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Macedonia Economy 13.07.21 | 11:42

Gas prices went up by 20 percent under Zaev, and the fuel tax will be the final blow to consumers

Fuel prices have gone up 10 denars per liter over the past four years under Zoran Zaev, VMRO-DPMNE said in a press statement. This increase, which added over 20 percent to the price of gas, is before even accounting for the planned new tax that will add 4 denars to liter. These extra funds go to the...

Macedonia 07.05.21 | 10:14

US Rep. Price says Bulgarian veto of Macedonia is frustrating

In an interview with Voice of America, US congressman David Price called on Bulgaria to end its blockade of Macedonia’s EU accession. It’s frustrating and I think somewhat dangerous for other countries, one by one to be throwing out these barriers. It took so many years to work out the name...

Macedonia Economy 19.04.21 | 13:29

Prices of most frequently used fuels will go up half a denar

Gas prices will go up by half a denar this evening. The Eurosuper BS-95 car fuel will now be priced at 67.5 denars (1EUR = 61 denars) per liter and the diesel fuel will go up to 58.5 denars. The BS-98 fuel will remain priced the same at 68 denars, the Energy Regulatory Commission determined.

Macedonia Economy 08.03.21 | 13:29

Gas prices go up by half a denar

Gas prices go up by half a denar today, while the diesel price will remain unchanged. The Energy Regulatory Committee set the Eurosuper BS-95 price at 66 denars (1 EUR = 61 denars) and BS-98 – at 68 denars per liter. Diesel remains unchanged at 56 denars per liter.

Macedonia Economy 07.01.21 | 19:32

Flour mills say they will hike the price of bread by up to 30 percent

The association of mills and bread bakeries GMPI warned that it will increase the price of bread, after a longer period of frozen prices. Goran Malisic from GMPI said that the companies he represents are hit by reduced demand at home and increased prices on some of the raw materials abroad. “We also...

Economy 27.07.20 | 13:16

Gas prices set to rise again

Gas prices are going up again. Starting at midnight, both gas and diesel prices will go up by 0.5 denars per liter. The Eurosuper BS-95 fuel will now cost 61 denars per liter, Eurosuper BS-98 will be priced at 63 denars and the diesel fuel will cost 52.5 denars. Gas prices in Macedonia have been on the...

Economy 13.07.20 | 13:18

Gas prices go up again

Gasoline prices will go up today by between 0.5 and 1 denar per liter this evening. The Energy regulatory committee justified its decision with the increase in oil prices in global markets. The BS-98 fuel will increase in price by 0.5 denars and will cost 63.5 denars per liter, while BS-95 and the diesel...

Economy 26.05.20 | 17:45

Another gas price hike hits consumers

Gas prices will go up by 8,5 percent this evening, the Energy Regulatory Committee decided today. Gas will cost 57,5 and 59,5 denars per liter (1 EUR = 61 denars), which is an increase of 3 denars. Diesel will be sold for 49,5 denars per liter. Despite the global oil glut and record low prices, this...

Economy 11.05.20 | 14:51

Fuel prices go up by 3,5 denars per liter

Even with oil prices at historic lows, the Macedonian Energy regulatory commission decided to increase fuel prices by 3,5 denars per liter. The prices now range a little under 1 EUR per liter for unleaded fuel down to 45,5 denars per liter of diesel. The commission explained its decision with the increase...

Macedonia 05.12.19 | 11:51

Water bills in Skopje to go up by 20 percent

Water utility prices in Skopje are going up by a fifth – 20 percent – starting with the incoming November bills. Skopje city council approved the hefty increase in water prices, insisting that the extra money will be used to maintain the parks, which were devastated in this year’s summer...