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Macedonia 12.06.21 | 12:56

Public healthcare fund is hiring Albanians in cities which have none

The FZOM public healthcare fund is hiring ethnic minorities, especially Albanians, in cities that don’t have Albanian communities. A recently published ad has job openings for ethnic Albanians in Gevgelija, Delcevo and Berovo. The cities are in the far east and south-east of Macedonia and have no Albanians...

Macedonia 14.10.20 | 16:50

Anti-Corruption Commission wants to interrogate Zaev’s lieutenant Den Doncev

The state Anti-Corruption Commission called on the former head of the FZOM public healthcare fund Den Doncev to testify before them and explain his actions in several major corruption scandals that broke during his term in office. Doncev was accused of extorting money from a major dialysis provider,...

Macedonia 26.06.20 | 17:44

Zaev’s top healthcare official Den Doncev arrested, questioned over a major corruption scandal

Den Doncev, a confidant of former Prime Minister Zoran Zaev who until recently ran the sprawling FZOM public healthcare fund, was arrested this afternoon and is being questioned about the major corruption scandal known as Racket 2. It is still not clear whether Doncev will face charges and if the prosecutors...

Macedonia 01.06.20 | 11:29

Doctors can’t issue medicine prescriptions after fire in the public healthcare fund’s computer room

The FZOM public healthcare fund announced that doctors will not be issuing medicine prescriptions today. Republika has learnt that the reason is a fire that broke out in the FZOM server room. The incident happened on Sunday evening and the server is now off-line. The damage affected both national and...

Macedonia 05.05.20 | 15:15

Den Doncev has resigned as head of the powerful public healthcare fund, Republika has learnt

Den Doncev, the controversial head of the public healthcare FZOM fund, has resigned, Republika has learnt. According to our sources. Filipce was planning to resign after the April 12 elections, but since they were postponed, he is doing so now. The Macedonian Australian was linked to numerous corruption...

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