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Film 07.06.19 | 13:55

Russia is planning its own Chernobyl series – blaming the CIA

HBO’s Chernobyl has been arguably the biggest TV hit of 2019 so far. While the Game of Thrones swansong got, well, a mixed reaction, response to the miniseries about the infamous nuclear disaster has received an almost universally positive reaction. The show has not gone down well with the Russia...

Macedonia 06.06.19 | 15:01

Zaev optimist on date of accession negotiations

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said Thursday that the country is a shining example in the region, producing a track record in reforms and closing all open issues with neighbors while expressing optimism over a date for the start of accession negotiations. I believe I am Zoran Zaev the optimist you know and...

Macedonia 06.06.19 | 11:09

Gruevski: Time showed who was right

Former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski posted a video of his speech in Parliament on the day the government of Zoran Zaev was voted. In his comment, Gruevski writes that what he said then is being proved two years later. VMRO-DPMNE was in power for almost 11 years. It made a lot of reforms and a big...

Macedonia 05.06.19 | 19:33

Arsovski: People’s money is being spent on Zaev’s suspicious advisers

It is the second day that Zoran Zaev is silent and does not tell the public what kind of advise Andrej Manev gives for 40,000 denars monthly fee ?, said Dimitar Arsovski at Wednesday’s press conference. He said that “It is the second day that Zoran Zaev is silent and does not tell the citizens...

Macedonia 04.06.19 | 10:36

Never North, always Macedonia!

Skopje Vardar is a European champion. Exhausted, excited, with a hoarse voice, Vardar handball players congratulated the title to their fans, and they responded by chanting “Champion, Champion!”. Although the celebration was below the level of success, on Monday night it was an honor to be...

Handball 03.06.19 | 23:21

LIVE STREAM from Macedonia Square

Handball 03.06.19 | 22:18

LIVE STREAM: Vardar champions are coming

Vardar handball players landed at the Skopje airport, where they were welcomed by their fans and supporters, they already boarded the bus and are headed to Macedonia square, where thousands of people are waiting for them. Watch live here

Macedonia 03.06.19 | 22:07

Thousands gather to welcome EHF’s champion Vardar

Thousands of fans and supporters have gathered on Macedonia square to welcome the players of Europe’s handball champion, Vardar.

Macedonia 03.06.19 | 21:50

Here are the CHAMPIONS – live stream

Handball 03.06.19 | 21:35

EHF releases a 60-second video of Vardar’s fairy tale in Cologne

Words can’t describe what RK Vardar lived this past weekend. So many emotions on court, so many unbelievable fan moments…, reads the description of the video.

Handball 03.06.19 | 20:34

Video of atmosphere at Skopje airport, people shout Vardar champion!

Handball 03.06.19 | 19:55

Live stream of fans waiting for Vardar team to land at Skopje airport

The atmosphere is heated, the faithful fans of the Macedonian and European champion Vardar are eagerly waiting for the plane carrying the Vardar team from Cologne to arrive. According to the announcements, the plane should land at 20:30 h.

Macedonia 02.06.19 | 13:59

The EC report showed that Zaev is the reason we are behind Rwanda and Swaziland

With the Zaev government, Macedonia is sinking into corruption and crime, and it is not only noticed by VMRO-DPMNE and the citizens, but it is also noticed by the European Commission and relevant international sources, VMRO-DPMNE’s Aleksandar Nacev said at Sunday’s press conference. The Commission’s...

Handball 01.06.19 | 21:16

Stojance Stoilov’s goal for explosion in Cologne

The last goal that Stojance Stoilov scored for exposition in Cologne.

Macedonia 01.06.19 | 15:20

Mickoski: If tsunami happened to the world, Zoran Zaev happened to Macedonia for two years

On this very day, exactly two years ago, people had faith that Zoran Zaev would bring a better time. For many people, this day was a day of hope for many, of promises that created expectations, desires for life, clean air, 500 euro salaries, a promise for a European future. Despite all the suspicions...

Macedonia 31.05.19 | 14:41

El Cheka to the public: If something happens to me, commander Sokoli, Valon Zeka and Shek Halac will be responsible

El Cheka, the pseudonym of the man who releases the bombs, addressed the public in a video message. He said they would not stop releasing bombs until there was an international investigation into the Divo Naselje case. I got the tapes from Sami Ukshini (commander Sokoli), Valon Zeka and Shek Halaci who...

Economy 31.05.19 | 12:46

Mickoski: We have the worst result in foreign investments in the last 10 years

The defeats and scams of Zoran Zaev and SDSM government are becoming common practice. After the disastrous level of capital investments realized in the first 4 months, the figures for foreign direct investments are also dire. Namely, this is the worst result in the past 10 years. Another infamous record,...

Balkans 30.05.19 | 19:54

Terrible insult by Ivan Ivanović: Only Albanians live in Macedonia

The TV host of the popular Serbian talk show “Veče sa Ivanom Ivanovićem” in the last show apparently disappointed that the Macedonian jury did not award any points to the Serbian representative in the Eurovision Song Contest, threw a terrible insult at the Macedonians! According to Ivanović,...

Balkans 28.05.19 | 11:16

Blockade breached, Kosovo’s armed forces move toward Serbian villages!

The situation in Kosovo is becoming more and more alarming, especially in the municipality of Zubin potok. Unofficial sources say that the roadblock set up by Serb citizens has been breached and Kosovo armed forces are moving towards the village of Varag. Gunshots can be heard, and people are in a panic. Serbs...

Balkans 28.05.19 | 10:10

Serbian Army and police put on alert over Kosovo events

The Serbian president has ordered the Serbian Army to be put on full combat readiness. The same has been done by the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MUP). This comes after the Kosovo police “Rosu” unit stormed the north of Kosovo and Metohija. The MUP has put its special units on full alert....