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Economy 09.10.21 | 12:31

Washington Post: What’s behind Europe’s skyrocketing power prices and which countries are most at risk of running out of power

Europe’s energy ambitions are clear: to shift to a low-carbon future by remaking its power generating and distribution systems. But the present situation is an expensive mess. A global supply crunch for natural gas, bottlenecks for renewable energy and wind speeds in the North Sea earlier in 2021 among...

World 17.07.21 | 10:57

EU health agency expects Covid-19 infections to rise sharply

The European Union health agency ECDC is predicting a sharp rise in new coronavirus infections in Europe due to the spreading of the Delta variant. Based on forecasts for the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA), the Stockholm-based agency expects the number of cases in the region to rise...

Macedonia 16.07.21 | 22:19

MoFA: No Macedonian nationals among victims in Western Europe floods

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) has been monitoring developments with floods in Western Europe and diplomatic-consular offices say there are no Macedonian nationals among victims in the affected regions. Our state consular offices are up to the task, open and in the service of the Macedonian nationals...

World 26.02.21 | 12:03

Orban: We do not believe in a post-Christian, post-national Europe

We do not believe in a post-national, post-Christian Europe, said Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in an interview. The leader of the V4 group of nations insisted that immigrants who are allowed into Hungary need to be aware that they are entering a country based on Judeo-Christian values and need...

World 01.01.21 | 11:20

The best fireworks displays in Europe

Despite the epidemic, many European cities rang in the New Year with impressive fireworks displays. Below are some of the best, such as Berlin, Paris and Moscow.

World 26.11.20 | 10:53

Orban: Europe must not succumb to the Soros network

Europe must not succumb to the Soros network, said Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in a reaction to an article appearing on the Project Syndicate website on 18 November, where the Hungarian-born speculator and billionaire George Soros issued open commands to the leaders of the European Union. In...

World 09.10.20 | 23:05

WHO: Over 100,000 new infections in one day in Europe for first time

The number of new infections with the coronavirus in Europe has climbed above the 100,000 mark for the first time, according to the latest data from the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO statistics updated on Friday show an increase compared to the previous day of 109,749 cases, after almost 99,000...

World 15.06.20 | 17:29

Re-open EU: New app launched to help tourists navigate safe travel across Europe

The European Commission has today launched a new app that enables those travelling around Europe to plan their trips over Summer 2020. Re-open EU will provide real-time information on borders, available means of transport and tourism services across member states. It centralises up-to-date information...

World 14.04.20 | 16:36

Half of coronavirus deaths in Europe are in care homes

Around half the deaths from coronavirus are happening in care homes according to data from five European countries collated in a new study. That is despite the fact that UK figures, and those in many other countries, only include the number of people who have died in hospital. Data collected from official...

World 12.03.20 | 13:25

After US slaps travel ban on European nations, EU mulls next moves

The European Union is considering its next steps on Thursday after US President Donald Trump announced a travel ban on almost all trips from 26 European countries for 30 days in a bid to halt the spread of the new coronavirus pandemic. The bloc will “assess the situation” following Trump’s announcement,...

Macedonia 24.02.20 | 17:16

High school student trips to Europe not being canceled for the time being

We are monitoring the situation with the coronavirus in Italy and will follow the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education. Planned high school student trips to Europe have not been canceled so far, Dragan Arsovski, principal of the “Rade Jovcevski-Korcagin”...

Macedonia 24.10.19 | 14:23

EP adopts resolution on start of negotiations with Macedonia and Albania

The European Parliament adopted the resolution on starting accession negotiations with Albania and Macedonia with 412 votes in favor, 136 against and 30 abstaining. The EU enlargement policy is the Union’s most effective foreign policy instrument, and further disintegration of that policy could...

World 23.05.19 | 10:26

Struggle between the right wing and the establishment as Europe votes

European elections begin today, with 751 seats in the European Parliament up for grabs. Voting takes places over three days, with 427 million people eligible to vote. Elections take place in time of political upheaval, with the establishment parties of the center right and especially the center left...

World 08.02.19 | 14:59

Measles cases soar to decade high in Europe with 72 deaths

Measles cases soared last year in Europe as gaps in vaccinations at a local level left the virus an open door to kill 72 children and adults, the World Health Organization said. More than 82,000 people in the European region — an area stretching from Russia to Iceland and south to Malta —...

World 10.01.19 | 09:31

Europe’s snow chaos continues, with up to ten feet expected in Austria

Austria could face 10 feet of snow in the next few days as fierce winter weather continues to strike central Europe this week. Parts of Austria have already had more snow this month than they usually do in the whole of January, with more snow expected before the weekend. The tourist season in the Alps...

World 09.01.19 | 10:32

Strong winter storm hits Europe, at least 12 people killed

Deadly winter weather blasted Europe for yet another day Tuesday, trapping hundreds of people in Alpine regions, whipping up high winds that caused flight delays and cancellations and raising the risks of more deadly avalanches in the mountains. At least 12 people have been killed in weather-related...

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