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Macedonia 15.02.20 | 15:54

Struga police files charges against the killers of notorious mafia boss Dilaver Bojku – Leku

Struga police issued criminal charges against two men suspected of killing notorious prostitution boss Dilaver Bojku – Leku. The two were named as K.L. (33), who is suspected of killing Bojku, and his accomplice E.O. (39), both from the village of Livada near Struga. Bojku (58) was gunned down...

Macedonia 04.01.20 | 19:53

Young couple of Albanians from Struga killed in Melbourne, the wife’s father is the main suspect

A young couple of ethnic Albanians who originate from Struga in Macedonia were found killed in Melbourne, Australia. Veton Musai (29) and his wife Lindita (25) were found badly injured with gunshot wounds. Lindita’s father was also found injured, and the police suspects him of killing his daughter...

Macedonia 12.12.19 | 18:59

Osmani turns somber, says EU relations are too complex and outcomes are difficult to predict

Deputy Prime Minister Bujar Osmani, who is tasked with advancing EU integration, struck a somber note today during a lecture in Struga. Osmani told the participants at the event that the “relations within the EU itself are complex” and outcomes are “not easy to predict”, but that...

Macedonia 04.09.19 | 11:46

Albanian man would steal cars in Macedonia, drive them across the border to sell them

Albanian police arrested a 53 year old man living in the border region with Macedonia, near Struga, on the charge that he was organizing vehicle theft in Macedonia. The cars would be stolen in Macedonia and then driven across the hills on the border to Albania, where they would be sold. The Albanian...

Macedonia 03.08.19 | 08:17

Struga developer cheated by Boki 13 asks for his 223.000 EUR back, with interest

Telma TV reports that a Struga based construction company, which paid 223.000 EUR to Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13 in 2018, was hoping that he will use his clout to secure a lucrative development permit. After Boki 13 failed to deliver, the company reportedly asked for its money back, with interest. On...

Macedonia 31.07.19 | 10:07

Two police officers were nearly lynched in Struga on Monday

Two police officers were nearly lynched by a mob in Struga on Monday afternoon. Local police has downplayed the incident, issuing just a vague press report, saying that three men aged 29 to 38 were arrested for obstructing police officials from carrying out their duties. Eyewitnesses say that the two...

Macedonia 31.07.19 | 09:59

Albanian citizen swallows a small pack of drugs in front of Struga border officers

An Albanian citizen swallowed a pack containing a white powdery substance while he was being searched by police at the Struga border crossing. The 45 year old man was travelling with two younger men on Wednesday evening when the Macedonian customs officers asked to look into his vehicle. The man pulled...

Macedonia 28.07.19 | 12:40

Officers filmed demanding money from Albanian seasonal workers to enter Macedonia

A video shared online shows Macedonia guards at the Struga border crossing asking for money from ethnic Albanian seasonal workers going to Macedonia. The officers were asking each man to pay 10 EUR to cross the border. According to the Infomax news site, this lead to an investigation against three officers.

Macedonia 23.07.19 | 21:28

The Government calls on Ohrid and Struga to order a temporary ban on all new construction

The Macedonian Government called on the municipalities of Struga and Ohrid to declare a temporary ban on new development, until a plan to manage the unique natural and cultural treasures of the region is prepared. Prime Minister Zoran Zaev announced that he will even assume the right to approve new construction...

Macedonia 19.07.19 | 14:05

Mayor Merko officially informs Zaev that issuing construction permits in Struga is his responsibility now

The city of Struga officially informed the Macedonian Government that Mayor Ramiz Merko is giving up his authority related to construction and development in the city. Merko initially informed that he is undertaking this unusual move due to death threats aimed at him, and now he says that he just wants...

Macedonia 18.07.19 | 18:28

Mayor Merko says he gives up on running the city of Struga after receiving a death threat

Ramiz Merko, the Mayor of Struga announced today that he is giving up on all his authority related to the management of the city because he received a death threat. Merko called on the Zaev Government to take over the management of the city and said that he has reported the death threat to the police....

Macedonia 04.07.19 | 14:10

Female Dutch tourist found dead in Struga

A 27 year old female tourist from the Netherlands was found dead in a hotel room in Struga yesterday. Local police said that the woman was part of a group of tourists and that there were no signs of violence on her body. An autopsy has been ordered.

Macedonia 17.06.19 | 10:32

Powerful storm hits Struga

A powerful storm hit Struga on Sunday afternoon, snapping trees and ripping out tin roofs. The strong wind was accompanied by thunder and pouring rain. No injuries were reported. Summer storms and hail were also reported in Strumica, Kavadarci, Debar and Demir Hisar. An afternoon storm is possible on...

Macedonia 21.05.19 | 19:20

Struga hospital surgery department closed after half of its employees contracted measles

The surgery department in the Struga hospital was shut down today due to a measles outbreak. A full half of all employees contracted measles, the hospital management informed. It’s the latest outbreak of the infectious disease in Struga, which badly affected local hospital workers. Patients in...

Macedonia 08.05.19 | 20:26

Mass procession in Struga – people come out to welcome the relic of St. George

Masses of people in Struga welcomed the holy relic of St. George, kept in the St. George the Victorious church near Debar. The procession moved along the Crn Drim river and through the Struga bazaar. The event is held in honor of the feast of St. George. The annual event has been growing in popularity...

Macedonia 20.04.19 | 16:18

Boy from Struga who spent four years in an induced coma is graduating high school

Jovan Koloski, a kid from Struga who was in an induced coma for four years, is graduating high school to the delight of his family and the entire city. Jovan contracted a rare form of NMDAR encephalitis in 2008. Fevers turned into powerful seizures, for which he even had to be restrained. Next year he...

Macedonia 19.04.19 | 21:43

Pendarovski presents himself as the pro – multicultural, pro – EU and NATO candidate

SDSM – DUI presidential candidate Stevo Pendarovski finishes his pre-election campaign in Struga and Ohrid, where he again presented himself as the candidate who will accomplish EU and NATO membership and will best represent the minority ethnic communities in Macedonia. Struga has a long tradition...

Macedonia 26.03.19 | 17:42

Measles epidemic declared in Struga

A measles epidemic was declared in Struga, after 24 patients were diagnosed with he disease, which hit the Struga hospital especially hard with seven employees now infected. We are appealing to the parents to vaccinate their children in accordance with the recommended calendar. The best protection against...

Macedonia 25.03.19 | 15:45

Main Struga hospital closed for visitors after seven employees contract measles

All outside visits to the Struga hospital have been banned after the number of doctors and nurses who contracted measles increased to seven. Four additional employees are under observation after developing some symptoms. The employees are treated in the infectious diseases department in near-by Ohrid....

Macedonia 24.03.19 | 16:17

Another large fire near lake Struga, was likely planted

Citizens and environmentalist groups from Struga and Ohrid are warning that more fires are being started each week in the reeds along lake Ohrid. This is often done by developers, who plant fires in order to clear the beaches for construction. The latest fire was reported yesterday near the village of...