The State Election Commission is set to hold Saturday a public session, at which a conclusion will be made by announcing the final official results of the early parliamentary elections held on 15 July. After the end of this session, a solemn session is scheduled at which SEC will issue certificates to the elected MPs.

The session was scheduled after the Administrative Court decided on the last four complaints on Friday. It dismissed all 185 complaints filed by the political parties for the early parliamentary elections, thus confirming the decisions of the SEC.

Decisions made by the Administrative Court are final and cannot be appealed.

Once decisions are verified they will be delivered to the SEC and parties. The deadline starts to count down immediately, Administrative Court representative Ivana Smugreska told reporters on Friday.

She stressed that panels of judges decided that complaints were unfounded, based on Electoral Code provisions, which stipulate that the evidence submitted to the Administrative Court must be the same filed to SEC.