Additional Deputy Interior Minister Mitko Bojmacaliev and Public Security Bureau Director Sasho Tasevski visited the Sector for International Police Cooperation at the Interior Ministry on Tuesday. The purpose of the visit was to review past activities and plan future ones.

The officials met with leaders from the Sector for International Police Cooperation, including departments for EUROPOL, Interpol, and Search. This unit coordinates international law enforcement efforts to identify and prosecute criminals.

Bojmacaliev and Tasevski were briefed on achievements from 2017 to 2024, including the arrest of over 7,000 people following international warrants. The meeting also highlighted the success of hosting the 50th Interpol European Regional Conference in Ohrid last year.

North Macedonia has a strong partnership with Interpol and supports aligning its national forensic system with Interpol’s. The officials were updated on the modernization of Interpol’s National Central Bureau’s communications system and the country’s cooperation with Europol in areas such as drug trafficking, arms smuggling, and cyber security.

The department has reported a 45% increase in open cases and is using the SIENNA communications tool, demonstrating North Macedonia’s commitment to fighting crime.