The FZOM public healthcare fund is hiring ethnic minorities, especially Albanians, in cities that don’t have Albanian communities.

A recently published ad has job openings for ethnic Albanians in Gevgelija, Delcevo and Berovo. The cities are in the far east and south-east of Macedonia and have no Albanians there. Albanian employees are also sought in Bitola, as well as in Tetovo, Struga and Skopje, which have Albanians or are majority Albanian.

FZOM also posted job openings for an ethnic Turk in Vinica, a Roma in Krusevo, and a Serb in Prilep. The one new job opening for a Macedonian is posted in Ohrid.

Under the 2001 Ohrid peace treaty, Macedonia introduced elaborate diversity hiring schemes that parcel out public sector jobs based on ethnicity.