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Balkans 26.11.21 | 23:07

Kosovo: Three killed when attacker opened fire on a bus carrying young people

Two youngsters and a bus driver were killed in Kosovo when an armed attacker opened fire on a village bus. The incident happened this afternoon, near Decani, after a man was kicked out of the bus for harassing a group of women. The bus was carrying mostly students and young people.

Macedonia 04.11.21 | 15:47

American citizens attacked police officers while he was being detained in Skopje

A 42 year old American citizen who was detained this morning assaulted three police officers in the Kisela Voda precinct. The American was sought for a prior violation of public order. While he was being escorted in the precinct, he attacked one officer, punching him in the face repeatedly, and then...

Macedonia 02.11.21 | 13:29

Teacher attacked in Kavadarci

A female elementary school teacher was attacked in her classroom in Kavadarci yesterday. The attack happened at 9 in the morning. The 54 year old teacher was attacked by a 53 year old man. Local police still hasn’t informed the public about the motive of the attack.

Macedonia 21.10.21 | 18:12

Female employee was attacked in the “8th of September” hospital in Skopje

An employee of the “8th of September” hospital in Skopje reported that she was attacked overnight. The 53 woman called the police informing them that a 35 year old man from a village near Skopje assaulted her. Police did not reveal additional details. Attacks on hospital staff are frequent...

Macedonia 17.10.21 | 19:54

Zaev official filmed attacking a voter on election day

A video recording was shared on social media today, apparently showing a top official of Zoran Zaev’s SDSM party attacking a man. Filip Andov – Sokol was Zaev’s adviser and is now appointed director of the Sutka prison in Skopje. He is known as an important lieutenant for zave in the...

Macedonia 17.10.21 | 18:41

MAN condemns attacks on journalists, demands urgent action from state prosecutors to protect the fairness of the elections

The Macedonian Association of Journalists strongly condemned the attack on TV crews on Saturday and in the run up to the elections, as they were reporting on vote buying and other violations of the electoral code. We call on state prosecutors to immediately initiate appropriate charges against the perpetrators...

Macedonia 23.09.21 | 09:25

Woman attacked by two men on Vodno

A 19 year old woman was assaulted last night in Skopje’s Vodno mountain by two men. The Skopje police informed that the attack occurred at the main parking. The men got into an altercation with the woman, and then physically attacked her.

Macedonia 19.07.21 | 18:27

Group of migrants attacked and robbed another group near Kumanovo

A group of illegal migrants attacked another such group in the village of Lojane near Kumanovo yesterday. The police detained a 21 year old man from Pakistan, who, together with other migrants, attacked a group of men from Pakistan, India and Gambia. The attackers held their victims against their will...

Macedonia 19.06.21 | 20:49

Mafia style shooting near Kumanovo

А 67 year old man from the village of Lojane near Kumanovo was shot and badly injured in a pistol attack. He was shot at by a 25 year old fellow villager identified by the police only as V.Ch. The attacker performed a drive-by attack, typical of the Albanian mafia.

Macedonia 19.03.21 | 18:03

Roma man brutally beaten in Strumica says that the attackers were from Zoran Zaev’s security detail

Igor Vckov, the Roma man from Strumica who was brutally beaten yesterday, spoke out today about the assault. Vckov blamed the attack on the men from a security company that is linked to Prime Minister Zoran Zaev – who was Mayor of Strumica for a decade and practically runs the city. Vckov said...

Macedonia 18.03.21 | 16:38

VIDEO: Man brutally beaten up in Strumica

Shocking footage of an assault on a man was shared today from Strumica. The footage show a group of man chasing a person, and beat him up mercilessly after they caught up with him. The video, which is difficult to watch, is available here. Local news outlets report that the attackers were allegedly part...

Macedonia 12.03.21 | 12:54

Gostivar: Rapist charged for an assault perpetrated in December

Gostivar prosecutors filed rape charges against a 49 year old man. He is charged with attacking a woman in mid December, taking her to her home and forcing himself on her. At one moment during the assault the woman was able to push the attacker away and flee.

Macedonia 11.03.21 | 13:42

Hospitals reach breaking point – another incident reported in Tetovo

Tetovo police detained two persons, a man and a woman, who were threatening an employee of the Tetovo general hospital. The incident broke out over the treatment she was giving to a relative of the two attackers. Assaults on medical staff are common in Macedonia, especially in Tetovo. The situation has...

Macedonia 01.03.21 | 19:31

Academic Casule – outspoken critic of the Zaev regime – claims that the police is covering up the brutal attack against him

Distinguished linguist Ilija Casule, who is a member of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts and a strong critic of the Zaev regime and its continued concessions that undermine Macedonian national interests, claims that the police is covering up an attack against him. Casule was beaten up on Saturday. Casule...

Macedonia 17.12.20 | 14:20

Krusevo Mayor Tome Hristovski attacked an opposition activist

Krusevo Mayor Tome Hristovski, who is from the ruling SDSM party, assaulted an activist of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party. The local VMRO branch reported that Hristovski yesterday attacked their member Valentino Despotoski. The Mayor, known for his hatred toward the opposition, approached Despotoski...

Macedonia 30.11.20 | 13:00

Man from Celopek arrester after opening fire on a neighbor from an AK-47

Tetovo police detained a 24 year old man from the village of Celopek, who opened fire from an automatic rifle on a 47 year old neighbor. The reason for the incident was a dispute between the two. After the incident was reported, the police seized an AK-47 from attacker, an empty magazine and a bag containing...

Balkans 12.10.20 | 12:34

Croatian officer injured in an attack in front of the Government building

A Croatian police officer was badly injured after an attacker opened fire in front of the building of the Croatian Government, at the historic St. Marc square in Zagreb. The attacker committed suicide after firing on the officer. He was using an automatic rifle, likely an AK-47. He had posted a brief...

Macedonia 10.10.20 | 18:15

Sutka prison employee slashed by a prisoner

An employee of the Sutka prison was injured by a prisoner who attacked him with a sharp object and slashed him on the arm. The attack occurred on Friday around noon. There is no word on the cause of the incident.

Macedonia 26.09.20 | 21:44

Kumanovo doctor says he was attacked by a colleague

While attacks from angry patients on doctors are common occurrence in Macedonia, to the point that doctors and nurses held protests last year to demand police protection. But a doctor from Kumanovo reported that he was attacked by a colleague. Sukri Fazliu told Alsat-M TV that he was physically attacked...

Macedonia 22.08.20 | 15:03

Rape reported in Ohrid

A 39 year old woman from Ohrid was raped yesterday. The police has identified the attacker, who is being prosecuted. The woman reported physical assault preceding the rape that occurred yesterday evening.

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