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Life 02.02.23 | 09:29

Sunny weather with few clouds, light snowfall likely in the afternoon and overnight

Sunny with a few clouds and a light to moderate wind from the west. Light snowfall is likely in the afternoon and overnight. Lows will range between -6°C and 0°C, and highs between 5°C and 12°C. Similar weather in Skopje, with temperatures up to 10°C.

Life 08.01.23 | 10:08

Sunny weather with temperatures up to 15C

Weather will be sunny and slightly overcast, accompanied by light to moderate south winds. Temperatures will range between 8C and 15C. Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures up to 11C.

Life 21.12.22 | 09:56

Cold but sunny weather

Cold in the morning with fog in the ravines. Mostly sunny during the day, accompanied by light southeasterly winds. Temperatures to range between 5C and 11C. Similar weather in Skopje, with temperatures up to 6C.

Life 18.12.22 | 10:27

Overcast weather with temperatures up to 13C

Weather will be overcast accompanied by moderate to strong north winds. Temperatures will range between 8C and 13C. Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures up to 9C.

Life 20.11.22 | 10:04

Overcast skies, rain expected in the afternoon

Overcast skies and rain is in the forecast for Sunday. Heavier rainfall will move in the afternoon and overnight with over 25 l/m² during 24 hours. Local heavy showers (over 30 l/m² during 12 hours) and thunder are likely in country’s southeast. Expect strong wind blowing from the south, reaching...

Life 19.11.22 | 09:24

Cloudy with sunny breaks, rain expected later in the day

Slightly cloudy and relatively warm day ahead with some sunny breaks. Intermittent rain will follow later in the day and overnight. Expect moderate to strong wind blowing from the south. Lows will range between 3 C and 8 C and highs between 17 C and 21 C. Similar weather in Skopje, with temperatures...

Macedonia 06.11.22 | 12:42

Wet front over Macedonia

After weeks of a warm and dry autumn, Macedonia is now under a wet front. The south, especially the area of Demir Kapija, saw up to 63 liters of rain per square meter. Krusevo and the broader Pelagonija region also saw a lot of rain. Temperatures are also dropping slightly, and are expected to reach...

Life 01.06.22 | 09:43

Partly sunny weather with temperatures up to 34C

Partly sunny with a chance of afternoon rain showers, especially in eastern parts of the country. Lows will range from 8C to 16C and highs between 27C and 34C. UV index will be 8. Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures up to 33C.

Macedonia 14.05.22 | 09:30

Storm expected today

Forecasters are warning about rain today, especially in the afternoon, with chances of thunder, strong winds and hail. Temperatures will range between 21 and 29 degrees at their peak.

Macedonia 07.05.22 | 09:56

Warm and sunny weekend expected

Weather forecasters are predicting a warm and sunny weekend. Daily highs will reach between 18 and 24 degrees. The capital Skopje will see highs of 23 degrees. Next week we can also expect warm weather but with rains in the afternoons.

Macedonia 20.03.22 | 11:42

Forecasters expect a warm and sunny week

Weather forecasters predict that the coming week will be warm and sunny, and mark the end of winter. At the start of the week, temperature highs will range between 4 and 11 degrees. At the middle of the week temperatures will begin to rise and daily highs will reach up to 20 degrees.  

Macedonia 25.01.22 | 09:40

Freezing temperatures across Macedonia

Parts of Macedonia won’t see temperatures over 0 today, as a cold snap enveloped the country.  The Mavrovo ski resort and the mountainous city of Berovo saw overnight temperatures of below 20 degrees. Traditionally warmer places like Gevgelija and Dojran were also well below zero during the night,...

Macedonia 08.01.22 | 11:08

Rainy and cold weather expected over the coming days

Forecasters are predicting a period of wet and cold weather, with temperatures ranging from between 2 and 5 degrees in the mornings and the evenings, to daily highs between 5 and 10 degrees. Lower areas can expect rain, while snow is falling or expected to fall in the mountains. Rains and the wind will...

Macedonia 02.01.22 | 10:36

Warm and sunny weather expected

The unusually warm weather continues today and will last until mid next week, forecasters say. Daily highs on Sunday will reach between 10 and 18 degrees, with a weak to moderate wind expected from the north. The capital Skopje, will see lows of 2 degrees and highs of 14 degrees. A drop in temperatures...

Life 27.12.21 | 21:36

Warmer than average temperatures for this period of the year expected in following days

Significantly overcast weather is in the forecast for the next two days in the country, according to the Hydrometeorological Service. There will be occasional local rain showers on Wednesday, and then, in the following days, the weather will be stable and warmer. Temperatures will be above average for...

Macedonia 25.12.21 | 22:14

Rainy and warmer than average period is ahead of us

Forecasters are expecting rains to start tomorrow and last at least until Wednesday. Temperatures will go up and reach up to 12 degrees tomorrow and the lows will go down to -2. It’s expected that the warmer than average temperatures may melt some of the snow that fell in the mountains over the...

Macedonia 11.12.21 | 10:28

Cold and wet weather over the weekend, temperatures will drop next week

Forecasters predict cold and rainy weather over the weekend, and then, a noticeable drop in temperatures starting next week. Over the weekend, daily highs will range between 3 and 10 degrees, and in Skopje – no higher than 5 degrees. Starting on Monday, northern winds will bring the temperatures...

Macedonia 01.12.21 | 09:30

Winter begins as morning temperatures drop well below zero

Temperatures dipped below zero overnight and Macedonia woke to the first really cold day of the winter. Daily highs will reach between 4 and 11 degrees, and lows are down to – 10. Bitola is particularly cold, as is Berovo at -8 and Popova Sapka at -7 degrees. Similar weather is expected tomorrow...

Macedonia 27.11.21 | 11:44

Cold front expected next week

Weather forecasters expect rains in the coming days, and snow in the mountains. A cold front is expected on Tuesday, when temperatures will drop significantly. Citizens can expect strong northern winds and snow during next week.

Life 17.10.21 | 09:09

Partly sunny with showers, especially in the mountains

Partly sunny with scattered showers, especially in mountainous regions. Expect low to moderate northerly winds, Lows will range from 4C to 9C and highs between 10C and 17C. Similar weather in Skopje, with temperatures up to 12C.