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Macedonia 31.08.23 | 21:59

WW1 grenades exploded during a fire near Dojran

Grenades left over from the First World War ignited during a forest fire near Bogdanci and Dojran. The region was hotly contested between the Bulgarian and British armies, and so far at least four grenades were heard to explode. The fire is largely under control.

Macedonia 14.08.23 | 08:54

Drowning in lake Dojran

A 42 year old man from Stip drowned today in lake Dojran. The man took a small paddle boat to go for a swim deeper in the lake, but soon fell from it and disappeared. Rescuers were dispatched to look for the man, but could only retrieve the body.

Macedonia 06.08.23 | 09:20

Wildfire near Dojran localized with 50 tones of water

The Ministry of Interior’s Air Wing operated on Saturday in the region of Lake Dojran, where they successfully localized the wildfire that broke out around noon, MoI informs. MoI’s helicopter M171 dropped over 50 tonnes of water in 20 flyovers, enabling the local firefighters to localize...

Macedonia 03.07.23 | 10:18

Police raid at the Dojran festival, 20 people detained on drug violations

Strumica and Skopje police arrested 20 attendees at the Dojran festival who were caught with drugs. Among the arrested was one Greek citizen. The three day event was attended by hundreds of young people from across Macedonia and the region. It featured regionally renowned bands at four stages.

Macedonia 06.01.22 | 17:52

Police raids casino near Dojran that was issuing fake Covid tests to Greek tourists

Gevgelija police raided a casino in Dojran, where fake Covid test certificates were being sold to Greek visitors. The allegations were reported by Greek press which filmed how Greeks coming to gamble were issued negative test certificates in an improvised ambulance in the casino, which were clearly fake....

Macedonia 03.01.22 | 16:23

Marjan Dodovski, the man who saved lake Dojran from being dried out, has died

Marjan Dodovski, former head of the VMRO-NP party and former environment minister has died aged 56 of the coronavirus infection. Dodovski was also member of Parliament and of the Skopje City Council, as well as head of the publicly owned “Eurokompozit” weapons manufacturer in Prilep. VMRO-DPMNE...

Macedonia 07.10.21 | 19:10

LIVE STREAM: VMRO-DPMNE’s rally in Dojran

VMRO-DPMNE resumes Thursday holding rallies for the upcoming local elections. The opposition party is holding two major rallies, one in Dojran, which will be addressed by the Vice President of VMRO-DPMNE Aleksandar Nikoloski and the other is in Valandovo, which will be addressed by the President of...

Macedonia 10.07.21 | 21:13

After surviving the threat of being dried out, lake Dojran is now overflowing with water

Locals in Dojran say that the lake, which was in danger of completely drying out two decades ago, now faces an opposite problem and is overflowing with water. High water levels are eating into the beaches and there is even threat of flooding. The reason is the water supply system built after the water...

Culture 22.08.20 | 10:51

D Festival begins in Dojran

The D Festival begins in Dojran this evening, with performances from Superhiks, LD Pistolero, Bernays Propaganda, Prince$$ Donatsu, Pluto’s Doubts, Bon Praskiza and Donplaya. It’s the ninth edition of the lakeside festival, and attendees are asked to wear masks and keep their distance. Organizers...

Macedonia 19.07.20 | 15:51

Tourists come to Dojran, bringing the coronavirus with them

With the borders closed and Macedonians forced to vacation at home, many of the citizens of Skopje, which has the highest share Covid-19 cases in the country, are exploring local destinations, and taking the virus with them. Lake Dojran, which is best known as a casino destination for Greek citizens...

Macedonia 08.07.20 | 17:09

Mickoski: Zaev ignored all the promises he made to the south-eastern region

SDSM accomplished nothing of the many promises it made in 2016 and it deserve to be defeated, said VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski, who was campaigning in the south-eastern parts of Macedonia today. Mickoski is visiting Gevgelija, Dojran, Bogdanci and Valandovo. This region was badly affected...

Macedonia 31.05.20 | 20:28

Instead of isolating himself due to close contacts with Zekiri, Zaev gets on a motorcycle and with tight security goes to a restaurant in Dojran

Instead of isolating himself due to the close contacts with Muhamed Zekiri, who informed Sunday the publiwhich he almost certainly had in the past days, Zaev decided to get on a motorcycle and together with his camarilla to “park” outside a restaurant in Star Dojran. Infomax published a photo...

Macedonia 23.05.20 | 20:33

Nation bows to the woman whose donated organs are helping save three lives

Emilija Dineva was the name of the woman who died in a traffic accident, and whose family agreed to donate her organs to patients in need. Her heart was transplanted into a 54 year old patient with serious heart disease, in the first heart transplant carried out in Macedonia. Dineva died in a crash while...

Macedonia 02.02.20 | 23:15

Dojran citizens reject proposal to place their water utility company under private management

The citizens of Dojran rejected the proposed public private partnership contract to manage their water and sewage system. The referendum held today had a turnout of 53 percent (1.420 voters) and out of them 978 voted against, while 404 were in favor of the proposal pushed by Mayor Ango Angov who was...