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Macedonia 11.09.19 | 08:37

Rainstorm expected this afternoon

Forecasters expect a storm this afternoon. At the end of the sunny and seasonably warm day, forecasters see a cold front coming in, which can cause strong rains,winds and thunder. Temperatures across Macedonia will range between 10 in the morning and 33 degrees.

Macedonia 08.09.19 | 21:32

Heavy storm hits Tetovo villages

A heavy storm hit the Tetovo villages of Lesok, Slatino and Teatarce this afternoon. The storm, accompanied by heavy rain and hail, caused major damage to the gardens and orchards in the villages. The locals witness about the intense storm lasting more than half an hour.

Macedonia 12.08.19 | 17:23

A powerful storm will interrupt the heatwave

A major storm is expected to interrupt the heatwave that descended across the Balkans later this week. The storm will move in from the north, across Slovenia and Croatia, and spread across the Balkans. Forecasters expect thunderstorms, powerful rains and gusts of wind. Macedonia will be affected on Wednesday...

Balkans 12.07.19 | 11:13

Chalkidiki still being cleared up after powerful storm left six dead and serious damage

The region of Chalkidiki in northern Greece, which is a major destination for Macedonian tourists, is clearing up after the major storm that killed six Russian, Czech and Romanian tourists and injured 23. Greek authorities report that the roads are now completely open, and cleared from fallen pylons...

Macedonia 11.07.19 | 20:31

Another storm expected over the weekend

Following the powerful storm that hit Macedonia on Wednesday evening, forecasters are warning of another similar thunderstorm approaching the country, expected to hit on Saturday evening. Again up to 30 liters of rain per square meter are expected to fall, accompanied by thunder and strong winds. Hail...

Balkans 11.07.19 | 10:42

Six foreign nationals killed as severe weather hits Greece

Six foreign nationals, including two children, were killed and more than 100 other people injured after gale-force winds, rain and hailstorms struck northern Greece late on Wednesday, uprooting trees and collapsing roofs, authorities said. Television footage showed strong winds sweeping through a restaurant...

Macedonia 11.07.19 | 10:11

MoFA: No reports of injured or dead Macedonian nationals in Halkidiki storm

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that they still have no information whether any Macedonian nationals were among victims or injured in a heavy storm that struck Halkidiki, northern Greece late on Wednesday. At least six people were killed in the storm, including two children. One person is missing,...

World 10.07.19 | 23:30

Italy struck by hail the size of oranges, a tornado and beach fire

Hail the size of oranges has injured 18 people in an Italian Adriatic city, while a blaze in Sicily forced beach-goers to flee. Italian news agency ANSA quoted hospital officials in Pescara as saying that the hailstorm caused cuts and bruises, especially on the head. WOW!!! BRUTAL #hailstorm with huge...

Macedonia 10.07.19 | 11:08

Major storm expected over Macedonia

A major summer storm is expected to hit Macedonia this afternoon and last for the next 30 hours. Temperatures will drop by 10 degrees. All across the country we can expect strong winds, with speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour. Up to 30 liters of rain per square meter will fall, which means serious...

World 08.07.19 | 14:04

Hailstones the size of tennis balls hit south-central France

A huge thunderstorm has bombarded the French region of Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes with hailstones the size of tennis balls, and included a record number of lightning bolts, providing for a deluge of impressive content on social media, RT reported. The meteorological calamity led to the classification by Meteo...

Macedonia 22.06.19 | 19:58

Series of afternoon storms expected starting Sunday

Beginning on Sunday, a series of afternoon summer storms are expected over Macedonia. Temperatures will remain high on Sunday, but will begin to drop starting Monday. In the afternoon hours we ca expect strong rains and thunderstorms, as well as wind gusts. Such weather will persist throughout the week.

Macedonia 17.06.19 | 10:32

Powerful storm hits Struga

A powerful storm hit Struga on Sunday afternoon, snapping trees and ripping out tin roofs. The strong wind was accompanied by thunder and pouring rain. No injuries were reported. Summer storms and hail were also reported in Strumica, Kavadarci, Debar and Demir Hisar. An afternoon storm is possible on...

Macedonia 03.06.19 | 14:54

Another storm headed towards Macedonia

After a day’s respite, a new storm is expected to envelop Macedonia. The forecast calls for rain, wind and another drop in temperatures, this time reducing highs to 26 degrees. The stormy weather will persist until Wednesday. Starting on Friday, temperatures should begin to rise, eventually reaching...

Macedonia 30.05.19 | 10:11

Several days of rains and winds expected starting Friday

The nice weather is coming to an end as forecasters expect winds and rains beginning on Friday. The storm will intensify on Sunday and Monday, when farmers can expect hail and strong rains. Temperatures will decline throughout the coming days.

Macedonia 28.05.19 | 21:18

Another storm expected to hit on Friday

A new rainstorm is moving towards Macedonia and should hit on Friday and during the weekend. Forecasters say we can expect thunderstorms and strong wind during these days. Up to 30 liters per square meter will fall. Temperatures will continue to go up, reaching 31 degrees Centigrade, except on Friday...

Macedonia 24.05.19 | 20:15

Afternoon rainstorm hits Macedonia

The forecast afternoon storm is rolling over Macedonia. Temperatures have dropped signifncantly and rains and thunderstorms are reported across the country. Saturday should be calmer, warmer and more stable, but on Sunday, the rains will pick up again, forecasters says.

Macedonia 23.05.19 | 14:46

Afternoon storms expected over the coming days

A new storm is expected this afternoon, with strong rains and thunderstorms, especially in the north and the east of Macedonia. The capital Skopje will also be affected. Similar afternoon storm is expected on Friday while Saturday will be more stable before new rains begin on Sunday and last through...

Macedonia 14.05.19 | 19:46

Storm Andrea hits Macedonia

The storm named Andrea made its appearance over Macedonia today, after soaking much of the rest of the Balkans in the previous days. Thunderstorms and rains were reported across the country, accompanied by strong winds The storm will continue throughout the week, with frequent rains and temperatures...

Macedonia 13.05.19 | 11:06

Storm Andrea set to pound Macedonia

A spring storm making rounds across the Balkans is expected to hit Macedonia today, bringing rains and thunderstorms. Between 50 and 100 liters of rain per square meter are expected in the Western parts of the country which could cause flooding. The storm named Andrea already pounded Bosnia, Croatia...

Macedonia 23.04.19 | 18:24

Dust storm over Macedonia

An unusual dust storm covered much of Macedonia today, as southern winds brought sand and dust which covered cars and homes. We are talking about a major transport of dust which will persist, even intensify in the coming days, said meteorologist Slavco Poposki. Temperatures will also begin to rise quickly...