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Culture 11:26

Cultural promotion of Macedonia in New York: Mariovo Wedding Costume on video panel in Times Square

The Mariovo Wedding Costume with the slogan Macedonia: Enchanting, Engaging, Enthralling! Discover Macedonian Cultural Arts was aired on a video panel all day yesterday in the famous Times Square in New York City. 

Balkans 10:01

Around 100 miners trapped underground in Trepca

Around 100 miners were trapped inside a mine in the Kosovo’s town of Mitrovica after an alleged elevator malfunction. But authorities announced that an alternative solution has been found and miners have been rescued and are in good health. The head of the trade union of Trepca miners, Shyqyri Sadiku,...

World 12:35

Viral video shows employees who missed targets forced to crawl along road as punishment

Footage filmed in China of workers forced to crawl in the road has gone viral online with social media users blaming both the company and the workers for the display. The video, filmed in Zaozhuang City in eastern Shandong Province, shows the female workers crawling on all fours down a road, busy with...

Balkans 10:15

With the Prespa agreement we protect our Macedonia, Tsipras says in a video message

“The Prespa agreement is a historic step, not only for the two countries and the wider region, but for the whole of Europe, establishing relationships of friendship, cooperation and stability.” This is the message associated with the new video being presented via the account of the Prime...

Life 12:45

Macedonian entertaining passengers at Qatar airport

30-year-old Hristijan, who lives in Melbourne, has long been an attraction in airports worldwide. The young musician entertains people at airports around the world with his performance of world hits on the piano. Hristijan also performs traditional melodies from the Balkans. Hristijan recently entertained...

Balkans 09:49

120,000 Serbs welcome Putin in Belgrade (video)

Russian President Vladimir Putin finished his one-day visit to Serbia on Wednesday evening with a visit to the Temple of St. Sava in Belgrade, b92.net reported. A huge crowd of people, estimated by police to be about 120,000 strong, gathered in front of this Serbian Orthodox church to welcome him,...

Balkans 09:53

Serbia to take high-level security measures during Putin’s visit

The official program of the visit has not yet been confirmed. It is expected, however, that Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit the government complex of the Palace of Serbia, the largest Orthodox Church of Saint Sava and the memorial to Russian soldiers in the Serbian capital, Sputnik reports. On...

Life 14:37

We do not smoke here in the White House – Lucky you!

The President of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito, was a guest of the United States in 1971, and was greeted there with the greatest honors. During a meeting with Nixon, in a room full of journalists and photo reporters, Tito lighted a Cuban cigar! The move was provocative...

World 16:07

Scientist eaten alive by crocodile at Indonesian laboratory

A scientist has been eaten by a 16-foot crocodile after she reportedly slipped and fell into the giant predator’s enclosure. Deasy Tuwo, 44, is thought to have died on Friday while attempting to feed the animal at the CV Yosiki Laboratory in the village of Ranowangko on Indonesia’s North Sulawesi...

Life 14:38

Gillette ad takes on ‘toxic masculinity’ in #MeToo rebrand, provoking a backlash

For three decades, Gillette promised its customers “The Best a Man Can Get.” An individual. Acquisitive. Assertive. And always clean-shaven. This was the vision of masculinity depicted in an ad campaign that debuted in January 1989 during Super Bowl XXIII. The early days of the George H.W. Bush administration...

Culture 15:52

Standing ovations for pianist Simon Trpceski in New York

Standing ovations at the Lincoln Center. Another triumph with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and maestro Jakub Hrůša. “It is a wonderful feeling to be here again”, maestro Simon Trpceski wrote on Facebook following his performance in New York. He also shared a video of the event.

Other sports 15:30

Rafael Nadal wakes up journalist in Australian Open press conference

Rafael Nadal stopped his Australian Open press conference to wake up a journalist who fell asleep this morning. Nadal battled past James Duckworth in his opening match with a 6-4, 6-3, 7-5 victory, express.co.uk reports. The Spaniard is hoping to put recent injury woes behind him with a strong showing...

Film 11:07

Game of Thrones season 8 trailer: Jon Snow, Sansa, Arya prepare for battle, as icy death is teased

As promised HBO released the first teaser trailer for the hotly anticipated final season of Game of Thrones, on the heels of the season 3 premiere of True Detective. The one-and-a-half minute teaser appears to have been created independently of the show, and were that to be true, it would mean that we...

World 09:54

Polish mayor ‘stabbed on stage’ during major charity event

A mayor in Poland has been stabbed while on stage at a charity event in what has been described as an act of “inexcusable barbarity”. Pawel Adamowicz, who is the mayor of Gdansk, was attacked in front of hundreds of onlookers during the finale event in the city in aid of the Great Orchestra...

World 10:09

Yellow vest protests hit with police water cannon, tear gas in Paris

Paris police fired water cannon and tear gas to push back “yellow vest” demonstrators from around the Arc de Triomphe monument on Saturday, in the ninth straight weekend of protests against French President Emmanuel Macron’s economic reforms, Reuters reported. Thousands of protesters in Paris marched...

Balkans 12:06

German Chancellor Angela Merkel sparks violent clash in Athens

Protesters have clashed with police in Athens during a demonstration against German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s two-day visit to Greece. The riots were sparked by the German Chancellor’s arrival in Athens on Thursday for talks with Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. #Breaking: Police disperses...

Life 11:08

Teacher charged after video shows boy with autism being dragged through school

A teacher has been charged with assault after a video showed her dragging a 9-year-old boy with autism through the halls of a Kentucky school. Kentucky State Police “opened an investigation into teacher Trina Abrams,” Senior Trooper David Boarman said, adding she has “been charged with...

Life 09:57

Ski-route from Kicevo to Ohrid – a new challenge for the Macedonians

Last night one could barely drive on the Ohrid-Kicevo highway. The road was covered with snow, the services were not out on the ground at all. The irresponsibility of the authorities left the road in a risky situation for citizens who had to drive through here. (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs =...

Music 15:28

Susan Boyle makes talent show return in US

Susan Boyle may have risen to fame on Britain’s Got Talent, but her recent appearance on the American version of the show has got everyone talking. She performed her cover of Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones on America’s Got Talent: The Champions on Monday night. Boyle received the show’s...

Life 10:59

Baby Chanco — the 1-year-old whose amazing mane went viral — is now a full-blown hair model!

It’s been eight months since Baby Chanco made her hair-raising debut to the world, and the adorable Japanese baby girl — and her impressive mane — are now the stars of a new Pantene ad. Chanco, who turned 1 year old on December 23, has amassed more than 300,000 followers on Instagram since the...