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Economy 05.10.21 | 15:32

Has the Prime Minister been to a grocery store? Zaev doesn’t believe that food products are more expensive

The Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, at Tuesday’s press conference said that the claims about a coming increase of up to 50 % in food prices was exaggerated. After this statement, the question arises whether Zaev has been to a grocery store to see the prices of basic products that are needed by every...

Macedonia 26.09.20 | 11:57

Protest to put an end to food waste

NGO groups from Skopje plan to protest in front of the Drisla landfill today, in a push to end food waste. The Food Bank group is leading a campaign to force supermarkets and restaurants to donate food that is about to expire and be thrown out. The move is part of an international campaign supported...

Economy 17.03.20 | 13:27

Bekteshi: No need for panic buying, enough food available

There is no need to panic, as all supermarkets and food distributors have sufficient stocks especially for essential items. We should be conscious and take care for citizens’ health and employees in markets, Economy Minister Kreshnik Bekteshi said after Tuesday’s meeting with owners of the largest...

Economy 17.03.20 | 10:09

Government decides to freeze prices of basic products, bans export of wheat and wheat flour

The Government decided late yesterday to freeze prices of bread, salt, cooking oil, milk and dairy products, eggs, flour, meat, pasta, medicines and disinfectants as of the day when the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a pandemic, except for those products having proof of higher entry invoices. The...

Macedonia 02.03.20 | 12:02

Tripunovski informs the citizens that for nearly half of 2019 they were purchasing untested food

Interim Deputy Agriculture Minister Cvetan Tripunovski has warned the public that the food and veterinary inspection has not conducted any work for more than five months, which he says has endangered public safety. Between June and November 2019 there was no monitoring on the part of the Food and Veterinary...

Life 25.02.19 | 23:28

Foods that might make depression worse

Depression is characterized by an overwhelming feeling of sadness, but it can also affect your sleeping habits, your eating habits, and your health in general. It’s exceptionally difficult to find the motivation to get your daily exercise, for example, when you find it hard to even get out of bed....

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