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Macedonia 25.09.20 | 09:38

Storm expected over the weekend

Forecasters are warning about the possibility of heavy rain over the weekend, especially on Saturday. Macedonia will be under a storm front, with strong winds and thunderstorms expected. The storm front will be over the country between Saturday and Monday, with the brunt of the rain expected on Saturday....

Macedonia 27.07.20 | 09:41

Heatwave expected to peak on Wednesday

Forecasters predict hot temperatures, up to 36 degrees Centigrade today, and a UV solar radiation index of 8. The hot weather will last throughout the week, with temperatures expected to keep rising. On Wednesday we can expect temperatures of up to 40 degrees. By Friday, we can expect afternoon rains...

Life 08.06.20 | 09:29

Temperatures up to 30C, local afternoon showers expected in the afternoon

Partly sunny with local afternoon showers in northern parts of the country. Isolated thunderstorms are expected in the afternoon. Temperatures will range between 22C and 31C. UV index will be 7. Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures up to 30C.

Life 27.04.20 | 08:56

Sunny weather across the country, rainfall expected in the afternoon

Sunny and slightly overcast across the country, accompanied by moderate southwest winds. Rainfall and some thunder can be expected in the afternoon. Temperatures will range between 14C and 25C. Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures up to 23C.

Life 21.04.20 | 09:01

Rainy weather accompanied by strong winds

Mostly cloudy and rainy on Tuesday. It is expected to rain more than 25 liters of rain per square meter in certain areas, accompanied by strong southeast winds reaching up to 70 km/h. Temperatures will range between 7C and 13C. Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures up to 12C.

Life 13.04.20 | 10:02

Sunny weather with temperatures up to 23C

The weather will be sunny on Monday across the country. Moderate to strong west winds expected in western parts and southeast winds along Povardarie region. Temperatures will range between 16C and 24C. Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures up to 23C.

Macedonia 23.03.20 | 11:35

Surprise snowstorm blankets Macedonia

An unexpected snow-storm blanketed Macedonia this morning after days of warm weather that enticed much of the public to disregard calls to stay at home to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Temperatures are 10 to 15 degrees below the average of the previous days, and a strong northern wind blows along...

Macedonia 07.02.20 | 10:21

Cold spell continues, as morning temperatures fall well below zero

The cold spell continues over Macedonia, with temperatures dropping to – 14 degrees in the mountainous village of Lazaropole. Berovo, Bitola and Mavrovo were almost just as cold, while the capital Skopje had morning temperatures at 2 degrees below zero. Dojran and Gevgelija are warmest this morning,...

Macedonia 04.02.20 | 20:49

Storm, strong winds reported across Macedonia

A storm with high winds and likely rain and snow is currently hitting Macedonia, after moving to the south across the Balkans. Citizens are warned to remain indoors, and avoid parking beneath trees. Forecasters expect a sharp drop in temperatures over the next few days.

News Macedonia 31.10.19 | 22:08

Forecast: Wet front moving toward Macedonia

Forecasters warn of a wet front moving toward the region, which can cause health issues among those suffering from meteopathic symptoms. Temperatures will climb up during this period, and localized rains are expected, especially on Monday.

Macedonia 26.10.19 | 10:33

Rains expected mid next week

The unseasonally warm, sunny and dry weather is expected to last until Tuesday. Forecasters expect a significant drop in temperatures and rains starting on Wednesday. Until then, temperatures will range between -1 overnight and daily highs of between 21 and 29 degrees.

Macedonia 07.10.19 | 13:41

Warmer weather for the remainder of the week

The cold front is expected to disperse tomorrow, and temperatures across Macedonia will go up by a few degrees. Morning lows will reach 7 degrees Centigrade, while daily highs will go up to 18 degrees. The weather is expected to remain stable, with a gradual increase in temperatures until Friday.

Life 10.09.19 | 10:19

Sunny and slightly overcast weather, possible rain in the afternoon

Weather will be sunny and slightly overcast with moderate southeast winds. Possible short rain is expected in the afternoon. Temperatures will range between 23C and 33C. Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures up to 31C.

Macedonia 09.08.19 | 17:25

Heatwave pushed temperatures toward 40, will last until mid next week

Temperatures across Macedonia are pushing at 40 today, and citizens are advised to avoid any work outside, stay in doors, cool and hydrated. Temperatures are hovering over 35 in nearly all meteorological stations, with some of the cities, such as Stip and Kavadarci, at 37 and 38 degrees. The heat is...

Macedonia 07.08.19 | 10:38

Heatwave: Macedonia under a yellow alert

Macedonia is under a yellow alert as temperatures are expected to hold in the high 30-ies, and the UV radiation index is predicted to reach 9. Throughout next week temperatures will stay the same, sunny and very hot. In some parts of the country, the alert will be raised to orange. Citizens are advised...

Macedonia 05.08.19 | 10:34

Warm and sunny day expected

Forecasters expect a warm and sunny day with a weak to moderate wind along the Vardar river valley. Daily highs across Macedonia will range between 26 and 34 degrees, and the UV solar radiation index is at 8. The capital Skopje will see a high of 31 degrees. Temperatures will increase by mid week, especially...

Macedonia 29.07.19 | 11:14

High temperatures and afternoon storms in the coming several days

Weather forecasters expect a new series of afternoon storms in the coming days, starting on Monday. Exceptionally high temperatures of up to 35 degrees and sunny weather during the day will give way to rain and winds in the early afternoon. This pattern is expected to persist until Friday.

Macedonia 18.07.19 | 10:00

Sunny weather today and for the rest of the week

Warm and sunny weather is expected today, as forecasters announce that we are out of the stormy and cloudy patch, and see proper July weather for the rest of the week. Temperatures will reach up to 33 degrees and the UV solar index is 8.

Macedonia 05.07.19 | 18:05

Warm weekend ahead but a major drop in temperatures expected mid next week

The exceptionally warm and sunny weather will last through the weekend and early next week, but starting Wednesday, forecasters are expecting a major cold and wet front which will bring temperatures down by 10 degrees. Forecaster Slavco Poposki expects temperatures between 30 and 38 degrees during the...

Macedonia 14.06.19 | 10:57

Heatwave will last until the end of the week

Macedonia remains under a heatwave and people are advised to remain at home unless necessary. The advisory especially covers the hours between 11h and 17h. Those who do go out, are advised to wear light clothes, cover their heads, wear shades and stay hydrated. People should also avoid food that easily...