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Macedonia 19.06.20 | 13:03

Scandal: SDSM holds a party meeting in the Skopje prison, prisoners promised early release if they support the ruling party

Shocking footage was shared from the Idrizovo prison in Skopje. A gathering of mostly Roma prisoners, led by Jane Tica, a well known local criminal, was held under SDSM party symbols and in it the prisoners pledge to work for the ruling party. Идризово 2 Втора скандалозна...

Macedonia 07.04.20 | 17:04

Elderly prisoner dies in Idrizovo

A 72-year old prisoner in Skopje’s Idrizovo prison died this morning. There were no signs of violence on the body and an autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death. In the police report there are no indications that the coronavirus could be a cause of death.

Macedonia 18.03.20 | 09:46

Mafia style attack east of Skopje

An mafia style attack was reported at a gas station in the village of Idrizovo, east of the capital Skopje yesterday evening. Two young men who were driving on the highway attacked by an unknown person who opened fire on them. There were no injuries in this attack. Shortly after, a man who was there...

Macedonia 26.11.19 | 17:06

One injured after a stabbing in the Idrizovo prison

A prisoner kept in the Idrizovo prison was injured in a stabbing yesterday, the Interior Ministry reported. The injured man is identified under the initials of B.R. (42) and is from the village of Studenicani near Skopje. He was stabbed after an argument with a 35 year old prisoner in one of the cells....

Macedonia 14.10.19 | 14:29

Violent migrant smuggler escapes from prison van as guards were busy getting sandwiches

Prisoner Fidan Iseini (37) was able to flee from a police van as he was transported back to prison from a hospital examination after the two guards stopped to get sandwiches. The guards were escorting Iseini to the Skopje clinic and were supposed to bring him back to the Idrizovo prison, when they stopped...

World 06.09.19 | 15:06

ARD reports on the horrible conditions in Macedonian prisons

German ARD television reports on the dire conditions in the Macedonian prisons, interviewing prisoners who say they remain hungry, cold and in dangerous conditions. The most notorious is the A wing in the Idrizovo prison near Skopje. This is where the drug dealers, rapists, murderers stay. Men are in...

Macedonia 23.06.19 | 12:50

Cento asked to be transferred to the same prison where where his great-grandfather was kept by the Communists

In a letter, political prisoner Jane Cento wrote a letter from the Shutka detention prison, announcing that he has asked to be transfered to Idrizovo, the same prison where his great-grandfather was sent by the Communist regime following the Second World War. Cento is sentenced to 15 years in prison...

Macedonia 13.05.19 | 11:46

Prisoner died of heart attack in Idrizovo, was not receiving the necessary medical care

A 54 year old prisoner died in the Idrizovo prison from a suspected heart attack and questions are raised about whether he received the proper medical care he needed. Gengis Xhemail was sentenced to 13 years in prison after he killed Amel Zverotic in 2006. The murder was perpetrated over a debt of 100.000...

Macedonia 24.03.19 | 12:01

Prisoner stabs his twin brother

Knife fight between twin – brothers incarcerated in the Idrizovo prison ended with one of them hospitalized. The incident occurred after an argument in the prison medical facility. One of the brothers, identified by his initials F.A., pulled a knife and stabbed his twin O.A. in the stomach and...