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Macedonia 22.02.22 | 21:01

More than 65,000 expired Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines to be destroyed in Drisla

More than 65 thousand “Pfizer” and “AstraZeneca” vaccines have expired and they will be destroyed in the “Drisla” landfill. It is necessary for a Commission from the Ministry of Health and the Drug Agency (MALMED) to make a complete list and submit a request to “Drisla”...

Macedonia 07.02.22 | 18:46

New batch of Pfizer vaccines donated by Italy arrives in Macedonia

As Macedonia is destroying 300,000 expired doses of the Pfizer vaccine, a new batch of doses was delivered today from Italy. The vaccines are a donation of a total of 250,000 doses from the Italian Government, through the Covax mechanism. Healthcare Minister Bekim Sali said that this is the first part...

Macedonia 06.02.22 | 20:06

300,000 Pfizer doses that expire in February will be destroyed

Macedonian Healthcare Ministry plans to destroy 300,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine, which are set to expire in February. The shots will have to be destroyed in a costly process used for medical waste. The Ministry said it will not reveal how much the procedure will cost, as it has non-disclosure agreements...

Macedonia 06.01.22 | 18:23

Healthcare Ministry is issuing expired Pfizer vaccines

Telma TV reports that the Healthcare Ministry began distributing Pfizer vaccines that are past their use-by date. The MALMED pharma regulatory committee insists that the vaccines can be used safely up to three months past this date. And now they are massively being used as third booster shots and as...

Macedonia 01.10.21 | 19:00

13,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccines Bulgaria donated to Macedonia will have to be destroyed

13,000 of the 51,480 doses of the Pfizer vaccine that Bulgaria donated to Macedonia will have to be destroyed as they are now past their use date. The long awaited shipment was delivered in September, when many of the vaccines were already close to expiring.

Health 20.09.21 | 17:12

Pfizer, BioNTech say their Covid vaccine is safe for kids 5 to 11

Pfizer Inc. (PFE) and BioNTech SE (BNTX) announced positive results from a pivotal trial of their Covid-19 vaccine in children 5 to 11 years. The results are the first from a pivotal trial of any Covid-19 vaccine in children under 12 years of age. Meanwhile, Topline readouts for the other two age cohorts...

Macedonia 01.09.21 | 15:49

Bulgaria to donate 51,480 Pfizer doses to Macedonia

Bulgaria will donate 51,480 doses of the Pfizer vaccine to Macedonia, the Bulgarian government decided today. Ministers propose the Parliament to ratify the tripartite donation agreement between Bulgaria, Macedonia and Pfizer/Biontech. All delivery costs will be borne by Macedonia.

Macedonia 07.06.21 | 22:42

As the vaccine flow to Macedonia is reduced to a trickle, citizens turn to Serbia again

Another small batch of nearly 13,000 Pfizer vaccines was delivered to Macedonia today – as part of the Austrian led EU effort. Macedonia is out of spare vaccines and is currently mainly issuing booster shots to people who already received the first dose, while over 400,000 citizens remain on the...

Macedonia 31.05.21 | 22:58

11,700 doses of the Pfizer vaccine arrive in the country

11,700 doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine were delivered to Macedonia on Monday afternoon, of which 7,020 were procured directly from the manufacturer and 4,680 as part of the European Union’s assistance through trilateral agreements within Team Europe initiative, Minister of Health Venko FIlipce...

Macedonia 24.05.21 | 17:47

Batch of 10,530 Pfizer vaccines arrives in Macedonia

Another shipment of 10,530 Pfizer vaccines organized partially through the EU – Austrian Team Europe program arrived in Macedonia today. About half of the shipment is delivered through a direct contract with the producer and the rest is through the EU led program. 

Macedonia 18.05.21 | 11:11

New delivery of nearly 10,000 doses of Pfizer vaccines

A new batch of 9,360 doses of the Pfizer vaccine were delivered to Macedonia today. Half of it comes through direct contract with the manufacturer, and the rest through the Austrian supported vaccine delivery program for the Balkans. Macedonia is currently vaccinating about 14,000 people a day, using...

Macedonia 30.04.21 | 18:28

Commissioner Varhelyi will visit Macedonia on Tuesday as part of a Balkan tour to coordinate distribution of vaccines

European Enlargement Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi will visit Macedonia on Tuesday, as part of his Balkan tour. The Commissioner is coordinating the distribution of 651,000 doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine which is being donated with the help of Austria. This is part of the package of 70 million...

Macedonia 23.04.21 | 10:29

Members of Parliament are being vaccinated

Members of Parliament are being vaccinated today in the Boris Trajkovski sports hall in Skopje. This is being done to ensure the smooth working of the body, especially as the narrow ruling majority is often unable to even convene the Parliament if several of its representatives contract the virus.  

Macedonia 20.04.21 | 13:57

EU and Austria announce a shipment of Pfizer vaccines for the Balkan countries

The European Union announced a shipment of vaccines for the Balkans, including Macedonia, which will receive 119,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine between May and August. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen made the announcement today, addressing Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Kosovo...

Macedonia 19.04.21 | 09:45

10,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine expected to arrive today

A shipment of 10,000 doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccines is expected to arrive in Macedonia. Another small batch of 10,000 doses will also arrive on April 26th, the Healthcare Ministry informed. These would be the first doses of the coveted Pfizer vaccine after the first shipment of 8,000 doses...

Macedonia 07.04.21 | 10:43

Plusinfo: The Zaev Government received an offer from a private company ready to procure a large quantity of Pfizer vaccines

The Plusinfo news site reports that a large drug retailer chain in Macedonia has offered the Government to import 2.5 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine. The Zaev regime has been completely unable to procure the coveted Pfizer vaccine, and all modest vaccinations at the moment are taking place with...

Macedonia 19.03.21 | 17:31

Calls for resignation of Healthcare Minister Filipce after Pfizer informs it still hasn’t signed a vaccine contract with Macedonia

VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski called on Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce to resign immediately, after Pfizer informed that it still hasn’t signed a contract for coronavirus vaccines with Macedonia. Filipce was manipulating the public since December, when he said that Macedonia...

Macedonia 19.03.21 | 15:52

Filipce says Pfizer sent additional request for the vaccine agreement

Three days ago we received an additional request from the “Pfizer” company regarding the agreement, Health Minister Venko Filipce said Friday. According to him, the procedure was delayed precisely because of such conditions from this company, and the last one refers to the responsibility...

Macedonia 09.03.21 | 14:50

Donated Pfizer vaccines nearly used up as over 3,700 medical personnel get vaccinated

The Macedonian Healthcare Ministry has managed to vaccinate 3,759 doctors and nurses so far, using the Serbian donation of 8,000 Pfizer vaccines. With one vaccine set aside as soon as the first dose is received, this means that the donation is nearly all used up. The Ministry will continue vaccinating...

Macedonia 24.02.21 | 13:54

LIVE: Serbia delivers second batch of its vaccine donation to Macedonia

The second batch of Pfizer vaccines donated by Serbia to Macedonia arrived at the Tabanovce border crossing. Serbia donated a total of 8,000 doses, and delivered 4,680 in the first batch. Live video of the ceremony is available here.