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Macedonia 30.03.22 | 12:57

Census results: Macedonians 54.21 percent, Albanians 29.52 percent

The director of the State Statistical Office, Apostol Simovski, presented the official results of the Census at a press conference on Wednesday. In his address, he noted that the State Statistical Office managed to conduct a successful census. The counted population in total stands at 2,097,319 persons,...

Macedonia 17.03.22 | 12:48

Simovski: Final census results to be announced on March 30

The head of the State Statistical Office said that the final results of the Census will be announced on March 30, for which an event is being prepared in the Philharmonic Hall. During the census process, every citizen had the right to register as they think. It is an illusion to expect population growth...

Macedonia 09.12.21 | 13:20

Simovski: Census results expected in late March or early April

The total number of counted citizens shows that there is increased migration in the past 20 years, the director of the Statistical Office Apostol Simovski said on Thursday. He said that we should expect the results of the census at the end of March or the beginning of April.

Macedonia 25.07.20 | 14:42

SEC official election results: SDSM- 46 MP seats, VMRO-DPMNE- 44, DUI -15, AA/A -12, Levica -2, DPA -1

The State Election Commission (SEC) announced Saturday at a public session the official final results of the July 15 early parliamentary elections in North Macedonia. According to the final results, SDSM-led coalition “We Can” won 46 MP seats, the VMRO-DPMNE-led coalition-44 MP seats, DUI-15, Alliance...

Macedonia 25.07.20 | 09:33

SEC to announce the final official results of the general elections, issue certificates to the elected MPs

The State Election Commission is set to hold Saturday a public session, at which a conclusion will be made by announcing the final official results of the early parliamentary elections held on 15 July. After the end of this session, a solemn session is scheduled at which SEC will issue certificates to...

Macedonia 17.07.20 | 18:25

SEC publishes the election data from all polling stations on Google Drive

As the SEC is not yet able to publish the election data on their website, the data has been published on Google Drive. You can see the data at the following link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WOzcYkzl5gVi_P0HOcDhOtpt9Ch5_6Uf/view

Macedonia 16.07.20 | 02:04

Electoral Commission gives up, won’t announce final results this evening

After technical difficulties which raised speculations about the conduct of the elections, the State Electoral Commission announced that it will not give its final results and projection of seats this evening and will leave it for tomorrow. SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE seem to be virtually tied, with the leftist...

Macedonia 15.07.20 | 23:48


Due to problems with the site, the State Election Commission is reporting the results of the processed votes via a video on YouTube:

Macedonia 21.04.19 | 23:56

SEC processed 97.51% of the votes, these are the results

The State Election Commission processed 97.51 percent of the votes. These are the results of the first round of 2019 presidential elections. Blerim Reka won 76,682 votes or 10.35%. 315,502 citizens, or 42.58%, voted for Gordana Siljanovska Davkova. Stevo Pendarovski won 316,555 votes, or 42.72%. 32,275...

Macedonia 21.04.19 | 20:25

LIVE: Follow the results of the presidential election

The first round of the sixth presidential elections in the Republic of Macedonia was held Sunday. Blerim Reka, Gordana Siljanovska Davkova or Stevo Pendarovski? You can follow the results live on SEC’s website HERE.

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