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Macedonia 07.05.22 | 09:56

Warm and sunny weekend expected

Weather forecasters are predicting a warm and sunny weekend. Daily highs will reach between 18 and 24 degrees. The capital Skopje will see highs of 23 degrees. Next week we can also expect warm weather but with rains in the afternoons.

Macedonia 03.01.21 | 14:31

Infrastructure at the Popova Sapka ski resort collapses under the weight of the weekend crowds

Enormous crowds have gathered over the weekend in Popova Sapka, with lines of cars up to seven kilometers from the resort that is notorious for its lack of parking. With cross-border movement restricted and the popular ski resorts in Bulgaria harder to get to, many are flocking to Popova Sapka for skiing...

Macedonia 24.12.20 | 17:09

Forecasters expect a rainy weekend

Forecasters are expecting a serious change in weather this weekend, with strong rains and snow expected over Macedonia. The rains will begin on Friday afternoon, but will intensify on Saturday, especially in the western parts of the country. Up to 25 liters per square meter are expected. The rainstorm...

Macedonia Economy 10.10.20 | 10:52

Government declares tax free weekend to entice shoppers to spend despite huge spike in coronavirus cases

Shops and malls across Macedonia are bracing for a flood of new customers as a three day tax free weekend begins today. Until Monday, citizens can a value added tax rebate on any purchase of domestic products and any IT equipment worth a total of 30,000 denars (500 EUR). The VAT rate is 5 or 18 percent,...

Macedonia Economy 27.09.20 | 17:20

Instead of four tax free weekends, Zaev announced only one

One of the economic stimulus measures announced by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev today is to reimburse all consumers for the VAT tax they pay while buying domestic products and IT equipment during the long weekend around October 11 – the anniversary of the 1941 uprising. Zaev said that the expects...

Macedonia 08.05.20 | 18:47

The weekend curfew will begin at 19h

Evening curfew measures for this weekend will be relaxed. Most Citizens will be allowed outside on Saturday and Sunday, between 5h and 19h. The elderly, over 67 years, can go out between 5h and 12h, and those under 18 years can be out between 13h and 19h. The Government is expected to further relax its...

Macedonia 08.05.20 | 11:21

Curfew duration for the weekend to be discussed today

The increase in the number of new COVID-19 cases – 33 cases confirmed in 24 hours, most of which in Skopje (11) and Veles (nine), will be monitored these days to determine whether it is a coincidence or a variation, said the Health Minister, Venko Filipce, after a decrease in number of COVID-19...

Macedonia 10.04.20 | 10:19

Long weekend curfew begins this afternoon

A long weekend curfew begins today at 16h, when all citizens in Macedonia will be ordered to remain in their homes until Monday at 5h. The public as busily stockpiling food and medicine for the weekend. So far only the city of Kumanovo, which had a major outbreak of the coronavirus, was forced through...

Macedonia 03.04.20 | 17:26

Kumanovo placed under a full weekend lock-down

The city of Kumanovo is placed under a full lock-down for the weekend. One of Macedonia’s largest cities had an explosion of new coronavirus cases, surpassing the initial hot-spot of Debar and is now second only to Skopje in the number of infected. The city had 23 newly diagnosed cases over the...

Macedonia 25.03.20 | 17:29

Extended weekend curfew – citizens will have to clear the streets by 16h

A new curfew deadline will be in effect in Macedonia this weekend, as citizens will be banned from leaving their homes between 16h and 5h. It’s possible that this curfew will be in effect for next week as well. Currently, there is a general curfew for all citizens between 21h and 5h. Those over...

Macedonia 14.03.20 | 09:03

Forecasters expect a rainy, colder weekend

After a few days of warm, spring weather, Macedonia is in for rain and a drop in temperatures. The change in weather patterns is expected to begin Saturday afternoon and last through the weekend. Sunday will see strong rains, up to 20 liters per square meter, with chances of snow in the mountains. Starting...

Macedonia 11.07.19 | 20:31

Another storm expected over the weekend

Following the powerful storm that hit Macedonia on Wednesday evening, forecasters are warning of another similar thunderstorm approaching the country, expected to hit on Saturday evening. Again up to 30 liters of rain per square meter are expected to fall, accompanied by thunder and strong winds. Hail...

Macedonia 28.05.19 | 21:18

Another storm expected to hit on Friday

A new rainstorm is moving towards Macedonia and should hit on Friday and during the weekend. Forecasters say we can expect thunderstorms and strong wind during these days. Up to 30 liters per square meter will fall. Temperatures will continue to go up, reaching 31 degrees Centigrade, except on Friday...

Macedonia 12.04.19 | 11:03

Rainy and windy afternoons expected today and through the weekend

Unstable weather will extend into Friday and the weekend, with rains, wind and thunderstorms. On Friday, the rain and the wind are expected mostly in the afternoon. Temperatures will remain relatively high, ranging between 12 and 21 degrees. Similar weather patterns will continue until Monday.