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Macedonia 14.06.20 | 11:08

Instead of the citizens, the money goes into the pockets of Zaev and Angjusev

Instead of the citizens, the money goes into the pockets of Zaev and Angjusev. The citizens so nothing of any of the so-called measures. Thousands are on the minimum wage, and many have temporarily lost their jobs, according to VMRO DPMNE. While people are struggling, Zaev’s Elenica company received...

Economy 27.03.20 | 11:33

Angjusev claims there is a budget hole, that there may not be enough money to pay salaries

Regarding the measures proposed by former Prime Minister Zoran Zaev to cut public administration salaries, Former Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Koco Angjusev said that two billion euros will be missing from this year’s budget. The real question is not whether the salaries will be cut...

Economy 15.01.20 | 15:42

One week out of government, present already received: Sekerinska gives 1.6m euros tender to Angjusev

Radmila Sekerinska gave Koco Angjusev a New Year’s present worth 1.6m euros. Namely, the Ministry of Defense, headed by Sekerinska, will pay 1,600,000 euros for this year’s consumed electricity to the former deputy prime minister in charge of economic affairs in Zaev’s government, Koco...

Economy 14.01.20 | 22:48

Sekerinska and Angjusev made business deal for New Year’s Eve

The Ministry of Defense, headed by Radmila Sekerinska for this year’s consumed electricity will pay 1,600,000 euros to the still-current deputy prime minister in charge of economic affairs in Zaev’s government, Koco Angjusev, according to the Bureau of Public Procurement’s website. On...

Economy 03.01.20 | 17:05

Left the economy in ruins: Koco Angjusev leaves the government

Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Koco Angjusev is leaving the government today. The current Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Mila Carovska, should take his place. Koco Angjusev is one of the most credited for the destruction of the country and its economy, who, posing as a government man...

Economy 19.12.19 | 18:25

Angjusev: The Government terminated the Ilovica contract because it was entitled to it and will not pay damages

Answering a journalist question about the state might have to pay damages to Euromax Resources after a government decision unilaterally terminated the contract with the company for the Ilovica mine, Deputy Prime Minister Koco Angjusev said the government did not plan to pay damages. We could not speak...

Economy 15.11.19 | 23:37

Angjusev to bear responsibility for conflict of interest for investment that was relocated: Who saw benefits in lifting the excise tax?

Deputy Prime Minister Koco Angjusev has failed to bring the investment in the country over which he will be held accountable for conflicts of interest. Namely, the Polish company, upon whose order the Polish Embassy demanded the lifting the excise tax on the import of lithium-ion batteries for batteries,...

Economy 12.11.19 | 14:46

Shining economy blinded businessman Koco

Koco Angjuhev is also leaving Zoran Zaev. The Deputy Prime Minister in charge of economic affairs said that no matter what the outcome of the election, he is withdrawing from politics, returning to his own companies and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. What is the reason for this decision of the...

Macedonia 12.11.19 | 09:32

Angjusev announced the closure of some faculties

The education system does not meet the real needs of the economy. It is worrying that 90% of young people go to college in the country, and at the same time, we do not have skilled workers, such as welders, drivers, etc., Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Economic Affairs Koco Angjusev said Monday...

Economy 11.11.19 | 23:20

Angjusev: Pay and pension go up as economic figures increase

As a government we have to resolve ongoing issues, and if you ask business people, human capital is the biggest issue they are facing, which is why we’re creating conditions for pay rise, Deputy PM for Economic Affairs Koco Angjusev told Telma TV on Monday. We have to help companies keep people....

Economy 04.09.19 | 17:55

RFE: Deputy Prime Minister Koco Angjusev owns one third of 75 hydropower plants in Macedonia

One third of 75 existing hydropower plants in Macedonia are owned by Deputy Prime Minister Koco Angjusev, Radio Free Europe reports. The first small hydropower plant in the country received a license 10 years ago and since then 75 small hydropower plants have been built and operate. The government at...

Economy 02.07.19 | 16:36

Award-winning international environmental group accuses Angjusev of influencing the distribution of subsidies

The Bankwatch environmental group accuses Vice Premier Koco Angjusev of influencing the legislation to encourage his businesses with hydropower plants in Macedonia. According to the organization, which cooperates with the environmental group Eko-Svest from Macedonia, Angjusev influenced allowing unlimited...

Macedonia 25.02.19 | 19:54

Angjushev calls the country the Republic of Macedonia, Zaev corrects him, and his face flushes with laughter

Deputy Prime Minister Koco Angjusev at Monday’s press conference, talking about the economic development, used the name Republic of Macedonia. Prime Minister Zoran Zaev reacted and corrected him, and then his face flushed with laughter. 

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