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Macedonia 16.11.23 | 22:08

Police in Greece and Macedonia stop the shipment of 85 kilograms of marijuana

Following a coordinated operation by the countries’ police agencies, the international transport of 85 kg of marijuana was thwarted, resulting in the arrest of four individuals and the issuance of an arrest warrant for a Greek national by Greece. At Belasica Mountain on Wednesday, police pursued...

Macedonia 17.09.23 | 17:48

Police officers and a witness attacked in the Struga police station

Two men from Struga assaulted police officers in the police station, and sprayed tear-gas toward a witness. The brazen attack happened on Saturday evening. The two 32 year old men came to the police station as a witness was filing a report against them. They attacked the police officers who were present...

Macedonia 16.09.23 | 10:26

Police patrols increased in Debar Maalo after incidents between groups of youths

Skopje police and the municipality of Centar are planning to increase police patrols in the Debar Maalo area, after numerous reports of incidents involving young people. A number of parents have taken to the social media and turned to the police to report that their children were attacked while going...

Macedonia 29.08.23 | 16:04

The automatic rifle used by the rogue police chief remains missing

Following the arrest of the police chief in Ropotovo, near Prilep, who was filmed shooting from an automatic rifle, VMRO-DPMNE official Dragan Kovacki notest that the rifle has not yet been found. Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski, who was in the past photographed with the local thug turned police chief,...

Macedonia 12.08.23 | 20:27

Tetovo police will investigate who waved the Greater Albania flag during Albin Kurti’s visit

Tetovo police announced that they are investigating the way in which the visit of Kosovan Prime Minister Albin Kurti was organized, especially the use of a flag representing Greater Albania. Tetovo Mayor Bilal Kasami distanced himself from the use of the flag, insisting that he didn’t arrange it....

Macedonia 09.07.23 | 12:25

Director calls the police to break the garbage collectors’ strike

Police had to intervene yesterday evening at the office of the Skopje public garbage collection company, during a dispute between director Kosana Mazneva and the employees. The workers are on a strike, and garbage began to pile in the city streets – as temperatures rise over 30 degrees during the...

News Macedonia 18.05.23 | 17:55

Huge police action in Skopje: fourteen drug dealers detained

The Skopje-based Criminal Court has ordered 30-day detention for members of criminal groups suspected of the illegal sale of drugs and weapons. One person, due to a health condition, is on house arrest, whereas detention of three others, who are at large, will be executed when they are found. The suspects...

Macedonia 05.04.23 | 12:47

Spam emails sent in the name of the chief of police

The Interior Ministry warns that false emails are being sent to citizens ostensibly from Saso Tasevski, head of the BJB uniformed police bureau. The emails inform the citizens that there is some legal matter with Europol that needs to be taken care of. The Ministry calls on the citizens not to contact...

Macedonia 02.04.23 | 18:09

Police raids against drug gangs conducted in Skopje

The Interior Ministry informed that its officers are conducting a wide raid in Skopje, and that 15 people have been detained in several locations. The focus are drug running gangs and robbers. More details will be released after the operation ends.

Macedonia 02.04.23 | 14:40

Massive overnight raid targets casinos

Police officers raided nearly 300 casinos and gambling places across Macedonia overnight. During the massive raids, a small quantity of guns, marijuana and alcohol served to minors were seized. A total of three people were detained.

Macedonia 30.03.23 | 18:21

Striking doctors and nurses met with heavy police presence

A strong police line was put in front of the Healthcare Ministry during the protests of healthcare workers today. The doctors and nurses were dismayed by this treatment and loudly objected that their own Ministry is treating them like a threat. They demanded better pay that would take into account the...

Macedonia 12.03.23 | 10:41

Two special police officers badly wounded after an attack in Skopje

Two officers from the special police unit were attacked and badly beaten by a group of five to seven attackers, and are now treated at the emergency clinic in Skopje. The officers were intercepted about 1 after midnight, in Skopje’s Butel, which has a number of Albanian drug gangs operating in...

Macedonia 29.11.22 | 11:38

Son of Interior Ministry deputy minister is the driver who ran away from the police with flashers, which tried to hide the case

In the incident on Friday afternoon on the outskirts of Skopje, the son of an official of the Ministry of Interior was stopped after fleeing from a police patrol due to the illegal use of flashers, but the policemen let him go on the grounds that “it is an official car of General and Common Affairs...

Macedonia 30.10.22 | 21:39

Bulgarian Interior Minister Demerdziev personally ensured that the police keeps the peace in Blagoevgrad

The Bulgarian Interim Interior Minister Ivan Demerdziev was personally in Blagoevgrad today, to coordinate the actions of the police that worked to prevent an incident between Macedonian groups and guests from Macedonia and the Bulgarian nationalists that gathered in the city to protest the opening of...

Macedonia 16.04.22 | 14:22

Thieves stole stun grenades from an Ohrid police armory

An armory of the Ohrid police was broken into. The site was full of live ammunition. The Interior Ministry informs that the thieves took tear gas canisters and flash grenades, which were meant to be destroyed. The robbery likely occurred days ago and was only spotted recently.

Macedonia 31.03.22 | 20:32

Police had to break up a family feud in Shuto Orizari

Police in Skopje’s district of Shuto Orizari had to intervene yesterday afternoon to break up a massive fight. The incident happened between a group of relatives who barged into the house of a local woman and attacker her and her children.

Macedonia 18.03.22 | 17:24

Minister Spasovski says that local police uniforms will be made bilingual – in Albanian as well as Macedonian

Interior Affairs Minister Oliver Spasovski said that the recent decision to turn police uniforms bilingual – and to have them include the Albanian language, will only apply for local police forces. The main Albanian coalition partner DUI got its wish to have police uniforms bilingual. We are talking...

Macedonia 14.03.22 | 16:33

Kumanovo police officer badly injured when a driver ignored his order to stop

A police officer from Kumanovo was injured yesterday evening when a motorist ignored his stop sign and hit him. The driver continued until he hit a parked vehicle. The officer sustained serious injuries.

Macedonia 30.11.21 | 11:17

SPM police union angry at the Government after a wage hike of just five percent

The SPM union of police officers dismissed the 5 percent “raise” planned in the 2022 budget as insufficient. Macedonia is going through an inflation wave and many workers are experiencing a drop in real salaries. We will acknowledge the wage hike and welcome it if it reaches the levels of...

Macedonia 29.11.21 | 15:14

Energy crisis: The Interior Ministry prepared a plan of action in case of blackouts and during the coming “energy shock”

The SDSM – DUI Government prepared a plan for police actions in case of worsening of the energy crisis, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Naum Stoilkovski. Domestic energy production in Macedonia is at the bare minimum after years of corruption and mismanagement of the main REK Bitola coal mine, and the...