Monday, 15 April 2024
World 15.04.24 | 22:59

One year after the war began, Paris hosts a conference on aid for Sudan

One year after a brutal conflict erupted between rival factions of Sudan’s security forces, France and Germany are spearheading an international donor conference in Paris on Monday to secure funds for urgent humanitarian aid to prevent widespread famine. French Foreign Minister Stéphane Séjourné,...

Macedonia 15.04.24 | 22:35

Osmani: We need to agree on interethnic harmony, good neighborliness, and Euro-Atlantic integration

DUI presidential candidate Bujar Osmani emphasized the importance of inter-ethnic relations, good neighborly relations, and Euro-Atlantic integration during Monday’s press conference. He referred to these three areas as “sacred pillars” that require consensus for the country’s...

Macedonia 15.04.24 | 22:16

The strike of private interns continues tomorrow

The private trainees will continue with the general strike during tomorrow. As they inform from there, the duration of the strike depends on tomorrow’s agreement of the Ministry of Health regarding the request of the interns to raise their salaries and regulate their status.This afternoon, their...

Sport 15.04.24 | 22:10

Chest clutching, Roma’s Ndicka collapses during the game, but he is not in danger

The Serie A match between Udinese and Roma was abandoned in the second half on Sunday after visiting player Evan Ndicka collapsed in the middle of the pitch in the 70th minute, clutching his chest. Shortly afterwards, he was carried off the pitch on a stretcher. The 24-year-old was conscious and gave...

News 15.04.24 | 22:05

Mickoski: These are elections in which the people will get their country back, and those from DUI and their swindlers from SDS who kidnapped and robbed it will be held accountable

These are elections in which the people should take back the state that has been hijacked by a few of the DUI and a few of their scumbags from the ranks of the SDS. This is a choice between a proud and dignified Macedonia with a decent life and the second option offered by others, which is robbed and...

Macedonia 15.04.24 | 21:53

According to Dimitrievski, constitutional amendments to alter the election of the head of state are unacceptable

Presidential candidate Maksim Dimitrievski, leader of the Movement ZNAM – For Our Macedonia, stated Monday that any proposals for constitutional changes on electing a head of state in Parliament or removing the phrase “language spoken by 20 percent” are unacceptable. He argued that removing the...

Macedonia 15.04.24 | 21:50

Xhaferi and Osmani affirm Macedonia’s support for Kosovo’s pursuit of Euro-Atlantic integration.

Caretaker Prime Minister Talat Xhaferi met with President Vjosa Osmani-Sadriu of Kosovo during the International Forum for Women, Peace, and Security (WPS Forum) in Prishtina on Monday. Their discussions centered on the bilateral relations between Macedonia and Kosovo and potential avenues to strengthen...

Macedonia 15.04.24 | 18:44

Osmani: At the session of the Government, I will propose leaving the Open Balkans

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bujar Osmani, characterized the accusations of the Albanian opposition regarding the Open Balkans initiative as an attempt to gain minor political points. At the same time, he announced that at the next session of the Government, at which the initiative will be the topic,...

Macedonia 15.04.24 | 11:55

Pendarovski to apologize to Siljanovska for the insults

Pendarovski Stevo orders hate speech and misogyny speech. Shameless Pendarovski Stevo is obliged to apologize to professor Gordana Siljanovska Davkova because he orders speech related to her gender and her age, Dragan Kovacki demands. Shameless Stevo Pendarovski must apologize immediately.

Economy 15.04.24 | 09:47

Will the price of fuel jump due to developments in the Middle East?

The situation in the Middle East made oil more expensive on the stock markets, and the president of the Energy Regulatory Commission, Marko Bislimoski, told Telma TV that next week there will be a clearer picture of what will happen to fuel prices, but he does not expect a serious price increase today. And...