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Macedonia 06.05.24 | 23:36

Bojan Jovanovski testified about Zaev’s extortion of businessmen and the politicized April 27th trial

During a massively watched podcast show, Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13 revealed additional details about corruption at the top of the ruling SDSM party. In one segment, Jovanovski shared screenshotted messages exchanged between former Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and now late Zarko Lukovski, former head...

Macedonia 06.05.24 | 22:28

Police raided Boki 13’s home while he was testifying about corruption at the top of SDSM

A dramatic situation happened during this evenings airing of the Lazarov podcast, where his guest was Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13, for a highly watched second installment of his testimony to reveal details about corruption in the ruling SDSM party. The podcast began with interruptions due to internet...

Macedonia 15.04.23 | 18:25

Patients are reporting that they can’t find antibiotics in the pharmacies

Doctors are warning that they are facing shortages of essential medicine, including antibiotics. According to doctor Nenad Lazarov,his patients can’t find antibiotics used both by children and adults, at a time of spiking viral infections. “We have children suffering with fever, with positive...

Sport 17.01.23 | 20:29

Handball: Macedonia loses its third World Championship game

The Macedonian handball team did not shower itself in glory in the third game at the World Championship, against Argentina, which we lost 26 to 35. This is the third defeat for Macedonia, after the poor showing against Norway and the Netherlands, leaving our team dead last in group F. All lines in Kiril...

Macedonia Sport 25.01.21 | 10:23

Kiril Lazarov scored his 500th goal at a major tournament

Macedonia may be struggling at the World Handball Championship, but our best player Kiril Lazarov had the chance to score his 500th goal at a major championship. Lazarov scored seven goals during Macedonia’s loss to Belarus and reached the big 500. He also holds the record in goals scored at a...

Sport 05.08.20 | 18:42

Kire Lazarov contracted the coronavirus, remains asymptomatic in isolation in Germany

Macedonian handball great Kire Lazarov tested positive to the coronavirus. The best Macedonian handball player of all times is in isolation in Germany, where he plays for Ratingen. Lazarov believes that he was infected on a flight from Macedonia to Germany. He has no symptoms of the illness.

Economy 19.06.20 | 09:52

Lazarov: Number of lost jobs is probably twice the officially reported 15.000

The economy is in free-fall, with a drop of industrial production of 40 percent and a reduction in exports of 60 percent, said professor Darko Lazarov, who is a member of the VMRO-DPMNE Economy Committee. This is caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, but also the badly mismanaged response by the Government....

Sport 28.01.20 | 20:58

Quickly deleted Wikipedia edit gets Macedonia’s hopes up that Kiril Lazarov may be coming to Vardar

It’s probably nothing, but handball fans across Macedonia had their hopes greatly elevated today. The Wikipedia article for Macedonia’s greaters handball player Kiril Lazarov was briefly edited today to state that he now plays for Vardar. The edit was quickly reversed and Lazarov was listed...

Sport 15.01.20 | 17:09

Lazarov named among the top five scorers of the European Championship

Macedonian handball captain Kire Lazarov was named among the top five scorers in the first round of the European Championship. Lazarov scored 22 goals in the first three games, and is fourth on the list. Macedonia unfortunately dropped out of the competition, after defeats from Austria and the Czech...

Macedonia 04.06.19 | 20:37

Handball legend Lazarov: I’ve never been so proud to be Macedonian

Macedonian handball legend Kire Lazarov said he has never felt such pride in being a Macedonian as he does now, after Vardar won the EHF Champions League title. This is a fairy tale, this will be talked about for many years. Vardar is symbol not just for all sports people, but for all outsiders, telling...

Macedonia 25.03.19 | 14:06

Lazarov: It would be good for Macedonia if the opposition candidate is elected President

In an interview with Republika, Jovan Lazarov from the opposition Socialist Party says that he believes a victory for the opposition presidential candidate Gordana Siljanovska – Davkova would help restore some semblance of checks and balances in the country. It would be very good for the Republic...