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Culture 08.11.23 | 09:00

Storybooks on gang crime and drag queens

The storybook designed for children aged between 3 to 6 to give them an idea of how to become a drag queen will be published in Sweden in November. The book tells the story of Liam, who „is like any other boy” and „goes to school, plays with his friends and dreams of becoming … a drag queen!”....

Macedonia 17.09.23 | 09:15

Two year old with prior conditions died of Covid-19

A two year old child from Resen died today in the Skopje Children’s Clinic from Covid-19. The family lives in Germany but was in Macedonia when the child contracted the illness. The child had a number of prior conditions, including undergoing a heart surgery and disabilities.

Macedonia 08.08.23 | 17:21

Suspected child rapist detained in Gevgelija

A dual Macedonian – Dutch citizen was arrested in Gevgelija after an alleged rape of a 11 year old child. The attack happened last week in a house in Gevgelija, where the man was left alone with the child. Gevgelija court ordered a month of detention for the suspect while the case is being investigated.

Macedonia 16.08.22 | 21:17

Child kidnapped in GTC, found in Gjorce Petrov

A baby was kidnapped in the GTC City shopping center, “A1on” reported. The event happened this morning, around 11 pm. The baby was taken from the mother, who was standing in front of a store in the shopping center. The kidnapping was reported to the police, the Ministry of the Interior confirms....

Macedonia 11.04.21 | 23:34

Video from Skopje shows a man endangering a child to rob a used clothes donation box

Shocking video filmed near the Skopje City Mall today shows a man lifting a child to raid a large donations container. These metal containers are set up at several locations in Skopje so people can donate used clothes and they are made so that it is very difficult to raid them as they use a heavy metal...

Macedonia 16.03.21 | 21:16

Police arrests the mother of the 7-year old who died in a fire

Gostivar police arrested the mother of the seven year old child which died in a fire in an apartment building today. The shocked firefighters found the child chained by the legs. The case is being investigated as one of neglect and child abuse. The reportedly woman moved into Gostivar recently with her...

Macedonia 16.03.21 | 17:51

Horror in Gostivar: Abused, tied 7 year old child dies in a fire

A seven year old child has died in a fire in an apartment building in Gostivar. Firefighters informed prosecutors that the child was found chained inside the apartment, prompting an investigation into possible murder. The family acknowledged that they were keeping the child tied because “it was...

Macedonia 14.01.21 | 12:18

Child killed in a traffic accident in Tetovo

A six year old child was killed in a traffic accident in Tetovo yesterday afternoon. A 30 year old driver in a Volkswagen Golf hit the child on the major Video Smilevski – Bato boulevard. The child was rushed to the Tetovo hospital, but doctors could only pronounce death.

Macedonia 02.01.21 | 23:40

Man from Tetovo arrested after he had a child shoot from a gun and posted it on TikTok

Tetovo police arrested a 39 year old man from the village of Bogovinje who filmed himself having a child shoot from a gun. The video was apparently recorded on New Year and was posted on TikTok. The user was named as Agron Xhaferi. Gunfire on New Year is common in Macedonia, but so are accidents, especially...

Macedonia 11.10.20 | 23:13

Ten year old child among the victims of a horrific traffic accident near Skopje

A tragic traffic accident near Skopje claimed the life of a 19 year old child and a 40 year old man. A driver, reportedly under the influence of alcohol, was recklessly speeding through the village of Trubarevo, east of Skopje. At one point he lost control over his vehicle and slammed into pedestrians....

Macedonia 11.05.20 | 12:46

Search in Kavadarci after a 7 year old boy who fled from an orphanage

Kavadarci police is searching for a seven year old child who fled the local orphanage. The child was reported missing on Sunday evening by an employee. The search is still on-going.

Macedonia 21.05.19 | 16:28

Six year old boy goes missing in Tetovo

A family from Prilep reported that their six year old son disappeared while they were working in Tetovo. The incident happened on Saturday late evening. The boy was playing in a park in Tetovo while the family was collecting scrap iron near by. At one point the boy went missing from the playground. The...

Macedonia 05.03.19 | 12:10

A 14-year-old child dies of flu

A 14-year-old child has died at the University Clinic for Infectious Diseases due to flu complications, the Ministry of Health informed. The child also suffered from cerebral palsy. According to data from the Public Health Institute, 3,209 cases with flu symptoms have been reported by the end of last...