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Macedonia 12.10.20 | 09:59

Major rainstorm expected in the evening

A strong storm front is expected to envelop Macedonia this evening and bring rains and thunder well into Tuesday. The front is moving from the West and will bring up to 30 or 40 liters of rain per square meter. Temperatures are expected to drop tomorrow, before the storm calms down in the evening.

Macedonia 10.10.20 | 17:50

Storm front moving toward Macedonia

Strong rains are expected across Macedonia starting Tuesday. The weather is forecast to get steadily warmed for the rest of the weekend and on Monday, but on Monday afternoon a storm front will begin to move across the country, causing rain, thunder and strong winds. Forecasters expect up to 35 liters...

Macedonia 26.09.20 | 20:50

Storm caused rains and strong winds across Macedonia

A powerful storm hit Macedonia overnight and through much of Saturday, pouring rain and later causing gusts of wind. Strumica received 40 liters of rain per square meter, and eastern cities like Kriva Palanka received 25. Temperatures also dropped noticeably. Unstable weather will continue on Sunday,...

Macedonia 25.09.20 | 09:38

Storm expected over the weekend

Forecasters are warning about the possibility of heavy rain over the weekend, especially on Saturday. Macedonia will be under a storm front, with strong winds and thunderstorms expected. The storm front will be over the country between Saturday and Monday, with the brunt of the rain expected on Saturday....

Macedonia 24.08.20 | 10:28

Storm expected this evening

A summer storm is expected on Monday evening, forecasters say. While the day will be seasonably hot with temperatures of up to 36 degrees, citizens should be prepared for strong rains and thunderstorms in the evening. Unstable weather patterns are expected to continue into Tuesday.

Macedonia 18.08.20 | 09:36

Storm expected this afternoon

Forecasters expect heavy summer storms this afternoon, with strong rains and thunder. The stormy weather can stretch into Wednesday and bring colder temperatures for the remainder of the week. Daily highs today are expected to reach 32 degrees.

Macedonia 11.08.20 | 13:04

Afternoon storms expected in the coming days

Forecasters are warning the citizens to be prepared for summer rainstorms starting tomorrow afternoon. These storms can cause localized flooding. The unstable weather will persist through the weekend. Temperatures will remain high, ranging between 27 and 36 degrees around noon.

Macedonia 04.08.20 | 20:27

Citizens of Kumanovo warned to prepare for a major storm

Forecasters have warned the people of Kumanovo to be prepared for a major storm this evening. Earlier the capital Skopje was pounded by a strong hail. The Skopje valley is affected by an unstable cloud mass causing rains, thunder and hail. It is moving toward the east and the valley of Kumanovo, the...

Macedonia 24.07.20 | 21:12

Another evening storm expected in Skopje

Another strong evening storm is preparing over Skopje. Citizens are advised to get off the streets and seek cover. Skopje often has summer storms that include strong gusts of wind and pouring rain. One such storm hit the city on Thursday evening, causing internet outages and sending tree branches flying.

Macedonia 01.04.20 | 10:29

Snow storm over Macedonia

Macedonia woke up covered with snow this morning. An unusual April snow-storm is reported from across the country and it will continue to fall throughout the day. Lower areas along the Vardar river valley get rain instead of the snow. The mountains and the Pelagonija valley will se up to 20 centimeters...

Macedonia 23.03.20 | 11:35

Surprise snowstorm blankets Macedonia

An unexpected snow-storm blanketed Macedonia this morning after days of warm weather that enticed much of the public to disregard calls to stay at home to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Temperatures are 10 to 15 degrees below the average of the previous days, and a strong northern wind blows along...

Macedonia 27.02.20 | 19:41

Another storm about to hit Macedonia

A new storm is expected this evening. Citizens are advised not to park underneath trees or signs that could topple under the strong wind that is about to hit. Rain is also expected. People who do get out this evening are advised to stay away from tree lined walkways or parks. The storm on Wednesday evening...

Macedonia 05.02.20 | 10:50

Storm causes damage across Macedonia, the west gets a new layer of snow

Light damage is reported from throughout Macedonia, after yesterday’s storm. Uprooted trees, strewn garbage, tiles and in some places even entire roofs were seen flying off as winds reached between 80 and 100 kilometers per hour. No injuries are reported so far. Temperatures dropped significantly...

Macedonia 04.02.20 | 20:49

Storm, strong winds reported across Macedonia

A storm with high winds and likely rain and snow is currently hitting Macedonia, after moving to the south across the Balkans. Citizens are warned to remain indoors, and avoid parking beneath trees. Forecasters expect a sharp drop in temperatures over the next few days.

Macedonia 18.11.19 | 22:08

Rains expected Tuesday afternoon and into Wednesday

Forecasters are expecting rains starting tomorrow afternoon, and lasting into Wednesday. The rains will be especially strong in the south-east,w where up to 35 liters per square meter are expected to fall. Temperatures will range up to 17 degrees Centigrade.

Macedonia 02.10.19 | 13:37

Cold snap expected later this week

A severe cold front is expected to cover the Balkan region, as well as Europe, starting as early as Friday, reducing temperatures well below the average for the year. The front is moving from the north and will bring snowfall in the Alps and storms in the Mediterranean.

Macedonia 11.09.19 | 08:37

Rainstorm expected this afternoon

Forecasters expect a storm this afternoon. At the end of the sunny and seasonably warm day, forecasters see a cold front coming in, which can cause strong rains,winds and thunder. Temperatures across Macedonia will range between 10 in the morning and 33 degrees.

Macedonia 08.09.19 | 21:32

Heavy storm hits Tetovo villages

A heavy storm hit the Tetovo villages of Lesok, Slatino and Teatarce this afternoon. The storm, accompanied by heavy rain and hail, caused major damage to the gardens and orchards in the villages. The locals witness about the intense storm lasting more than half an hour.

Macedonia 12.08.19 | 17:23

A powerful storm will interrupt the heatwave

A major storm is expected to interrupt the heatwave that descended across the Balkans later this week. The storm will move in from the north, across Slovenia and Croatia, and spread across the Balkans. Forecasters expect thunderstorms, powerful rains and gusts of wind. Macedonia will be affected on Wednesday...

Balkans 12.07.19 | 11:13

Chalkidiki still being cleared up after powerful storm left six dead and serious damage

The region of Chalkidiki in northern Greece, which is a major destination for Macedonian tourists, is clearing up after the major storm that killed six Russian, Czech and Romanian tourists and injured 23. Greek authorities report that the roads are now completely open, and cleared from fallen pylons...