanovo police chiefs are conducting a revenge campaign against police officers on political grounds, ordering dozens to stations far from where they live and imposing disciplinary procedures for made up violations. On Tuesday, a total of 40 unlawful order to reassign...

Macedonia 07.10.20 | 10:54

Corona patient fled a Skopje hospital, had to be tracked down by the police

Doctors from the “8th of September” hospital had to call police to track down a coronavirus patient who fled the hospital and was walking through Skopje. The patient from Kumanovo was reported missing from the hospital on Tuesday evening. It took the police four hours to locate him and bring...

Macedonia 06.10.20 | 10:28

Police fines 785 citizens for not wearing masks

Police officers issued 785 fines to citizens who were not wearing masks over the past 24 hours. Wearing masks is mandatory closed public spaces such as supermarkets and banks, and also in open spaces with little room for social distancing.

Macedonia 05.10.20 | 14:28

Man from Skopje arrested for filming police officers who fined him for not wearing a mask in his car

A 52 year old man from Skopje was arrested on the Gostivar – Kicevo road yesterday morning, when he tried to record the police officers who stopped to cite him for a traffic accident. Police said that the man, identified as N.S. was cited because he and the several passengers in the car were not...

Macedonia 01.10.20 | 16:47

US style police brutality footage from the streets of Skopje

New footage emerged from the incident involving police officers that occurred on September 24 in a northern part of Skopje. The footage shows one of the officers kneeling on the head of a man he’s arresting, in a way reminiscent of the police brutality killing of George Floyd which sparked massive...

Macedonia 25.09.20 | 13:39

Interior Ministry blames the police beating in Skopje on the family of the man who was attacked

The Interior Ministry is blaming yesterday’s incident in Skopje, where several police officers were filmed brutally beating up a citizen, on the family of the citizen. The video was shared online and it was the second police beating that was uploaded the same day, after a beating of two Roma citizens...

Macedonia 26.08.20 | 14:03

Ohrid boss Nefi Useini turned himself in to the police

Notorious Ohrid boss Nefi Useini and his brother turned themselves in to the police after spending several days as fugitives. The two are charged with assaulting a man from Ohrid and pulling a gun on his 14 year old son as they intervened in a land dispute the man had with oligarch Zore Temelkovski....

Macedonia 25.08.20 | 10:34

Police union claims that experienced special forces officers are demoted to guard duty

The Police Union reports that five dozen officers from the special operations and riot control units are being ordered to perform novice duties. According to the union, this is being done for political reasons. Such decisions can seriously affect the security of the country which lacks well trained personnel...

Macedonia 19.08.20 | 21:34

Hungary sends a new unit of 30 police officers to help protect the Macedonian border with Greece

A new rotation of 30 Hungarian police officers arrives in Macedonia to bolster the patrols deployed on the southern border with Greece, which was the site of the major 2015-16 migrant crisis. Hungary declared that its officers will continue to work to prevent illegal migrants from entering the European...

Macedonia 17.08.20 | 13:06

Two migrants killed when their trafficker hit a police vehicle near Radovis

Two migrants were killed in a traffic accident near Radovis yesterday evening. A trafficker was driving a group of 12 illegal migrants in an Audi Q7 when he crashed into a parked police vehicle. Due to the force of the impact, one migrant was killed on site and one succumbed to the injuries in the Stip...