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Balkans 05.09.23 | 19:21

Greece hit by a major storm

Central Greece is hit by a major storm that caused flooding. The area of Volos is worst hit. Social media users from this country and tourists have shared videos of cars being swept off to sea and flooded homes and stores. This area was also badly hit by forest fires in July.    

Macedonia 03.09.23 | 10:22

Rain and start of fall weather expected next week

A rainstorm is expected tomorrow and forecasters predict it will reduce temperatures by 10 degrees. Rains will begin on Sunday evening and will last through Monday. Temperatures will again pick up on Tuesday, but will be below the current heatwave conditions.

Macedonia 06.08.23 | 09:29

Clean up after the storm which ended the heatwave

Municipal authorities across Macedonia are clearing up the damage caused by yesterday’s storm, which downed trees and caused small scale flooding. Most rain fell in Pozar – 47 liters per square meter, followed by Berovo and Stip (31 and 26 liters). The storm did bring temperatures down and...

Balkans 20.07.23 | 10:19

Major storm hits Croatia and Serbia

A devastating storm is inflicting casualties and serious damage on Croatia and is moving toward Serbia. The storm killed at least three people in Zagreb, where it tore off roofs and toppled trees. It wrecked havoc across the areas of Srem, Macva and Podrinje, and late on Wednesday evening began to pound...

Macedonia 01.07.23 | 18:59

Skopje hit by a powerful storm

The capital Skopje was hit by a strong summer storm this afternoon. Thunder and strong wind scared the citizens and caused a lot of damage. One car was hit by a falling tree while in motion. Fortunately, the tree fell on the empty back half of the car and there were no injuries.  

Macedonia 25.06.23 | 09:38

Heil large as walnuts hit Ohrid region

A strong storm of rain and hail hit Ohrid and the surroundings on Saturday afternoon. The hail, which at times was as large as walnuts, caused huge damages to the regional agriculture. The storm also caused sewage leakage, causing damages in the city proper. The Mayor convened the Emergency Committee,...

Macedonia 10.06.23 | 20:41

Bocvarski: Government to support Delcevo rehabilitation efforts after storm damages

Minister of Transport and Communications Blagoj Bocvarski and Minister of Environment and Physical Planning Kaja Sukova, Public Enterprise for Road Maintenance Director Kostadin Acevski and Faculty of Civil Engineering Dean Goran Markovski inspected Saturday the damages caused by the flash storm that...

Macedonia 10.06.23 | 08:50

Emergency meeting in Delcevo due to the damages by the flood

The Council of Delcevo Municipality held an urgent session on Friday because of the enormous damages caused by the Thursday storm and floods. The Council’s Chairman Goce Popov informed that they made a decision to declare an emergency situation in the city. The Council will also form a commission...

Macedonia 21.05.23 | 10:18

Storm expected in the afternoon

A storm is expected in the afternoon today, with strong rains and wind. Temperatures will drop to between 7 and 14 degrees. The capital Skopje will see a calm morning, but in the afternoon we can expect the arrival of the storm. The coming days will also have intermittent rains and wind.

Macedonia 31.08.22 | 13:41

Flooded buildings and fallen trees reported the most after Skopje storm

The Crisis Management Center said Wednesday there were 180 reports of damage after torrential rains and strong wind engulfed Skopje on Tuesday afternoon. Most of them concerning flooded buildings – 80, fallen trees – 40, damaged vehicles and flooded streets and underpasses – 20 each, damaged roofs...

Macedonia 30.08.22 | 18:08

Severe storm engulfs Skopje

A severe storm of torrential rain, hail, thunders and strong winds has engulfed Skopje on Tuesday afternoon.

Macedonia 28.07.22 | 21:32

Storm in Ohrid, fallen roof structure damaged several houses

A storm tore off a roof structure from a building in Ohrid, after which it fell and damaged several houses and a vehicle. The information has been confirmed by the head of the Ohrid Crisis Management Center Ohrid, Mitko Temelkoski, pointing out that fortunately no one was injured. We have reports about...

Macedonia 29.05.22 | 21:39

Kasami to seek help from the Government in dealing with the consequences of the storm in Tetovo

The Municipal Crisis HQ held a session in Tetovo in the afternoon due to the storm in the city and the material damage caused to the properties of citizens and institutions at the local level. The Mayor of Tetovo, Bilal Kasami informed that they seek assistance from the Government in overcoming the situation. Inadequate...

Macedonia 14.05.22 | 09:30

Storm expected today

Forecasters are warning about rain today, especially in the afternoon, with chances of thunder, strong winds and hail. Temperatures will range between 21 and 29 degrees at their peak.

Macedonia 13.05.22 | 09:25

Storm expected on Saturday

Forecasters are warning about a possible storm on Saturday, that will interrupt the otherwise warm and sunny spring weather. According to the forecast, we can expect strong rains, wind and possibly hail on Saturday. Temperatures today will range between 24 and 32 at the height ofthe day.

Macedonia 06.04.22 | 12:43

Thursday: Last storm before a period of warm, sunny weather

The weather forecast for tomorrow warns of strong rains and wind. It’s expected to be the last storm of early spring, before a longer period of warm and sunny weather begins. Mountainous areas will even see some snow tomorrow. The gusts of wind will be coming from the north and temperatures will...

Macedonia 30.03.22 | 21:54

Strong storm expected tomorrow

Weather forecasters are warning the citizens of a major storm expected tomorrow, which could bring wind speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour. Citizens are warned not to park under trees that could be downed by the wind. The coming days will also bring a drop in temperatures and unstable weather, with...

Macedonia 01.09.21 | 16:36

Afternoon storm expected

Forecasters warn of a significant storm coming toward Macedonia this afternoon. A brief gust of strong winds and rain are expected, mainly along the Vardar river valley. Winds will reach up to 60 kilometers per hour.

Macedonia 13.07.21 | 10:54

Macedonia remains under a heatwave

The heatwave is expected to continue over the coming days. Forecasters predict that the daily highs will range between 31 and 39 degrees, and that the UV solar radiation index will reach 9. Rains and thunderstorms can be expected on Friday evening, but temperatures will remain high. The weekend will...

Macedonia 10.07.21 | 08:55

Period of afternoon summer storms begins today

Weather forecasters are warning the citizens that a powerful storm can be expected in the afternoon. After an exceptionally hot and humid day, strong rains and thunderstorms are expected. Similar weather patterns with typical summer storms will last through Monday.