Macedonia 18.10.21 | 20:38

OSCE/ODIHR: Local elections showed the need for substantial law reform

Macedonia’s 17 October local elections were competitive and fundamental freedoms were widely respected, but numerous shortcomings in the legal framework underscore the need for a comprehensive reform, the head of ODIHR’s election observation mission Tana de Zulueta told a press conference on Monday. Regarding...

Macedonia 16.07.20 | 17:44

OSCE/ODIHR: Election day went smoothly despite some challenges with the reporting of results

The early parliamentary elections in Macedonia were generally well run and candidates could campaign freely, but legal stability was undermined by significant revisions to the legal framework and subsequent government decrees, international observers from the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and...

Macedonia 22.06.20 | 13:39

Seven OSCE/ODIHR observers begin work, meet SEC members

OSCE/ODIHR observers started Monday their work and met with members of the State Election Commission, at which they were briefed on the course of the electoral process. Upon the Government’s invitation, OSCE/ODIHR has sent a Special Election Assessment Mission (SEAM) for the July 15 early parliamentary...

Macedonia 16.06.20 | 13:39

OSCE to observe the election process as of June 22 with a team made up of seven experts

ODIHR will be deploying a Special Election Assessment Mission (SEAM) to the early parliamentary elections in Macedonia, and we plan to send the observation team on 19 June and be ready to start work on 22 June, ODIHR spokesperson Katya Andrusz told MIA. The SEAM is made up of a team of seven experts,...

Macedonia 14.06.20 | 15:23

OSCE to send a mission to Macedonia on June 19 at the earliest

The OSCE / ODIHR has issued a call for an assessment mission for the Macedonian elections (runs until 16 June). Therefore, the earliest it can send an assessment mission to our country is in the period from 19 to 21 June, and from the next day we would enter the election campaign. The campaign is scheduled...

Macedonia 07.05.20 | 18:05

Thimonier, OSCE / ODIHR: Low turnout compromises elections

The Macedonian government is pushing for snap elections, while France, one of the EU’s leading countries, is seriously considering postponing postponing the second round of the local elections scheduled for June 21. French Ambassador to Macedonia Christian Thimonier told Alfa that the low turnout...

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