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Macedonia 03.09.23 | 10:22

Rain and start of fall weather expected next week

A rainstorm is expected tomorrow and forecasters predict it will reduce temperatures by 10 degrees. Rains will begin on Sunday evening and will last through Monday. Temperatures will again pick up on Tuesday, but will be below the current heatwave conditions.

Macedonia 26.08.23 | 10:05

Heatwave continues, temperatures will reach up to 38 degrees

Citizens are warned to expect scorching temperatures today, as the august heatwave continues to envelop the country. Temperature highs will range between 31 and 38 degrees, and the UV index will reach 8. Some relief will come in the southern parts of Macedonia in the afternoon, where there is a chance...

Macedonia 09.08.23 | 19:49

Strong rains expected before a new heatwave

Forecasters expect strong rains starting this evening and Thursday at noon. The weather will stabilize on Friday, the forecast predicts, and then temperatures will begin to go up again. Next week Macedonia can expect to see high temperatures again.

Macedonia 04.08.23 | 12:48

Heatwave reaches its peak, temperatures will hit 40

As forecasters predicts rain and colder weather on Sunday, today temperatures are reaching their peak. Much of Macedonia will see daily highs between 34 and 40 degrees Centigrade. Citizens are warned to stay indoors and remain hydrated.

World 19.07.23 | 17:22

Half the planet is affected by extreme heatwave

The northern hemisphere is affected by an extremely hot summer. The United Nations inform that temperatures are at record highs and warn that strong heatwaves should be expected in the future as well. According to UN experts, the El Nino effect will only contribute to this issue. They say that the frequency...

Macedonia 13.07.23 | 12:14

Heatwave: Macedonia placed under an orange alert

An orange alert has been declared in Macedonia, as daily temperature highs are expected to reach 40 degrees today and in the coming days. All the regions in the country are affected. The alert means that pregnant women and chronically ill workers are exempt from going to work. Some events that take place...

Macedonia 04.06.23 | 08:57

Major storm and a drop in temperatures are expected

Weather forecasters are warning about a major storm and very unstable weather, with a significant drop in temperatures. Flash floods are possible, says meterologist Slavco Poposk, who believes that the drop in temperatures can be expected after June 10th. The early stage of the storm can be expected...

Macedonia 21.05.23 | 10:18

Storm expected in the afternoon

A storm is expected in the afternoon today, with strong rains and wind. Temperatures will drop to between 7 and 14 degrees. The capital Skopje will see a calm morning, but in the afternoon we can expect the arrival of the storm. The coming days will also have intermittent rains and wind.

Macedonia 02.04.23 | 09:19

Forecasters expect several days of cold and rainy weather

A wet front is expected in the afternoon today, with serious drops in temperatures that will go as low as 7 degrees. On Monday, we can expect strong rain and even snow, followed by three days of cold and windy weather.

Life 27.03.23 | 08:53

Cloudy with intermittent showers

Cloudy with intermittent showers. Some places will see thundestorms and heavy wind from the south in the afternoon. Strong gusts from the north in the evening and overnight will bring light snow to higher elevations. Lows will range between 3°C and 11°C and highs between 13°C and 19°C. Similar weather...

Macedonia 18.03.23 | 09:05

Forecast: Warm and sunny days ahead

Forecasters are predicting the end of winter, and sunny and warm days ahead. Temperatures today and in the coming days, will reach up to 17 degrees, with weak to moderate wind. This stable spring weather will continue over the next week.

Life 16.02.23 | 09:13

Sunny weather with maximum temperature of 15°C

A chilly morning will give way to a warmer, sunny day, with a breeze from the southwest. Lows will range between -8°C and 2°C, and highs between 8°C and 15°C. Similar weather in Skopje, with temperatures up to 11°C.

Life 02.02.23 | 09:29

Sunny weather with few clouds, light snowfall likely in the afternoon and overnight

Sunny with a few clouds and a light to moderate wind from the west. Light snowfall is likely in the afternoon and overnight. Lows will range between -6°C and 0°C, and highs between 5°C and 12°C. Similar weather in Skopje, with temperatures up to 10°C.

Life 08.01.23 | 10:08

Sunny weather with temperatures up to 15C

Weather will be sunny and slightly overcast, accompanied by light to moderate south winds. Temperatures will range between 8C and 15C. Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures up to 11C.

Life 21.12.22 | 09:56

Cold but sunny weather

Cold in the morning with fog in the ravines. Mostly sunny during the day, accompanied by light southeasterly winds. Temperatures to range between 5C and 11C. Similar weather in Skopje, with temperatures up to 6C.

Life 18.12.22 | 10:27

Overcast weather with temperatures up to 13C

Weather will be overcast accompanied by moderate to strong north winds. Temperatures will range between 8C and 13C. Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures up to 9C.

Life 20.11.22 | 10:04

Overcast skies, rain expected in the afternoon

Overcast skies and rain is in the forecast for Sunday. Heavier rainfall will move in the afternoon and overnight with over 25 l/m² during 24 hours. Local heavy showers (over 30 l/m² during 12 hours) and thunder are likely in country’s southeast. Expect strong wind blowing from the south, reaching...

Life 19.11.22 | 09:24

Cloudy with sunny breaks, rain expected later in the day

Slightly cloudy and relatively warm day ahead with some sunny breaks. Intermittent rain will follow later in the day and overnight. Expect moderate to strong wind blowing from the south. Lows will range between 3 C and 8 C and highs between 17 C and 21 C. Similar weather in Skopje, with temperatures...

Macedonia 06.11.22 | 12:42

Wet front over Macedonia

After weeks of a warm and dry autumn, Macedonia is now under a wet front. The south, especially the area of Demir Kapija, saw up to 63 liters of rain per square meter. Krusevo and the broader Pelagonija region also saw a lot of rain. Temperatures are also dropping slightly, and are expected to reach...

Life 01.06.22 | 09:43

Partly sunny weather with temperatures up to 34C

Partly sunny with a chance of afternoon rain showers, especially in eastern parts of the country. Lows will range from 8C to 16C and highs between 27C and 34C. UV index will be 8. Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures up to 33C.