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World 22.03.22 | 10:58

China: No survivors in the plane crash near Guangzhou

No survivors were found in the crash site of the China Eastern Airlines plane that crashed yesterday with 132 people on board. The plane was en route from Kunming to Guangzhou, when it fell as it was approaching its destination. It is reported that it suddenly began to lose height and plummeted to the...

Macedonia 02.12.21 | 09:51

Bodies of the victims of the Besa bus disaster will be returned tomorrow on a Bulgarian military transport

The Bulgarian Government will use a military plane to carry the bodies of the 45 passengers who died in the Besa bus disaster last Tuesday back to Macedonia. The flight is planned for tomorrow, and it is being organized after all the bodies were identified using DNA samples provided by family members. Previously,...

Macedonia 19.03.20 | 09:49

Last passengers before the lock-down arrive to Skopje from Basel

A flight from Basel, Switzerland was the last to land at the Skopje airport for the time being. The plane landed on Wednesday evening and at midnight the airport closed for passenger aircraft, as part of the measures meant to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Several previous flights had people...

Macedonia 17.03.20 | 20:54

Filipce: A plane landed from Brussels with a number of potential coronavirus cases

Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce confirmed that there are five new coronavirus patients in Macedonia. Four of them are the doctors and nurses that were infected while working with patients in Debar – the hotbed of the epidemic. Additionally, a plane landed in Skopje from Brussels with several...

Balkans 15.11.19 | 14:27

Plane carrying Bulgarian Prime Minister Borisov develops mid flight issues, but lands safely in Sofia

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov had a mid flight scare after his official plane developed a serious issue with its navigation systems. The 20 years old plane had to be landed manually by the pilots at the Sofia airport. The plane was landed successfully, given that the pilots were very well familiar...

Macedonia 13.11.19 | 17:46

Zaev was not on the plane as it developed a technical issue, pilot managed to land safely in Skopje

Airport authorities confirmed that the Government jet had an emergency landing at the Skopje airport. Prime Minister Zoran Zaev was not in the plane at the time, which only carried the flight crew. Acording to the MIA news agency, the pilot observed an urgent issue with the front wheel of the plane and...

Macedonia 06.07.19 | 13:17

Scary landing attempt at the Skopje airport

The Skopje1 news site reports that the pilot of an Istanbul – Skopje flight had five seemingly messy attempts to land yesterday evening, panicking passengers, before eventually giving up. A storm developed over Skopje yesterday and that reduced visibility and created unsafe landing conditions. The...

Macedonia 18.06.19 | 11:00

Zaev and Pendarovski used commercial flights, but not out of modesty

In the past few days initially the Stevo Pendarovski PR service and than that of Zoran Zaev shared pictures of the two politicians using regular flight to get to Brussels or Berlin. The PR specialists spent days presenting the politicians as “men of the people”, which struck an odd note especially...

World 05.05.19 | 21:09

Airplane fire in Moscow kills at least 13 passengers

A horrific plane fire in Moscow took the lives of 13 passengers. Nine more were injured when a Sukhoi Superjet – 100 carrying a total of 73 people caught fire during an emergency landing. The relatively new plane was taking the passengers from Moscow to Murmansk, when the pilot reported technical...

Macedonia 02.04.19 | 19:54

No survivors as Cessna plane with a Bulgarian family on board crashes near Solunska Glava

A family from Bulgaria has perished when their Cessna plane crashed near the Solunska Glava peak this afternoon. A husband and wife and their two daughters were on the plane which took off from Ohrid and was headed for Sofia. Due to poor weather conditions and strong turbulence, the pilot asked to land...

Macedonia 02.04.19 | 19:04

Small plane goes missing above Solunska Glava

A small airplane has gone missing above the Solunska Glava peak, near Veles, the MKD.mk news site reported. The plane took off from Ohrid. There are still no reports about how many people were in the small sports aircraft. This part of Mt. Jakupica is one of the most rugged terrains in Macedonia.

Macedonia 06.03.19 | 20:47

Siljanovska asks the Government to “ground itself”, begin solving real problems

VMRO-DPMNE presidential nominee Gordana Siljanovska condemned the Government’s request for a new, larger plane, saying that Macedonia faces problems on the ground, not in the air. It is high time that our Government grounds itself and begins resolving the problems of the people. Why do they need...

Balkans 10.01.19 | 10:31

Lightning strikes Eurowings flight EW652 from Cologne to Thessaloniki

A shock for Eurowings passengers heading to Thessaloniki in North Greece from Cologne in Germany on Wednesday morning. A lightning stroke Eurowings flight EW652 forcing the pilot to return to departure airport for safety reasons. Eurowings flight EW652 had to return to Cologne, Germany, on Wednesday...

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