The private trainees will continue with the general strike during tomorrow. As they inform from there, the duration of the strike depends on tomorrow’s agreement of the Ministry of Health regarding the request of the interns to raise their salaries and regulate their status.This afternoon, their representatives had a meeting in the Government with the Minister of Health, Ilir Demiri, Deputy Minister of Health, Maja Manoleva and Professor Dr. Ana Daneva Markova, adviser to the Prime Minister on health issues, who were told that after tomorrow’s government session there will be information in written form about the request for an increase in compensation.

More than 400 private specialists went on a general strike this morning and are not performing their duties at the Skopje clinics and other hospitals and outpatient clinics throughout the country. They demand an increase in the compensation paid to them, in the amount of 26 thousand denars, at the level of the average salary of a doctor in a public health institution, health insurance, as well as the resolution of the status that is currently under contract.