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Macedonia 22.08.20 | 15:03

Rape reported in Ohrid

A 39 year old woman from Ohrid was raped yesterday. The police has identified the attacker, who is being prosecuted. The woman reported physical assault preceding the rape that occurred yesterday evening.

Macedonia 17.08.20 | 20:01

Skopje court went out of its way to prevent the accused in a politically motivated trial to defend themselves

Judge Dusan Josifov made sure that the defense in one of the trials initiated by the Special Prosecutor’s Office has no chance to present its case. During a shocking hearing today, the judge refused all requests from the defense which could’ve allowed the defendants to have their side of...

Macedonia 10.08.20 | 13:56

Mother and daughter attacked by armed robbers in their apartment in Tetovo

A mother and daughter were attacked by armed robbers in their apartment in the center of Tetovo yesterday. Several attackers carrying pistols broke into the apartment, attacked the 47 year old woman and her daughter, and grabbed money, a phone and gold jewelry. The incident happened on Sunday evening.

Macedonia 05.08.20 | 20:25

Gay rights activist beaten in Tetovo

Gay rights activist Bekim Asani was attacked close to his own office in Tetovo. Asani said that the attackers derisively asked him “are you that ‘faggot?'” and then began punching him. The attack on the ethnic Albanian LGBT activist was perpetrated by two men. It’s not the first...

Macedonia 24.07.20 | 16:53

Journalist Ljupco Zlatev attacked by a person allegedly linked to Saso Mijalkov

Outspoken investigative journalist Ljupco Zlatev was attacked on Thursday evening, apparently by people from a detail associated with the powerful former head of state security Saso Mijalkov. Zlatev, who edits the Lider.mk news site, said that he was in a cafe when an unknown man began to punch him in...

Macedonia 05.07.20 | 18:22

Incendiary bomb thrown at the house of Prilep police commissioner Spirkoski

The family home of Prilep police commissioner Kiril Spirkoski was firebombed overnight. Unknown attackers threw an incendiary device at about 3 in the morning. Spirkoski was able to extinguish the fire by himself. The attack did not cause serious damage to the house. Police said it is investigating the...

Macedonia 02.06.20 | 21:24

Pre-election incident: One of Zaev’s lieutenants assaulted Igor Durlovski

Former political prisoner and VMRO-DPMNE candidate at the coming elections Igor Durlovski informed the public that an adviser from Zoran Zaev’s PM cabinet assaulted him today. Durlovski said that the adviser, who he left unnamed but is easily identifiable in the public (Republika is identifying...

Macedonia 27.05.20 | 11:03

Skopje man arrested for beating up his wife and marijuana legalization activist daughter

A man from Skopje was arrested yesterday for beating his wife and daughter. Stojan Risteski is the father of Monika Risteska, who is an activist for marijuana legalization. The daughter, who also promotes herself on social media under the name Monique Konopova, posted photographs of her bloodied face...

Macedonia 25.05.20 | 15:19

Stip police investigating a rape attempt

A 21 year old woman from Stip reported that she was a victim of an attempted rape in her home. The attacker is identified as 22 year old C.R. from Vinica. The woamn said that he entered her home shortly after midnight and tried to rape her. Stip police is investigating the incident.

Macedonia 11.05.20 | 15:19

Security officers attacked when trying to prevent men from throwing garbage at the old Vardariste dump site

Two city of Skopje employees were attacked near the old Skopje dump site of Vardariste, when they tried to prevent a group of people from unlawfully disposing of trash. The Vardariste site, that was replaced with the much better prepared Drisla dumping site, was brought back into use with the start of...

Macedonia 09.05.20 | 15:47

Kumanovo Mayor: Five years later we still haven’t heard the truth about the attack

Kumanovo Mayor Maksim Dimitrievski insisted that the city still hasn’t heard the full truth about the 2015 assault on the city. The attack, carried out by a well armed group of Albanian guerrillas over two days, killed eight Macedonian police officers, while 10 of the attackers were also killed. The...

Macedonia 08.04.20 | 15:21

Two men from Stip who attacked a girl ordered into a month long detention

A judge ordered two men from Stip, who assaulted a young girl several months ago and video recorded her ordeal, to 30 days in detention. They were already given a week long detention following their arrest, that was sparked by the public outrage once the tape was shared throughout the social media. The...

Macedonia 03.04.20 | 17:12

Judge orders the two men from Stip who attacked a girl to be detained for eight days

A Stip judge ordered an eight days long detention for the two men who attacked a young girl two months ago. The attack that was filmed shocked the public with its brutality after the video appeared online earlier this week. One of the attackers was a former boyfriend of the girl, who later said that...

Macedonia 02.04.20 | 23:47

Girl from the brutal attack video says she was threatened to keep quiet

The girl from the brutal video that was revealed yesterday said that she did not report the attack against her because she was threatened. The video, shot in Stip several months ago, shows her former boyfriend and another man, brutally beating her up. The two men were arrested this morning, following...

Macedonia 02.04.20 | 21:41

Father all but publicly disowns his son after a brutal attack on a girl

A shocking footage in which two young men from Stip are seen beating a young, apparently pregnant woman, caused such outrage that the father of one of the men all but publicly disowned him. The footage was apparently made months ago, but went public yesterday and caused immediate outcry. Early this morning,...

Macedonia 18.03.20 | 09:46

Mafia style attack east of Skopje

An mafia style attack was reported at a gas station in the village of Idrizovo, east of the capital Skopje yesterday evening. Two young men who were driving on the highway attacked by an unknown person who opened fire on them. There were no injuries in this attack. Shortly after, a man who was there...

Macedonia 21.02.20 | 20:00

Customs inspectors attacked in Tetovo while seizing smuggled cigarettes

Inspectors were attacked in Tetovo by a large group of smugglers of tobacco and cigarettes, when they tried to seize their goods. The team from the Customs Office seized 113 kilograms of tobacco and 415 boxes of cigarettes in a raid in Tetovo, but the raid was marred by a large scale attack from the...

Macedonia 19.02.20 | 10:41

Woman injured in a street dog attack

A woman from Skopje had to be hospitalized after she was attacked by a street dog in the Zelezara district. The 49 year sustained injuries to her leg and had to be taken to the Mother Teresa clinic for treatment and to receive the anti-rabies treatment. Local residents told the Sitel TV that the dog...

Macedonia 02.02.20 | 18:36

The officer wounded in Veles was shot five times, is not in a life threatening condition

The Interior Ministry revealed the details of the attack that occurred in Veles this morning. Two officers, one of them female, were attacked by four men as they were on patrol near the Veles cemetery, where they had reports that robbers are attacking people visiting the graves. After identifying the...

Macedonia 31.01.20 | 12:06

Elementary school teacher from Gostivar (54) arrested after assaulting a pupil

An elementary school teacher from Gostivar was arrested for assaulting an underage female student. The incident happened on Wednesday, when the 54 year old teacher locked the girl in a room, where he groped and kissed her. He was ordered into a month long detention while the case against him is prepared.