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Macedonia 27.05.20 | 13:24

Police officers issue their last curfew fines to 21 citizens

Police officers arrested 21 citizens overnight, who were caught violating the last curfew. The curfew ends today, by order of the Government, but these 21 citizens will still face fines of up to 2.000 EUR for being outside without a permit.

Macedonia 22.05.20 | 13:54

Two incidents involving police officers in Tetovo

Police officers in Tetovo were targeted in two separate incidents, the Interior Ministry reported. In one instance, an officer, accompanied by a friend of his, was intercepted by three men who cut off his path with their car and attempted to assault him. Following the incident yesterday evening the three...

Macedonia 21.05.20 | 16:54

Officers and soldiers ordered into self-isolation after an outbreak in Ohrid

Dozens of officers and employees at the police resort in Ohrid are ordered into self-isolation after several policemen were found to be Covid-19 positive. The resort is used by the Interior Ministry and a unit of the riot police brigade was sent there. Seven of them were found positive to the coronavirus,...

Macedonia 18.05.20 | 15:49

Body found in a shallow grave near Skopje was of a murder victim

The man whose body was found near the village of Gorna Matka, west of Skopje, was murdered, the police confirmed. The body was found in a shallow grave in a desolate place. Wild animals dug up parts of the body, and it was found by hikers. Police forensics teams determined that he was killed with a gunshot...

Macedonia 10.05.20 | 11:09

Police arrests 42 citizens for violating the curfew

Police officers have detained 42 citizens overnight for violating the coronavirus curfew. They were found outside after 19h, without a permit Another 13 citizens were also violating the curfew, and were released with a warning. The Interior Ministry said that it has also issued orders for mandatory self-isolation...

Macedonia 07.05.20 | 14:31

Culev congratulates to first responders on their day of the police

Interior Minister Nake Culev congratulated to the police officers on day of the Macedonia police. Minister Culev expressed his gratitude to the police officers for their efforts in tackling the coronavirus epidemic, and shared a video that was filmed recently. Ви благодариме! Ова...

Macedonia 07.05.20 | 11:30

Police officers detain 29 citizens who were violating the curfew

A total of 29 people were arrested overnight for violating the evening curfew. Police officers additionally issued warnings, but did not detain, 11 people who were also out without a permit past 19h. Mandatory controls among citizens who are ordered to remain at home in self-isolation did not lead to...

Macedonia 30.04.20 | 14:37

Police raids Zaev’s warehouse in Strumica in an investigation over vote buying

Police raided a warehouse in Strumica this morning, where companies linked to Zoran Zaev were repackaging food meant to be used for bribing voters. The ruling SDSM party was apparently preparing a massive campaign of buying off the votes in the poorest neighborhoods in Strumica, Kumanovo and other cities...

Macedonia 30.04.20 | 10:09

Police arrests 34 citizens for violating the curfew

The Interior Ministry informed that 34 citizens were arrested overnight for violating the evening curfew that begins at 19h. Another 17 people were given warnings for being outside without a permit. Also,72 citizens were given orders to go into self-isolation, after being exposed to people who carry...

Macedonia 26.04.20 | 11:03

Epidemic: 55 citizens arrested for violating the curfew

Police officers arrested 55 citizens who were violating the curfew over the past 24 hours, and 16 more were let go with a warning. The weekend curfew began on Saturday evening and will last until Monday morning. During the checks conducted at the homes of citizens who are ordered to remain in self-isolation,...

Macedonia 25.04.20 | 11:33

Police begins issuing warnings to citizens who don’t wear masks

Nine citizens were issued warnings over the past 24 hours, after they were seen in public without masks or scarves. The new measure, requiring citizens to wear masks or some kind of protective clothing while in indoor public spaces, or in farmers’ markets, is now in effect, but will initially carry...

Macedonia 23.04.20 | 11:15

Police arrests 45 citizens who were violating the curfew

Police detained 45 citizens who were violating the evening curfew, and 11 more released with a warning. Yesterday was the last day of the extended curfew, that began at 16h. Starting Thursday, the evening curfew begins at 19h.

Macedonia 20.04.20 | 11:16

Police arrests 92 citizens who were violating the lockdown

Over the past 24 hours, a total of 121 citizens were found in violation of the Easter lockdown, and 92 of them were detained by the police. Citizens are ordered to remain in their homes until Tuesday morning, unless they are essential workers or have a permit. The police also ordered 238 people to go...

Macedonia 17.04.20 | 14:35

Police preparing charges against 21 participants in the Cento riot

The Interior Ministry is preparing criminal charges against 21 participants in the small scale riot that occurred in Skopje’s Cento-Singelic district earlier this week. The men are being identified using available video footage from the incident, when dozens of ethnic Albanians took to the streets...

Macedonia 17.04.20 | 13:14

Police arrests 56 citizens for violating the curfew

The Interior Ministry informed that it has apprehended 56 citizens who were violating the overnight curfew. Additionally, 27 people who were also out after 16h were sent home with a warning. The police also conducted checks on citizens ordered into self-isolation and found three violating the order....

Macedonia 12.04.20 | 19:10

Prilep police confirms that the man found to death was murdered after an argument

Prilep police confirmed that the horrific incident reported yesterday, in which a man burnt to death, was murder. M.K. (66) was found dead in his garage and an initial belief was that he committed suicide, but now the police informed that it was one of his neighbors who killed him. The two go into an...

Macedonia 11.04.20 | 14:09

Police detains 42 people who were violating the curfew

In the first night of the long weekend lockdown, the police detained 42 people who were violating the curfew order, and 30 more were let off with a warning. All citizens, except essential personnel, are required to remain in their homes until early Monday morning. Meanwhile, additional 97 people were...

Macedonia 03.04.20 | 17:01

Minister Culev warns the public that police patrols will be enhanced this weekend

Interior Minister Nake Culev informed the public to be prepared to see a greater number of police officers patrolling the streets during the weekend. The curfew will again be extended, and will start at 16h, while for people over 67 it will start at 11h. Culev said that there were violations of the curfew...

Macedonia 26.03.20 | 11:17

Love during the coronavirus epidemic

A heart-warming picture of a couple has instantly become iconic symbol of the hardships of the coronavirus epidemic in Macedonia. It shows a police officers and a nurse sharing a moment divided by protective glass. While many are required simply to stay in their homes and Netflix and chill, the epidemic...

Macedonia 21.03.20 | 16:18

Culev to police officers in Debar and Centar Zupa: I am immensely grateful for everything you do for Macedonia

Thank you heroes, I’m immensely grateful for everything you do for Macedonia. This is only a small part of the police officers that are available to the citizens on a daily basis and guarantee public order and peace on the territory of Debar and Centar Zupa. They are working around the clock, so...