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Macedonia 20.11.20 | 17:47

Four patients die in Veles, the hospital has problems with providing oxygen treatments

The municipal crisis team in Veles states that the epidemiological situation in the city is serious and extremely critical, although the situation is gradually calming down if comparisons are made with the situation from ten days ago. The Mayor of Veles, Ace Kocevski, informed that a total of 76 patients...

Macedonia 09.11.20 | 22:05

Kumanovo forced to set up a field hospital, Veles flooded with new patients

Overflowing with Covid-19 patients, the Kumanovo hospital set up a tent which they plan to use to provide surplus room to admit the less severe cases. The Defense Ministry came to the aid of the Healthcare Ministry in preparing this improvised assistance to the hard pressed city. Due to the cold weather,...

Macedonia 29.09.20 | 16:45

Veles police investigating a reported rape

Veles police is investigating a rape that was reported by a 24 year old woman. The woman said that the attack occurred on September 20, in a hotel in Veles and again at an outside location. The attacker was an acquaintance of her friend.

Macedonia 27.09.20 | 14:06

Charges filed against ten illegal loggers who attacked and injured police officers

Ten of the men who attacked a police patrol on the Veles – Prilep road earlier this week have been detained. Two of the five police officers involved in the incident were seriously injured as they were trying to stop a large group of illegal loggers from stealing firewood. The loggers were stopped...

Macedonia 25.09.20 | 09:58

Two officers injured by group of illegal wood loggers near Veles

Two police officers have sustained serious injuries yesterday after being attacked by a group that was illegally cutting down trees in the village of Stepanci near Veles. A group of officers were sent to patrol the area when they came upon a group of unauthorized loggers who attacked them. One of the...

Macedonia 16.08.20 | 14:46

Local road built to placate villagers ahead of the elections is falling apart

Local authorities in Veles completely botched the construrction of the road to the village of Slivnik. After spending a solid 650.000 EUR for the five kilometer stretch barely a year ago, villagers say that the road is literally disintegrating. The road featured in the pre-election campaigns of local...

Macedonia 07.08.20 | 16:58

Rescuers still looking for man who fell into the Vardar river

Rescuers are searching for a man who yesterday fell into the Vardar river at the village of Belestevica near Veles. The man was helping pull a vehicle of the EVN energy company that was stuck in the river with his tractor when he was carried out by the swollen river. The incident happened on Thursday...

Macedonia 24.07.20 | 20:58

Judge who defied the Zaev regime put on trial

The trial of judge Vladimir Pancevski began at the Veles court today. Pancevski was targeted by the Zaev regime for his refusal to allow that illegal wiretaps are used as evidence in court, while he was head of the Skopje court where Zaev’s prosecutors initiated trials against a number of VMRO-DPMNE...

Macedonia 15.07.20 | 17:16

Veles man tried to bribe a sick person to vote with a 1,000 denars

Veles police intervened when a citizen reported that a man offered a 1.000 denars to his sick relative to vote for a party. The officers seized the money and are questioning everybody involved. The incident was reported by the guardian of the sick person.

Macedonia 14.07.20 | 12:32

Election tampering in Veles as citizens report receiving irregular welfare payments

Citizens from Veles are reporting a case of election violations, as several hundred families who are welfare recipients received additional 2.000 denars via mail today. The move comes directly ahead of the early general elections, when irregular distribution of subsidies, aid and welfare payments is...

Macedonia 08.07.20 | 10:03

Mickoski: Those who respect us will respect our native Macedonian language

The leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski said Tuesday in Veles said that these are elections that choose between injustice and crime, on the one hand and justice, honesty, upright and proud Macedonia, on the other. These are elections when we decide on the future of our families, elections in which...

Macedonia 07.07.20 | 21:22

Former President Ivanov campaigns with Igor Janusev in Veles

Former President Gjorge Ivanov campaigned in Veles today, along with the head of the regional list for VMRO-DPMNE Igor Janusev. Ivanov and Janusev met with bishop Agatangel of Vardar and visited the home of poet Kosta Racin. We are here to put an end to apathy, the humiliations and the policy of bending...

Macedonia 11.06.20 | 11:35

Migrant killed in a railway accident near Veles

An man, presumed to be an illegal migrant, was killed in a railway accident south of Veles early this morning. Migrants who enter Macedonia from Greece frequently follow the railway line knowing that it will lead them straight north to Serbia, but the practice is dangerous even with the slow moving trains....

Economy 10.06.20 | 12:19

Almost 10% more unemployed in Veles in the last 2 months

The shoes in front of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia remained from the black campaign. Promises of life were forgotten overloaded by criminal tenders. This is the reality in Veles about unemployment and the danger of continuing to emigrate. Almost 10% more unemployed in Veles in the last...

Macedonia 09.06.20 | 12:36

Migrant trafficker with 12 Afghans and Iraqis intercepted near Veles

Police arrested a 45 year old man from the village of Lojane near Kumanovo who was transporting 12 illegal migrants in a van. The arrest was made on the A1 highway near Veles. Ten of the migrants are from Afghanistan and two are Iraqis. The driver is being charged with migrant trafficking. Lojane is...

Macedonia 05.06.20 | 11:12

Prosecutors go after bishop Agatangel

Veles prosecutors announced charges against bishop Agatangel, after he called on the faithful to freely come to the churches over the weekend and honor their deceased loved ones. Macedonia is under a renewed lockdown for the Pentecost weekend – major cities like Skopje are fully locked down, while...

Macedonia 14.05.20 | 11:47

Baby injured in a car accident near Veles

A three months old baby is among those injured when a car crashed out of the road near Veles and into a railway track where it was then hit by a train. The baby and the driver suffered heavy injuries, while the mother of the baby and tow other persons who were in the car are lightly injured in the initial...

Macedonia 07.05.20 | 13:05

Covid-19 patient dies during emergency transport from Veles to Skopje

A 70 year old coronavirus patient from Veles who was treated in the local hospital for several days died during an emergency transport to Skopje. The Healthcare Ministry informed that the man took a turn for the worse and his doctor decided to send him to the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Skopje, but...

Macedonia 21.04.20 | 18:51

Elderly mother and her disabled son from Veles died in March, three to five weeks before the bodies were found

Veles police, which is investigating the coronavirus death of an elderly woman and her disabled son informed the public that the two died some time in March. Neighbors told the police that they feared the reclusive two died all the way back in January. As the coronavirus was detected on the body of the...

Macedonia 15.04.20 | 21:04

Lab technicians from Veles forced into self-isolation after drawing blood from patients who lied about their exposure to the virus

Four lab technicians in the Veles hospital were forced to self-isolate after several patients failed to disclose that they were in contact with Covid-19 patients. The technicians took blood from the patients who made false statements that they haven’t been in touch with people suffering from the...