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Macedonia 20.01.24 | 18:09

One of the brothers shot in the Tetovo hospital has died

One of the brothers who were shot last week in the Tetovo hospital has died. The 41 year old man from the village of Gajre was shot during an argument that included four attackers, who belonged to a rival family. Tetovo court shocked the public when it released two of the attackers after only two days...

World 18.11.23 | 10:41

In a shooting at a US hospital, multiple people were slain, and the perpetrator has since died

A few hours ago, a multiple-victim mass shooting occurred at the psychiatric institution located in Concord, New Hampshire, in the United States. According to authorities, the suspect was slain, the BBC added.The authorities have just stated that multiple persons were slain in the mental hospital; the...

Macedonia 07.08.23 | 19:37

Father and son injured during wedding celebratory gunfire in Ohrid

Police in Ohrid detained a 60 year old man who opened fire during a wedding, and injured a father and his underage son. The man was shooting from a Zastava handgun. The police also found a CZ gun, a rifle and a shotgun in his possession, which he owned with permits. The man is facing charges.

Macedonia 07.04.23 | 19:58

Injuries reported after a firefight in front of a mosque in Skopje

Injuries are reported after an armed incident in front of a mosque in Cair in Skopje. Initial reports indicate that there are injuries, after a firefight between two groups of people. Cair has been plagued by serious violence between Albanian drug gangs in the past months.

World 28.03.23 | 09:20

Three children among six killed at US school by female shooter

Three children are among six people shot dead at a US elementary school in the Tennessee city of Nashville and the female suspect is also dead, police said on Monday. “The shooter was engaged by MNPD (Metropolitan Nashville Police Department) and is dead,” a police statement said. Initial...

World 10.03.23 | 12:12

Seven killed and more wounded after a shooting at Jehovah’s Witnesses church in Hamburg

Shots were fired inside a building used by Jehovah’s Witnesses in the northern German city of Hamburg on Thursday evening, killing at least seven people, Euronews reported. The shooting took place in the Gross Borstel district, a few kilometres north of the downtown area of Germany’s second-biggest...

Macedonia 04.09.22 | 16:40

Injured policeman was not on duty, Interior Ministry knows the identity of the shooter from Aracinovo

Yesterday evening, a 24-year-old policeman was injured in a shooting on “Metodija Mitevski” street in Skopje, in the Topansko pole neighborhood, who was not on duty at the time. According to the injured person, he was shot by a person from Aracinovo, Skopje. According to the Ministry of Internal...

Macedonia 04.09.22 | 09:56

Shooting in Cair, EBR member from the Ministry of Interior arrested?

One person was injured in a shooting in Cair yesterday evening. As “Kanal 5” has learned, a member of the Ministry of the Interior from the Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU) has been detained in connection with the case. Yesterday at 9:16 p.m., it was reported from the “Mother Teresa”...

Macedonia 24.06.21 | 13:15

Turkish citizen arrested after shooting another Turkish citizen in downtown Skopje

Two Turkish citizens were involved in the shooting in downtown Skopje yesterday evening. M.E.E. (30) was detained after opening fire on his compatriot S.B.  in a cafe in the Old Bazaar. The attacked man was injured and is under treatment, while M.E.E. is detained and is being charged.

Macedonia 23.06.21 | 23:27

One injured in a shooting near Skopje’s Skenderbeg Square

One person was reportedly shot and injured in a cafe near the Skenderbeg Square in Skopje’s Old Bazaar. The incident reportedly occurred at 22:15. Police is at the scene, but there are still no reports on the motive.

Macedonia 18.06.21 | 11:27

Man shot, badly injured in Debar

A man from Debar was shot and badly injured after a dispute yesterday evening. The incident happened near the Saat kula mosque, where A.I. was shot in the abdomen. Debar doctors immediately transported him for treatment in Ohrid. The attacker was detained and is being prosecuted.

Macedonia 20.05.21 | 09:15

Second victim dies a week after the Butel mafia shooting

A 24 year old man who was in critical condition since a mafia style shooting in Skopje a week ago has died. The man was nephew of Kamer Idrizi, a suspected mafia figure close to the ruling SDSM party from Skopje’s Butel district. Idrizi and his nephew were gunned down by several attackers armed...

Macedonia 07.02.21 | 18:04

Man shot and injured in downtown Skopje

One person was injured in a shoot-out on Saturday evening in Skopje’s downtown Bit Pazar area. The incident happened near a restaurant where a 48 year old man was approached by two of his acquaintances. One of them pulled a gun and opened fire. The attacked man was injured and is treated in the...

Macedonia 02.07.20 | 12:14

Man from Tetovo shot several times after an argument

A man from Tetovo was shot several times in front of his home yesterday afternoon. The shooting followed a dispute between S.M. (40) and two men from the village of Lavci. At one point, the men opened fire on S.M., and left. The wounded man is being treated in Tetovo, while the police is investigating...

Macedonia 10.05.20 | 11:19

Matka shooting incident: Attackers had guns, a knife and a baseball bat

The Interior Ministry revealed that many of the participants in the shooting incident that occurred at the Matka canyon yesterday were armed. The incident was caught on video, in which it can be clearly heard that at least one shot was fired, allegedly by local boss Mervan Sulejmani. Пукање...

Macedonia 14.12.19 | 22:01

MoI works on clearing up Aleksandar Palace shooting case, Spasovski demands greater responsibility from Prosecutor’s Office

Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski said Saturday that they are working to fully clear up the shooting at the Aleksandar Palace Hotel in Skopje and that there are already several arrests. In a statement to the media, he announced a fierce fight against criminal structures in Skopje, and the precautionary...

Macedonia 29.08.19 | 19:49

The father of the other wounded boy: Ademi fired, I saw him personally

The father of the boy who was wounded by celebratory gunfire during a wedding in the Tetovo village of Mala Recica, about a month ago, when the son of DUI lawmaker Xhevat Ademi was also injured, claims the incident was personally caused by the senior party official. The father Yusuf Biljali in a statement...

Macedonia 13.05.19 | 15:31

Two men shot, injured in Prilep

Two men were shot in their heads and left injured in Prilep overnight. The incident happened near the Prilep railway station The two victims are from the village of Lazani, and identified as M.M. (43) and O.I. (28). They are being treated in the Prilep hospital. The police has not revealed the likely...

World 18.03.19 | 12:54

Utrecht shooting: ‘One dead’ as man opens fire in tram

A gunman has opened fire inside a tram in the Dutch city of Utrecht, killing one person and injuring several others, reports say, BBC reported. The area in the west of the city has been cordoned off by authorities, and emergency services are at the scene. Authorities said the gunman is still at large....

World 15.02.19 | 23:45

At least one killed in Illinois shooting, multiple injured

At least one person has been killed in a shooting in Aurora, Illinois after a gunman opened fire at a manufacturing plant on Friday, city and law enforcement officials said. The city of Aurora said in a Tweet the suspect had been apprehended 40 minutes after police responded to the “active shooter”...