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Economy 14.01.22 | 12:53

15 companies fined for opening their stores on Sunday

Labour inspectors issued the first 15 fines to companies who did not respect the new law mandating that most stores are closed on Sundays. Of the nearly 50 stores that were inspected this weekend, 15 were fined, including one where an unregistered worker was found.

Economy 02.01.22 | 10:50

Starting today, most businesses will be closed on Sundays

The Labour inspection office issued a statement warning companies that, starting today, Sundays are a day off and that inspectors will be investigating compliance. Under the recently adopted “blue law”, companies can decide to open on Sunday, but will have to pay their workers extra. Inspectors...

Economy 20.12.21 | 20:56

Parliament adopts law ordering stores to limit work on Sundays

With 62 votes in favor, the Macedonian Parliament today adopted the proposal to make Sunday a day off – under the day, companies that open their businesses on Sundays will be forced to pay extra to their employees. Larger companies will be allowed to open for 10 hours on Sundays, while small businesses...

Economy 20.12.21 | 09:07

Sunday will be declared non-working day

Тhe Parliament of Macedonia is set to hold its 57th session, whose agenda also includes the amendments to the Law on Labor Relations in the second reading, which provide for Sunday to be declared a non-working day. The proposed legal solution is placed as a second item, and according to the explanation,...

Macedonia Economy 19.07.21 | 18:32

SDSM tries to avoid including the public in the debate on its proposal to close shops and businesses on Sunday

Members of Parliament from the VMRO-DPMNE led coalition say that the SDSM led ruling majority is refusing to allow a public debate on their proposal that shops and businesses are closed on Sunday. SDSM’s proposal is facing resistance in the public, and some industries were given exemption from...

Macedonia Economy 05.07.21 | 16:53

Labour Ministry won’t allow more businesses to be exempt from the “blue law”

Labour Minister Jagoda Sahpaska dismissed demands that more businesses are exempt from the new law that bans work on Sundays. A total of 42 branched of industry were made exempt, but some businesses, such as construction, pharmaceuticals, the dairy industry, the alcohol and soft drinks producers and...

Macedonia 03.11.20 | 17:07

Government declares Sunday non-working day

The government accepted the initiative to declare Sunday a non-working day and instructed the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy to submit a legal solution to this issue within 15 days, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev informed Tuesday on Facebook. This solution is in the interest of the citizens, Sunday should...

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