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Macedonia 16.04.22 | 14:22

Thieves stole stun grenades from an Ohrid police armory

An armory of the Ohrid police was broken into. The site was full of live ammunition. The Interior Ministry informs that the thieves took tear gas canisters and flash grenades, which were meant to be destroyed. The robbery likely occurred days ago and was only spotted recently.

Macedonia 31.03.22 | 20:32

Police had to break up a family feud in Shuto Orizari

Police in Skopje’s district of Shuto Orizari had to intervene yesterday afternoon to break up a massive fight. The incident happened between a group of relatives who barged into the house of a local woman and attacker her and her children.

Macedonia 18.03.22 | 17:24

Minister Spasovski says that local police uniforms will be made bilingual – in Albanian as well as Macedonian

Interior Affairs Minister Oliver Spasovski said that the recent decision to turn police uniforms bilingual – and to have them include the Albanian language, will only apply for local police forces. The main Albanian coalition partner DUI got its wish to have police uniforms bilingual. We are talking...

Macedonia 14.03.22 | 16:33

Kumanovo police officer badly injured when a driver ignored his order to stop

A police officer from Kumanovo was injured yesterday evening when a motorist ignored his stop sign and hit him. The driver continued until he hit a parked vehicle. The officer sustained serious injuries.

Macedonia 30.11.21 | 11:17

SPM police union angry at the Government after a wage hike of just five percent

The SPM union of police officers dismissed the 5 percent “raise” planned in the 2022 budget as insufficient. Macedonia is going through an inflation wave and many workers are experiencing a drop in real salaries. We will acknowledge the wage hike and welcome it if it reaches the levels of...

Macedonia 29.11.21 | 15:14

Energy crisis: The Interior Ministry prepared a plan of action in case of blackouts and during the coming “energy shock”

The SDSM – DUI Government prepared a plan for police actions in case of worsening of the energy crisis, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Naum Stoilkovski. Domestic energy production in Macedonia is at the bare minimum after years of corruption and mismanagement of the main REK Bitola coal mine, and the...

Macedonia 25.11.21 | 17:10

Two of the victims of the bus disaster were police officers

Two of the victims of the bus disaster in Bulgaria are police officers, reports Alsat TV. One of them is Enis Ramanoski, deputy commander of the Debar police station, and Sade Mustafoski, an officer at the Blato border crossing with Albania. Their families reported their deaths on social media accounts.

Macedonia 24.11.21 | 17:14

Tetovo police is looking for a man who tried to run officers over

Police officers in Tetovo were forced to fire warning shots yesterday evening during a traffic stop that went wrong. The officers stopped two men in a Mercedes car and identified the driver as 41 year old M.R. from the village of Merovo. At one point, the driver started the vehicle again and tried to...

Macedonia 14.11.21 | 14:11

Police closed the Mavrovo – Debar on election day

Police closed the Mavrovo – Debar road on the day when Debar holds its mayoral elections. The road has been under construction and is normally closed for a few hours every workday. But it is highly unusual to close it during the weekend, when no work takes place, and especially on a crucial election...

Macedonia 13.11.21 | 21:44

Protest in Bitola in support of a police officer sacked and sentenced to prison over an incident with a group of Roma citizens

Large scale protests took place in Bitola today, where the court sentenced a police officer to a year in prison and cost him his job, over an attack on several drunken Roma citizens. Goce Petkovski was filmed kicking three Roma citizens last September in a case that caused outrage and protests from local...

Macedonia 12.11.21 | 16:07

The Interior Ministry claims that MP Kastriot Rexhepi showed up at a police station to declare that he has not been kidnapped

The Interior Ministry informed that BESA member of Parliament Kastriot Rexhepi appeared in a police station today to inform the police that he is not missing. This comes after his fellow party members launched a search for him yesterday, when he didn’t show up for the scheduled vote of no confidence...

Macedonia 11.11.21 | 17:19

BESA party leader Kasami reported Rexhepi’s disappearance to the police

Bilal Kasami, leader of the BESA party, reported in the police that one of the members of Parliament from the party, Kastriot Rexhepi, has gone missing. Rexhepi was expected in the Parliament this morning, for the crucial vote of no confidence in the Zaev Government, but did not show up and was not found...

Macedonia 08.11.21 | 18:58

Large quantity of synthetic drugs seized in a Skopje raid reportedly coordinated with the DEA

A large police raid, reportedly supported by the US DEA organization, led to the seizure of hundreds of kilograms of synthetic drugs. The drugs were flown into the Skopje airport, hidden in a shipment of mobile phone parts that were ordered by a phone store in the capital. Customs office allowed the...

Macedonia 04.11.21 | 15:47

American citizens attacked police officers while he was being detained in Skopje

A 42 year old American citizen who was detained this morning assaulted three police officers in the Kisela Voda precinct. The American was sought for a prior violation of public order. While he was being escorted in the precinct, he attacked one officer, punching him in the face repeatedly, and then...

Macedonia 25.10.21 | 17:18

Prosecutors are looking into the Prilep police commanders who intimidated the opposition candidates

The OJO office of state prosecutors informed that it is looking into the evidence of police interference in the elections submitted by the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party. VMRO showed screen-shots of Viber messages exchanged between several dozens police officials in Prilep and high Interior Ministry officials,...

Macedonia 17.10.21 | 17:17

Election day incidents: Fights, vote buying and photographing of ballots

The Interior Ministry informed about a number of incidents that occurred at polling places today. In the village of Rachane, near Tetovo, a fight broke out in the Lirija school where the village polling place is located. Two persons got into a fight, and have been identified by the police. In Skopje’s...

Macedonia 10.09.21 | 10:45

Tetovo police arrests an 80 year old heroin dealer

Police in Tetovo arrested an 80 year old man who was selling heroin. During the raid in his apartment, the police seized drugs and a large cache of ammunition.

Macedonia 02.09.21 | 17:27

Tetovo police files charges against violations of Covid isolation orders

Tetovo police filed charges againts local citizens who violated orders to self-isolate because of Covid. Nine people from the city and villages between Tetovo and Gostivar were charged when police patrols did not find them in their homes, despite the isolation order. These two cities in the Polog Valley...

Macedonia 21.08.21 | 16:37

VMRO-DPMNE demands answers about the incident apparently being covered up by the Interior Ministry

The Interior Ministry needs to provide evidence to the public about the incident earlier this week in which three officers were injured – one of them badly – while pursuing a couple in Skopje’s Vodno area, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Naum Stoilkoski. The couple were violating the ban on residing...

Macedonia 17.08.21 | 19:22

Three police officers injured in a chase near Skopje

Three police officers were injured – one of them seriously – in an overnight car chase near Skopje. The police patrol tried to stop a Skoda vehicle with two persons in it – a man and a woman. The driver refused to stop, and in the chase, the pursuing police vehicle slid off from the...

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