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Macedonia 18.05.22 | 11:04

Janevska to public sector teachers: You did not get what you deserve

VMRO-DPMNE official Vesna Janevska, who heads the party’s education commission, told the public sector teachers that the outcome of their negotiations with the Government is a failure. Instead of the 18 percent increase you deserve, you only got 15, and that’s starting with September. Kindergarten...

Macedonia 03.11.21 | 13:10

Janevska: Zaev’s education reforms have failed

The Government’s education reforms have completely failed. Digitalization of the education is an enormous undertaking and was supposed to be hugely beneficial, but given the fragile infrastructure, the lack of equipment and smartboards, on top of the lack of proper toilets and other basic infrastructure,...

Macedonia 04.09.21 | 13:38

Janevska: New history book undermines the role of the Macedonian nation in the Ilinden Uprising

The newly prepared history textbook commissioned by the Zaev regime downplays the Macedonian character of the Ilinden Uprising and emphasizes the involvement of other nations in it, said  professor Vesna Janevska. She pointed to the portion of the text that declares how “the uprising is very important...

Macedonia 25.04.21 | 13:35

The anthem performed in honor of the political prisoners

Igor Durlovski and Andrijana Janeva performed the Macedonian national anthem in front of the Parliament building in honor of the political prisoners of the Zaev regime.  Thousands of protesters were gathered today to demand the release of the 16 protesters and police officials imprisoned by the regime...

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