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Macedonia 01.07.24 | 11:38

One killed, one wounded in a mafia style attack near Skopje

A mafia style attack was carried out this morning in the village of Batinci, south of Skopje. One person was killed and another wounded in a drive-by shooting. The attackers came in a Mercedes and opened fire on a Ford vehicle, that was carrying their victims. The targets are two men in their early 30ies...

Macedonia 01.04.24 | 20:39

Tensions ahead of the elections: Mayor of a restless town near Skopje narrowly escapes a Kalasnikov attack

Skopje police informed the public that today’s machine gun attack on the Mayor of Aracinovo Ridvan Ibrahimi left two people from his entourage injured. Ibrahimi was attacked at 13:25, at the entrance to the lawless majority Albanian village north-east of Skopje, known as a center of drug trafficking...

World 28.01.24 | 20:03

A church attack in Istanbul left one person dead and the attackers fleeing

The assailants had escaped. Pictures from the DHA news agency purportedly came from a security camera outside the church and featured two individuals approaching the structure slowly while wearing black masks and clothing. The Santa Maria Catholic Church is situated in Istanbul’s Sariyer neighborhood. Ekrem...

Macedonia 11.11.23 | 21:34

Video shows brutal attack on a store clerk in Skopje

A video, apparently made in September, shows an incident in a Tehnomarket store in Skopje. On the video, two attackers are shown to brutally beat up an employee, while two other employees, a man and a woman, helplessly look on. The attack happened in late September in the Tehnomarket store at the Skopje...

Macedonia 25.08.23 | 20:39

East Gate Mall operating normally after the shooting

The East Gate shopping mall in Skopje informed the public that it is operating normally, following the mafia shooting this afternoon, in which two attackers tried to kill a suspected mobster. According to the information we have available at the moment this is an isolated incident not related to the...

Macedonia 19.07.23 | 21:32

Turkish woman attacked by a shopkeeper in Skopje’s Bit Pazar

A 41 year old Turkish citizen was attacked at the Bit Pazar market by a shopkeeper. The incident was reported earlier this week, when the Turkish woman had a “misunderstanding” with a 29 year old man, who then attacked her. The police is preparing charges against the attacker.

Macedonia 17.04.23 | 09:14

Bizarre: Two reports of mothers attacked by their children in one day

Two bizarre incidents of mothers being attacked by their children were reported today – one in Skopje and the other in Kocani. In the incident in Skopje, a 43 year old woman was detained after attacking her 73 year old mother. The report in Kocani concerns a 31 year old man, who assaulted his 60...

Macedonia 12.03.23 | 10:41

Two special police officers badly wounded after an attack in Skopje

Two officers from the special police unit were attacked and badly beaten by a group of five to seven attackers, and are now treated at the emergency clinic in Skopje. The officers were intercepted about 1 after midnight, in Skopje’s Butel, which has a number of Albanian drug gangs operating in...

Macedonia 11.04.22 | 16:39

Leaked video shows the attack in which Denis Tot was killed

The video showing Croatian handball player Denis Tot beaten to death in front of a night club in Skopje was leaked online. The case is controversial since the Interior Ministry and the Emergency Clinic in Skopje informed that there were no visible signs of injury on Tot’s body, and one of the...

Macedonia 24.03.22 | 16:50

Man from Tetovo attacked a TV crew

A man from Tetovo was detained for attacking a TV cameraman. The attack happened today around 11h, when a TV crew was reporting on the main “Ilinden” boulevard. There is no word why the 31 year old man attacked the young reporter. Police has kept the attacker in detention.

Macedonia 18.03.22 | 20:29

Molotov cocktails thrown in a casino in Tetovo, two officers were injured

Two men were arrested in Tetovo this morning, after they set fire to a casino. Two police officers were injured in the incident. The attack happened at 5 in the morning on the main Ilinden boulevard. The attackers threw Molotov cocktails in a casino. The officers were already inside due to an earlier...

Economy 23.02.22 | 10:48

DDoS attack against commercial banks and the Central Bank

The Macedonian Central Bank (NBRM) and several commercial banks suffered a DDoS attack yesterday and their websites were briefly down. The Central Bank said that the safety of data was never under threat. NBRM took measures to prevent such attacks in the future.

Macedonia 24.12.21 | 17:48

Struga: High school teacher detained after hitting a pupil on the head with brass knuckles

The Struga court ordered eight days of detention to a teacher from the “Ibrahim Temo” high school who attacked a pupil with brass knuckles. The shocking incident was reported yesterday and it followed an argument the teacher had with the pupil’s mother. The 57 year old English language...

Balkans 26.11.21 | 23:07

Kosovo: Three killed when attacker opened fire on a bus carrying young people

Two youngsters and a bus driver were killed in Kosovo when an armed attacker opened fire on a village bus. The incident happened this afternoon, near Decani, after a man was kicked out of the bus for harassing a group of women. The bus was carrying mostly students and young people.

Macedonia 04.11.21 | 15:47

American citizens attacked police officers while he was being detained in Skopje

A 42 year old American citizen who was detained this morning assaulted three police officers in the Kisela Voda precinct. The American was sought for a prior violation of public order. While he was being escorted in the precinct, he attacked one officer, punching him in the face repeatedly, and then...

Macedonia 02.11.21 | 13:29

Teacher attacked in Kavadarci

A female elementary school teacher was attacked in her classroom in Kavadarci yesterday. The attack happened at 9 in the morning. The 54 year old teacher was attacked by a 53 year old man. Local police still hasn’t informed the public about the motive of the attack.

Macedonia 21.10.21 | 18:12

Female employee was attacked in the “8th of September” hospital in Skopje

An employee of the “8th of September” hospital in Skopje reported that she was attacked overnight. The 53 woman called the police informing them that a 35 year old man from a village near Skopje assaulted her. Police did not reveal additional details. Attacks on hospital staff are frequent...

Macedonia 17.10.21 | 19:54

Zaev official filmed attacking a voter on election day

A video recording was shared on social media today, apparently showing a top official of Zoran Zaev’s SDSM party attacking a man. Filip Andov – Sokol was Zaev’s adviser and is now appointed director of the Sutka prison in Skopje. He is known as an important lieutenant for zave in the...

Macedonia 17.10.21 | 18:41

MAN condemns attacks on journalists, demands urgent action from state prosecutors to protect the fairness of the elections

The Macedonian Association of Journalists strongly condemned the attack on TV crews on Saturday and in the run up to the elections, as they were reporting on vote buying and other violations of the electoral code. We call on state prosecutors to immediately initiate appropriate charges against the perpetrators...

Macedonia 23.09.21 | 09:25

Woman attacked by two men on Vodno

A 19 year old woman was assaulted last night in Skopje’s Vodno mountain by two men. The Skopje police informed that the attack occurred at the main parking. The men got into an altercation with the woman, and then physically attacked her.