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Macedonia 30.08.23 | 19:21

Dispute over Education Ministry’s attempt to form an additional Albanian language class in Veles

A dispute between the Education Ministry and the management of the “Koco Racin” high school in Veles is taking on an ethnic angle, as the Albanian led Ministry demands that the school accepts Albanian pupils who did not meet the criteria. Unlike trade schools, the gymnasium style high school...

Macedonia 23.08.23 | 13:56

Mickoski in Veles: The VMRO-DPMNE government will belong to all citizens

The ruling parties’ response to all VMRO-DPMNE’s initiatives in the past three years has always been negative, without exception, Regretfully, that is the government we have, VMRO-DPMNE leader, Hristijan Mickoski, told the citizens of Veles during his Wednesday visit to the city. “However,...

Macedonia 16.08.23 | 18:41

Lake Mladost near Veles is not safe to swim in

Veles local authorities issued a ban on swimming in lake Mladost. The last lab test of the waters was conducted on August 11th and it showed higher concentrations of several bacteria at several locations. Tests will be conducted continuously and the public will be informed about the quality of the water.

Macedonia 15.08.23 | 20:28

Skopje Appeals Court defends decision to half prison sentence for drunk driver who killed a little girl

The Skopje Appeals Court issued a statement defending the recent verdict against a motorist from Veles who killed an 11 year old girl. Magdalena Ivanova was killed on a pedestrian crossing while her mother was injured by the driver, who was drunk and fled the scene. The local court handed him a sentence...

Macedonia 07.08.23 | 18:52

Anger in Veles after the court reduces sentence for drunk driver who killed a little girl

Anger in Veles after the Appeals Court in Skopje reduced the sentence to the driver who in December killed 11 year old girl Magdalena Ivanova. The driver, Angelce Nikolov, was sentenced to 18 years in prison. He was driving while drunk and fled the scene of the incident that he caused, after hitting...

Macedonia 17.06.23 | 15:55

Landslide blocking the road between Veles and Prilep has been cleared

Traffic between Veles and Prilep has been normalized, after the road was blocked due to landslides and flooding yesterday evening. Macedonia was hit by strong rains that caused flooding in several cities and slides that blocked a number of roads, the most important of them being the already badly worn...

Macedonia 05.06.23 | 20:58

Mickoski: It is time for pact on national and state unity

DUI holds PM Kovacevski hostage, because they are the real masters of the Government, masters of the crime, and masters of other people’s destinies, the VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski said on Monday. “And that is why I am standing here, telling you that I will do anything in my power...

Sport 11.04.23 | 22:16

Volleyball: Incident during the game between Borec and Shkendija

Fans of the Shkendija volleyball team caused an incident during their game against Borec from Veles yesterday evening. The Albanian nationalist fan group threw items on the pitch and even Shkendija players joined in. One police officer and one Shkendija player were injured in the ruckus.

Macedonia 05.04.23 | 08:15

Serious landslide blocks the Skopje – Veles highway

A major landslide blocked the Skopje – Veles highway yesterday evening near the village of Sopot. Dozens of cars were blocked on the key highway and had to use a dirt road to leave the highway. Trucks remained stuck.

Macedonia 25.02.23 | 18:42

Mickoski: Veles is changing and developing, regardless of the fact that the government doesn’t help the municipalities run by VMRO-DPMNE mayors

As you can see, even with these limited resources, Veles is under construction. Veles is getting a new image, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, said on Saturday in Veles. I just want to congratulate Marko, congratulate the administration, and the people who are part of Marko’s team...

Macedonia 05.01.23 | 12:13

Mickoski: Mega investments in Veles worth 200 million denars, after several decades the city will get a modern indoor market

Mega investments in Veles worth 200 million denars, after several decades the city will get a modern indoor market, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski announced on Facebook.

Macedonia 11.12.22 | 21:24

Scandal in Veles: Professor attacked by a student in “Jovce Teslickov” high school!!!

Kanal 5 TV published a video showing a student harassing a professor. According to the TV, it is about an event that happened in October 2019, the attacked professor has the initials B.S., and the director at that time was the person O.K., who, according to the source, did not take appropriate measures! The...

Macedonia 01.12.22 | 10:12

Veles hasn’t had a dermatologist for five months: State to change its law, not all doctors can move to Skopje

The residents of Veles have not been able to receive health care from a dermatologist at the General Hospital in Veles for five months. The only doctor is on sick leave for several months, and the patients are referred to a specialist in Skopje. The spokesperson of the General Hospital, Dr. Elena Levkova...

Macedonia 02.11.22 | 13:14

The marijuana seized near Veles yesterday was brought from Albania and was meant for the Turkish market

The Interior Ministry revealed details about the drug raid that took place on the Veles – Skopje highway yesterday. A total of 67 kilograms of marijuana, worth about 250,000 EUR on the black market, were seized from a 46 year old man from Skopje. th man was intercepted while driving toward Skopje,...

Macedonia 01.11.22 | 20:42

Drugs worth 250,000 EUR seized in a raid on the Skopje – Veles highway

Police seized drugs worth 250,000 EUR on the Skopje – Veles highway today. The Interior Ministry informed that the drugs were found in a Volkswagen car driven by a man from Skopje. No other details are begin revealed now and the police said that the raid is still on-going.

Macedonia 26.10.22 | 22:09

Mickoski in Veles: VMRO-DPMNE remains the most organized and largest political force that resists and will change the most disastrous government in the country

Tonight I was at a meeting with the Veles Municipal Committee. VMRO-DPMNE remains the most organized and largest political force that resists and will change the most disastrous government in the country, and then they will be responsible for all crimes, secret properties, broilo and desertion affairs...

Macedonia 01.05.22 | 17:32

Thunder strikes building in Veles, small fire reported

A thunderbolt struck a residential building in Veles today, causing fire. The incident happened near an elementary school, and the fire broke out at the top floor. There were no serious injuries. Two people suffered from smoke inhalation.

Macedonia 29.03.22 | 16:53

Man from Veles charged with keeping child porn on his phone

Veles prosecutors charged a 22 year old man for keeping child pornography on his phone. The materials were downloaded from a controversial Telegram group – Public Room – in which hundreds of people were sharing pictures, contact details and gossip about often underage girls. The materials...

Macedonia 16.10.21 | 22:35

Party office kept open in Veles in violation of the electoral law

Reporters in Veles filmed activists from a ruling party in Veles as they kept their party office open on the day of official electoral silence. Parties are forbidden from campaigning on Saturday and on Sunday until the close of the polling station. But a number of similar violations from the ruling parties...

Macedonia 10.10.21 | 11:00

Mickoski: Politicians should be people with virtue and honor, they should not be people that the people is ashamed of

Politicians should be a mirror of the people. They should be people with virtue, honor, ready to lead and fight for their own people, said Hristijan Mickoski at Saturday’s rally in Veles. People whose keep their promises, and who know what they are saying and doing. These should not be people that...