DUI presidential candidate Bujar Osmani emphasized the importance of inter-ethnic relations, good neighborly relations, and Euro-Atlantic integration during Monday’s press conference. He referred to these three areas as “sacred pillars” that require consensus for the country’s stability, harmony, and progress. Osmani insisted that these pillars should not be compromised for any party or political interests, and that they should remain above electoral politics.

Osmani once again extended an invitation to presidential candidate Gordana Siljanovska Davkova to participate in a televised debate and to join him on his podcast.

He stressed the need to discuss the contrasting paths of integration and isolation. Osmani warned that violations of the Prespa Agreement, the Friendship Treaty, and the Ohrid Agreement could lead to the country’s isolation and strained relationships, potentially turning North Macedonia into a fringe state. He highlighted the country’s achievements as a model of multi-ethnic functional democracy and expressed hope that many countries could follow their example. He urged Siljanovska Davkova to join his podcast to debate their differing views on the two alternatives.