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Macedonia 30.04.20 | 17:14

Ademi: High school final exam cancelled, pupils will not go back to school

This year’s high school final exam is cancelled, said Minister of Education and Science Arber Ademi on Thursday. Minister Ademi presented the set of measures from the education plan that the Government adopted at today’s session. Pupils in elementary and secondary schools will not go back to schools...

Macedonia 22.04.20 | 17:12

City of Tetovo buys 300 laptops for school kids who couldn’t follow the online lessons

The Tetovo city council ordered the purchase of 300 laptop computers for school kids who don’t have computers and are excluded from the improvised online classes that are being prepared. Many schools across Macedonia are using Google Classroom and Youtube to get the pupils to study but this raised...

Macedonia 31.03.20 | 14:26

School grades will be based on prior work and the on-going online learning

If the school year can’t continue, the Education Ministry plans to have students evaluated using a mix of the grades they had at the end of the first semester and the grades they will get during the on-going online learning, Alsat TV reports. Many schools across Macedonia have begun holding online...

Macedonia 18.03.20 | 15:56

Acevski: The school year is lost because of the slow response

The Education Ministry failed to prepare an online course and as a result the school year is lost, said sociology professor Ilija Acevski in an interview with Sloboden Pecat. While some schools are self-organizing, online instruction still hasn’t started for students across Macedonia who are a...

Macedonia 18.12.19 | 10:54

High school in downtown Skopje evacuated following a threat report

The Lazar Licenovski art school in Skopje was evacuated today due to an unspecified threat. Police blocked entry to the school in downtown Skopje, while the teachers and students were led out of the building. According to early media reports, the reason for the evacuation was a bomb threat.

Macedonia 16.12.19 | 13:53

Gjorce Petrov schools ban the use of phones during class

Skopje’s Gjorce Petrov municipality banned the use of cell phones during classes. The widespread practice has become such a nuisance that the town hall decided to get involved. The ban will be policed by teachers, who will face fines if they don’t uphold it. Teachers are named as part of...

Macedonia 08.11.19 | 20:54

Parents from an Aerodrom school protest against the construction of a kindergarten in their school yard

Parents of children attending the Blaze Koneski elementary school in Skopje’s central Aerodrom district, are protesting against a plan to build a kindergarten in the school yard. This part of the city is undergoing massive construction of new apartment buildings and the parents are complaining...

Macedonia 26.10.19 | 10:36

School in Rostuse renamed to honor IT entrepreneur and motivational speaker Hajan Selmani

The Georgia Pulevski elementary school in the village of Rostuse is being renamed after IT businessman and motivational speaker Hajan Selmani, who died recently aged 33. The Rostuse municipal council made the decision yesterday, to honor Selmani, who was born in the near-by Velebrdo. Selmani was an enterpreneur...

Macedonia 22.10.19 | 14:00

Two hundred first graders are not attending school because they are not vaccinated

The Education Ministry informs that some 200 first grade pupils are not attending school at the moment, because their parents skipped the mandatory vaccines. Minister Arbr Ademi said that he is looking into options about these children. Parents protested last week to demand that their children are allowed...

Macedonia 09.10.19 | 18:19

Incident between Macedonian and Albanian school kids in Saraj

An inter-ethnic incident occurred in Saraj, west of Skopje today, when Macedonian pupils were attacked by Albanian kids. Parents whose children attend the Kole Nedelkovski school, say that their kids went for a field trip to Albanian majority Saraj, only to be attacked by kids from another local school. One...

Macedonia 30.04.19 | 15:36

Macedonian and Albanian governments will jointly reconstruct a school in Pustec

The friendly relations between the Republic of North Macedonia and the Republic of Albania continue to strengthen with the implementation of projects of common interest, the government press service informed. The latest result of the friendly relations between the two countries is the decision to reconstruct...

Macedonia 27.03.19 | 17:15

Zaev’s Government wants to rewrite the school books as early as next school year

Zoran Zaev spokesman Mile Bosnjakovski said that the Government plans to introduce the name “Republic of North Macedonia” into the school books as early as next school year. The commissions with Greece are working as fast as they can, at a parity level, working in the spirit of the Prespa...