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Economy 01.06.22 | 14:54

Price of cooking oil reaches 163 denars!

The prices of cooking oil, flour, sugar, bread and eggs went up on Tuesday after the anti-crisis measures introduced in March expired. Cooking oil that used to be sold at a price of 135 denars, can now be found for a price of 156 to 163 denars, and the new price of flour type 400 now ranges from 54 to...

Economy 18.05.22 | 16:21

New spike in the gas price

A new significant increase in the price of gas was announced to day. It will go into effect this evening and will amount to 2.5 denars per liter for unleaded fuels. Diesel remains at the same price – 86 denars per liter, but the BS-95 and BS-98 blends will go up to 94.5 and 96.5 denars per liter.

Economy 09.05.22 | 13:45

Gas prices set to go up again

Fuel prices are set to go up at midnight again. The RKE regulatory commission set the price for the unleaded blends BS-95 and BS-98 at 90.5 and 92.5 denars per liter – an increase of 2 denars per liter. Diesel price goes down by 0.5 denars to 89.5 denars per liter.

Economy 04.05.22 | 17:32

Inflation watch: Fuel prices go up

Fuel prices are set to go up significantly, by 2.5 denars per liter. New prices go into effect this evening. Unleaded BS-95 will now cost 88.5 denars per liter, BS-98 will be priced at 90.5 and diesel will be sold for 90 denars a liter.

Economy 16.03.22 | 20:37

Fuel prices set to go down this evening

Fuel prices are set to go noticeably down this evening. Regular gas will go down by 5 denars per liter, while diesel will be down by 6 denars. New maximum prices will be set at 81.5 denars for BS-95, 83.5 denars for BS-98 and 79 denars for diesel fuel, the Regulatory Commission for Energy informed.

Economy 10.03.22 | 11:38

Citizens fear new gas price shocks

After the price of gas went up twice in three days, citizens are worried that new inflationary shocks are coming. Gas went up by 5.5 and 10 denars per liter on Monday and by 3.5 and 8.5 denars on Wednesday evening. The prices now amount to 93 denars for the BS95 gas, 95 denars for Bs98 and 94 denars...

Economy 09.03.22 | 14:20

Energy crisis: Another gas increase expected this evening

Fuel prices are set to go up again today. The RKE regulatory commission changed its model and is now calculating new prices daily. It announced that this evening, a new price will be set, and it will reflect the further rise of oil on the world markets. A huge increase on Monday caused long lines at...

Economy 02.03.22 | 11:37

Macedonians are preparing for new gas price hikes

Macedonians are bracing for another gas price hike, as the price of oil surpassed 100 dollars per barrel on the international markets. The latest spike is caused by the war in Ukraine and the subsequent Western sanctions against Russia, after months of increases over Covid and the global inflation increase. Macedonians...

Economy 07.02.22 | 13:45

Gas prices go up again

The RKE energy regulatory commission announced another hike in the gas prices. The two main unleaded blends, Eurosuper BS-95 and Eurosuper BS-98 will go up by 1.5 denars each and reach a price of 81 and 83 denars. Diesel will go even higher – up by 2 denars per liter, to 73.5 denars.

Economy 10.01.22 | 13:58

Energy crisis: New spike in fuel prices

Fuel prices will spike today, by half a denar per liter of unleaded fuels and two denars for diesel fuels, the Regulatory Energy Commission decided. The most used Eurosuper BS-95 fuel will now cost 75.5 denars per liter, while the BS-98 fuel will be sold for 77.5 denars. Diesel will go up to 67.5 denars...

Economy 28.12.21 | 11:09

Energy regulator begins process to hike the price of electricity

The Regulatory Energy Committeе (RKE) began the process of changing the electricity prices, which is expected to result with a major hike new month. RKE began meetings with energy companies who have already submitted their requests, for steep hikes in the price to correspond with the increase of energy...

Macedonia 07.10.21 | 09:27

State Department welcomes the EU summit decisions on Balkan enlargement

State Department spokesman Ned Price tweeted that the US welcomes the conclusions of the EU – Balkans summit in Slovenia, even though it brought no progress in expanding the EU toward the Balkans, and the proposal to set a firm date to bring the Balkans in the EU by 2030 was rejected in favor of...

Macedonia Economy 23.09.21 | 14:58

Motorists hurt by high methane prices

The huge spike in European gas prices is hurting Macedonian consumers, many of whom have switched to methane as their primary car fuel. The price has reached over 37 denars per cubic meter, and approaching 40. These are highly unexpected prices and have caused outrage in the public. Motorists in Macedonia...

Macedonia 20.09.21 | 09:38

Republika price list for the local elections

In line with the electoral law and the guidelines published by the State Electoral Commission, Republika publishes its pricing for paid political advertisements during the campaign for the local elections in October. The Republika.mk news site is registered with the State Electoral Commission, in its...

Macedonia 08.09.21 | 15:30

Independence Day celebration cost far less than the Ohrid treaty celebration

Contracts awarded for the organization of today’s 30th Independence Day celebration show that the sum is far below the extensive celebration of the 2001 Ohrid Framework Agreement. One of the contracts shows that the DVD Plus company was hired to organize the fireworks display, 100,000 leaflets...

Macedonia Economy 13.07.21 | 11:42

Gas prices went up by 20 percent under Zaev, and the fuel tax will be the final blow to consumers

Fuel prices have gone up 10 denars per liter over the past four years under Zoran Zaev, VMRO-DPMNE said in a press statement. This increase, which added over 20 percent to the price of gas, is before even accounting for the planned new tax that will add 4 denars to liter. These extra funds go to the...

Macedonia 07.05.21 | 10:14

US Rep. Price says Bulgarian veto of Macedonia is frustrating

In an interview with Voice of America, US congressman David Price called on Bulgaria to end its blockade of Macedonia’s EU accession. It’s frustrating and I think somewhat dangerous for other countries, one by one to be throwing out these barriers. It took so many years to work out the name...

Macedonia Economy 19.04.21 | 13:29

Prices of most frequently used fuels will go up half a denar

Gas prices will go up by half a denar this evening. The Eurosuper BS-95 car fuel will now be priced at 67.5 denars (1EUR = 61 denars) per liter and the diesel fuel will go up to 58.5 denars. The BS-98 fuel will remain priced the same at 68 denars, the Energy Regulatory Commission determined.

Macedonia Economy 08.03.21 | 13:29

Gas prices go up by half a denar

Gas prices go up by half a denar today, while the diesel price will remain unchanged. The Energy Regulatory Committee set the Eurosuper BS-95 price at 66 denars (1 EUR = 61 denars) and BS-98 – at 68 denars per liter. Diesel remains unchanged at 56 denars per liter.

Macedonia Economy 07.01.21 | 19:32

Flour mills say they will hike the price of bread by up to 30 percent

The association of mills and bread bakeries GMPI warned that it will increase the price of bread, after a longer period of frozen prices. Goran Malisic from GMPI said that the companies he represents are hit by reduced demand at home and increased prices on some of the raw materials abroad. “We also...