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Macedonia 25.11.23 | 17:55

Ethnic Macedonian students in Neprosteno attend school in shipping containers

Ethnic Macedonian pupils from the village of Neprosteno and the surrounding villages near Tetovo continue to attend classes in improvised classrooms made of shipping containers. This was a temporary solution that was devised in 2001, during the civil war, when Macedonian pupils faced attacks from the...

World 11.05.23 | 19:38

Boy in Hungary investigated after concerns he was planning a school shooting

A Hungarian teenager was arrested after the authorities suspected him of preparing a massacre in his former school. The 17 year old used a video game to plan out the school and then conducted a “virtual massacre” of video characters in the game, prompting concerns that he is preparing for...

Macedonia 30.03.23 | 14:16

Parents of first graders in Skopje protest after lesson including a same sex family

Parents in the Ss Cyril and Methodius school in Skopje are objecting after their first graders were given a lesson on family values that included a male same set couple portrayed as parents. According to the parents, this constitutes propaganda meant to undermine traditional family values.

Macedonia 01.03.23 | 19:52

Children left traumatized by the never-ending wave of bomb threats

Another day of panicked children and failing institutions, as the police remains incapable of tracking down the source of the dozens of emailed bomb threats that force daily evacuations of elementary and high schools in Skopje. They were preparing to go out for breakfast when a teacher ran in and told...

Macedonia 01.03.23 | 18:49

Prilep: Police is investigating reported sexual assault on a high school student by a teacher

A female student at the “Orde Copela” high school in Prilep reported a sexual assault from a male teacher. According to the media reports, a school employee made the report on February 14th, that the girl said she was touched by a teacher. Two days later, when testifying to social workers...

Macedonia 27.02.23 | 10:28

Schools in downtown Skopje are being evacuated after bomb threats

Elementary schools in Centar and Aerodrom in Skopje are being evacuated today after the latest round of emailed bomb threats. The targets were the “Braka Miladinovci”, “Lazo Angelovski”, “Alexander of Macedonia” and “Kiro Gligorov” schools and there are...

Macedonia 22.01.23 | 14:51

Winter break ends, school resume tomorrow

Winter school break ends today, and school will resume tomorrow. The break starts with New Year and was supposed to last until January 18th, but was extended to cover the full third week. Pupils will be expected to remain in school until June 14th – four more days than usual – to make up...

Macedonia 28.12.22 | 21:23

Bomb threats emailed to schools in Skopje and Kumanovo were false

The latest round of bomb threats issued today, against schools in Skopje and Kumanovo, proved to be false. A total of 12 schools in Skopje and eight in Kumanovo had to be evacuated today. The police has made two arrests of minors, but the emailed threats keep coming. The Interior Ministry has been unable...

Macedonia 15.12.22 | 20:58

Chilling bomb threat sent to a Kumanovo school announced death and destruction

A news outlet from Kumanovo published the threatening message that was sent to a local elementary school today. The school was one of the 15 schools included in the latest wave of threatening messages which sparked evacuations and panicked children and parents. We will not hide. Murders are needed. We...

Macedonia 02.11.22 | 17:11

Bomb threats made against six schools in Skopje

Another round of bomb threats were received today, against aimed at schools in the capital Skopje. Six schools were named in the emailed threats. Police quickly evacuated the schools as the security services are still trying to determine the origin of the threats. There were three similar threats sent...

Macedonia 28.10.22 | 20:27

Another false bomb threat made against a school in Skopje

Another false bomb report was made in a school in Skopje today. The report came over email, around 14h today, that allegedly there is a bomb planted in the school, which was not named to the public. Bomb squad officers were quickly deployed and determined that, like the previous half a dozen threats...

Macedonia 01.09.22 | 09:30

Students return to school without textbooks, but with other printed materials

Around 255,000 elementary and high school students are starting the 2022/2023 school year today, in which, after two pandemic years, classes will start without anti-covid protocols and face masks. For the first, second, fourth and fifth grade students, new curricula have been prepared for the classes,...

Macedonia 11.05.22 | 13:05

Mines and grenades found in the Jegunovce elementary school

During cleaning in the basement of the elementary school in the village of Jegunovce, near Tetovo, staff found several anti-personnel mines, one anti-tank mine and two grenades . The devices were probably meant for training purposes. They were removed by sappers of the Rescue and Protection Agency.

Macedonia 27.04.22 | 09:45

Teacher’s strike continues, kindergartens to accept preschool children

The strike of the employees in the primary and secondary education resumes, but day care centers will reopen. The teacher’s trade union rejected the government’s latest offer of 12 percent raises. The strike in the kindergartens will be on hold which means that the parents can take their...

Macedonia 01.04.22 | 11:29

Village school principal charged after attacking a pupil

Gostivar prosecutors filed charges against the deputy principal of the school in the village of Cegrane who attacked an eight grade pupil. The school official shouted at the kid who came to ask why he is being re-assigned to another class, then slapped and kicked him. The boy sustained head injuries.  

Macedonia 27.01.22 | 21:02

In-person classes and open windows: Children to be rotated so that they do not sit by the windows all the time

The Commission for Infectious Diseases proposed that schools resume in-person classes on February 1, but according to the Covid measures, the classes to be held with open windows. We were notified for he in-person classes, which will mean that the classes will be held with open windows for most of the...

Macedonia 10.01.22 | 16:43

Parents call for online second term in schools

The Support for Online Classes Movement, which started as a Facebook group that now has 15,000 members, demands that the second term of the 2021/22 school year be held online. We are not capable to have a combined, we are not capable to have even in-person classes, because children in a classroom of...

Macedonia 24.12.21 | 17:48

Struga: High school teacher detained after hitting a pupil on the head with brass knuckles

The Struga court ordered eight days of detention to a teacher from the “Ibrahim Temo” high school who attacked a pupil with brass knuckles. The shocking incident was reported yesterday and it followed an argument the teacher had with the pupil’s mother. The 57 year old English language...

Macedonia 26.10.21 | 17:54

Elementary school in downtown Skopje flooded with sewage

Pupils in the “Dimitar Miladinov” elementary school in Skopje are missing classes for a second day after flooding in the toilets. The worn out water and sewage system as well as the water heating system broke down on Monday, and the first floor of the school was flooded. Pupils are sent home,...

Macedonia 22.10.21 | 22:39

Teacher filmed slapping a child in a school in Skopje

A video of a teacher slapping an elementary school pupil was shared on social media today. The incident allegedly happened in the “Panajot Ginovski” school in Skopje’s Butel distict. The man is seen slapping the child and then lifting him from the ground.