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Macedonia 26.08.20 | 14:03

Ohrid boss Nefi Useini turned himself in to the police

Notorious Ohrid boss Nefi Useini and his brother turned themselves in to the police after spending several days as fugitives. The two are charged with assaulting a man from Ohrid and pulling a gun on his 14 year old son as they intervened in a land dispute the man had with oligarch Zore Temelkovski....

Macedonia 25.08.20 | 10:34

Police union claims that experienced special forces officers are demoted to guard duty

The Police Union reports that five dozen officers from the special operations and riot control units are being ordered to perform novice duties. According to the union, this is being done for political reasons. Such decisions can seriously affect the security of the country which lacks well trained personnel...

Macedonia 19.08.20 | 21:34

Hungary sends a new unit of 30 police officers to help protect the Macedonian border with Greece

A new rotation of 30 Hungarian police officers arrives in Macedonia to bolster the patrols deployed on the southern border with Greece, which was the site of the major 2015-16 migrant crisis. Hungary declared that its officers will continue to work to prevent illegal migrants from entering the European...

Macedonia 17.08.20 | 13:06

Two migrants killed when their trafficker hit a police vehicle near Radovis

Two migrants were killed in a traffic accident near Radovis yesterday evening. A trafficker was driving a group of 12 illegal migrants in an Audi Q7 when he crashed into a parked police vehicle. Due to the force of the impact, one migrant was killed on site and one succumbed to the injuries in the Stip...

Macedonia 10.08.20 | 12:23

Interim Interior Minister Nuhiu uses the gap between Governments to add the Albanian language to police uniforms

Interim Interior Minister Agim Nuhiu, who leads the department until the creation of a new Government, said that he has signed bylaws that will regulate the use of the Albanian language on police uniforms. Nuhiu comes from the DUI party that represents mainly ethnic Albanians, and which insists on a...

Macedonia 29.07.20 | 10:28

Prosecutors still going after curfew violators – seven citizens could be fined with 2.000 EUR each

Even though the evening curfews have ended, prosecutors are still going after citizens who were caught violating them during the period of movement restrictions. Prosecutors proposed that the court fines seven citizens with 2.000 EUR each for the violation. The curfews lasted for two months and were...

Macedonia 27.07.20 | 11:04

Police fines 329 citizens for not wearing masks

Police officers have fined 329 citizens over the past 24 hours for not wearing masks where required. Masks must be worn in confined public spaces such as supermarkets, banks and post offices, as well as in open spaces where there is no room for proper distancing.

Macedonia 24.07.20 | 17:11

Culev punishes police official who initiated an incident in Tetovo on election day

Interior Minister Nake Culev approved the strictest possible disciplinary measure for one of his own advisers, Zoran Georgievski who on election day had an incident on election day with the traffic police chief of Tetovo Zoran Talev. It was found that Georgievski initiated the incident and the disciplinary...

Macedonia 16.07.20 | 15:40

Police investigating the attack on the SEC website which undermined the elections

The Interior Ministry said that it is looking for the perpetrators of the hacking attack on the State Electoral Commission which threw the vote counting process in disarray and raised doubts in the veracity of the process. The SEC website, which is used to inform the public in detail about the turnout...

Macedonia 15.07.20 | 19:18

Two officers involved in an incident in Tetovo

Two police officers were involved in an incident today, around 16h, reported in Tetovo. The Interior Ministry said that its internal control is investigating the case. It’s unclear whether it was related to the elections. Police officers are banned from campaigning and Interior Minister Nake Culev...

Macedonia 15.07.20 | 17:29

Election day police report: Several arrests, voting briefly interrupted in two locations

The Interior Ministry reported that it intervened in dozens of instances across the country, with some of the main irregularities including a chain voting attempt in Bitola, voters caught photographing ballots and several interruptions in the voting. A ballot stuffing report was made in the village of...

Macedonia 09.07.20 | 20:58

Interior Minister Culev pledges safe conduct of the elections

Interior Minister Nake Culev inspected the work of the police in Kriva Palanka, Kratovo, Probistip and Sveti Nikole where he said that the Interior Ministry will make sure that voters are allowed to vote freely in safely conducted elections. The local departments have prepared operational plans for their...

Macedonia 05.07.20 | 18:22

Incendiary bomb thrown at the house of Prilep police commissioner Spirkoski

The family home of Prilep police commissioner Kiril Spirkoski was firebombed overnight. Unknown attackers threw an incendiary device at about 3 in the morning. Spirkoski was able to extinguish the fire by himself. The attack did not cause serious damage to the house. Police said it is investigating the...

Macedonia 04.07.20 | 10:24

Police officers cite 478 citizens for not wearing masks

The Interior Ministry informed the public that it cited 478 citizens over the past 24 hours for not wearing face masks in confined public spaces. Citizens are required to wear masks in places such as banks, post offices and supermarkets, as well as in open but crowded spaces.

Macedonia 30.06.20 | 13:40

Video reveals illegal show of force during a riot police raid ordered by Zaev’s former bodyguard

A video sent anonymously to Republika reveals gross abuse of the police during the arrest of several officers, allegedly for refusing to honor social distancing. The arrests were made in the village of Kuklica, near Kratovo, in early June. Seven off duty officers who were gathered in the home of one...

Macedonia 30.06.20 | 10:21

More than 24.000 citizens have been cited for not wearing masks

The Interior Ministry announced that 361 citizens were fined for not wearing masks over the past 24 hours. Minister Nake Culev said that over 24.000 citizens were fined or cited so far. Now that other restrictions have been lifted, the main focus on reducing the spread of the virus is on getting citizens...

Macedonia 29.06.20 | 11:32

Border police intercepted 10 illegal migrants near Kumanovo

Ten illegal migrants were intercepted in the area of Kumanovo near the border with Serbia, but most of them fled. The incident occurred on Saturday evening, when a 36 year old man from Stip was found driving 10 migrants in his car toward the border. Seven of the migrants fled, and three of them, men...

Macedonia 29.06.20 | 11:26

SDSM continues its institutional pressures against the opposition – VMRO leader Mickoski invited to a police station for questioning over a minor violation

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski has been summoned to a police station for questioning this morning. Pro-Government media outlets, clearly tipped off by the police, are reporting that Mickoski will be questioned over the incident a month ago when the police raided a restaurant where he was having...

Macedonia 21.06.20 | 11:00

Police officers cite 805 citizens for not wearing masks

Police officers cited 805 citizens for failing to wear masks in public spaces. According to the coronavirus regulations, masks must be worn in closed public spaces, such as offices, banks and supermarkets, as well as in open spaces where citizens can’t maintain distance – such as farmers’...

Macedonia 18.06.20 | 16:36

Border police reports it stopped the transport of 142 illegal migrants a week ago

The Interior Ministry informed that a week ago the border police patrol captured 142 illegal migrants hiding in a truck that was heading north along the A1 highway near Gevgelija. The migrants were transported by two men from Gevgelija, who are arrested and are being charged. Once the police spotted...