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Balkans 02.09.21 | 19:51

Future Speaker of the Albanian Parliament speaks Macedonian

Albnaina Prime Minister Edi Rama nominated a Macedonian language speaker Lindita Nikola as the next Speaker of Parliament. Nikola is married to dean Ligor Nikola, who is an ethnic Macedonian, from the area of Golo Brdo in Albania. The future Speaker was Mayor of an administrative unit in the capital...

Balkans 27.08.21 | 12:07

First group of 121 Afghan refugees arrives in Albania

The first group 121 Afghan evacuees, including 11 babies, arrived to Albania yesterday. They were welcomed at the Tirana airport by the Albanian Foreign Minister Olta Xhacka and US Ambassador Yuri Kim. Albania agreed to take thousands of Afghans on a temporary basis. The initial group is made of Afghan...

Macedonia 22.08.21 | 16:39

Two tourists from Bitola drowned at a beach in Albania

Two elderly Macedonian tourists died at a beach in Durres, in Albania. The two friends, who vacationed in Durres for years, went swimming after lunch but collapsed in the water. It’s believed that the reason is heart attack and drowning. Paramedics came to the scene but could not revive the men.  

Macedonia 21.07.21 | 18:33

Zaev: I wish Albania good luck on its EU path if Bulgaria’s blockade continues

There is great disappointment and trauma among the citizens after the blockade of Macedonia’s European path, but the country will not look for alternatives, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in an interview with the “Conflict Zone” show on Deutsche Welle. In the interview, Zaev talks about...

Macedonia 19.07.21 | 10:16

Earthquake jolts Albania, felt in Skopje, Valandovo, Ohrid, Stip and Pehcevo

A 3.5 magnitude earthquake with an epicenter in Albania, 160km southwest of Skopje, was registered at 00:21h, said the Seismological Observatory within the Skopje-based Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics on Monday. The earthquake was also felt in Skopje, Valandovo, Ohrid, Stip and Pehcevo.    

Macedonia 20.06.21 | 14:46

Lake Ohrid: Two brothers from Albania were smuggling marijuana into Macedonia

Albanian police detained a man from a village near Pogradec, on lake Ohrid, and is searching for his brother, over illegal transport of marijuana. The Papajani brothers were using a fishing boat to transport drugs over lake Ohrid, and it’s believed theirs was a well developed route. Albania is a well...

Macedonia 14.06.21 | 13:19

Notorious Albanian criminal was given a Macedonian passport in 2018

MKD.mk is reporting that in 2018 the Macedonian Interior Ministry issued a passport to a well known Albanian mobster. Admir Murataj received his passport in November 2018, under the assumed identity of Pajtim Muca. Murataj is best knows for his involvement in the 2019 armored van robbery of 10 million...

Macedonia 27.05.21 | 09:27

The Ombudspersons of Albania and Kosovo visit Macedonia’s Parliament

The Ombudspersons of Albania and Kosovo, Erinda Ballanca and Naim Qelaj respectively, will pay a visit the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia on Thursday. According to the Parliament press service, they are set to meet with Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi.

Macedonia 07.05.21 | 14:24

German official, Slovak MFA, Nikola Dimitrov speak out against decoupling Albania from Macedonia

German official Michael Roth and the Slovak Foreign Minister Ivan Korcok called for the opening of EU accession talks with both Macedonia and Albania. Their call comes amid increasing reports that Macedonia, blocked by Bulgaria, will be left behind while Albania begins accession talks alone. Germany...

Macedonia 07.05.21 | 10:26

As Albania decouples and moves ahead of Macedonia, Foreign Minister Osmani is unlikely to act

Foreign Minsiter Bujar Osmani said that opening EU accession talks has become a moving target, as reports are coming that the EU may allow Albania to begin talks, while keeping Macedonia stuck. Discussing the burning issue of Albania possibly “decoupling” from Macedonia and opening accession...

Macedonia 06.05.21 | 15:17

EU enlargement: Zaev hopes Macedonia will remain in group with Albania, wants to negotiate with Radev and the caretaker Government of Bulgaria

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev expressed hope that Macedonia will remain coupled with Albania when it comes to EU accession and that both countries will be allowed to advance in the process. The statement comes as he faces another major foreign policy humiliation – a year ago many in Macedonia were...

Balkans 05.05.21 | 22:27

Albania lifts quarantine requirements for travelers from Macedonia

The technical committee of experts in charge of dealing with the pandemic this afternoon revoked the decision for mandatory two-week quarantine for all persons entering Albania from Macedonia and Greece, MIA’s correspondent in Tirana reported.

Macedonia 05.05.21 | 10:28

EU enlargement: Growing possibility of Albania advancing while Macedonia remains stuck

Macedonia now faces a clear prospect of being left out in the EU accession process, while Albania, with which it is in a de-facto group, advances this summer. During his visit yesterday, EU Enlargement Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi announced that the Commission is working on the issue, but it’s...

Macedonia 22.04.21 | 22:36

The ombudsman in Albania demands reversal of the quarantine decision for Macedonian nationals

The ombudsman in Albania demanded that the quarantine decision for the citizens of Macedonia and Greece be reversed. The reason, as he stated, is the prevention of the constitutional right to vote of those emigrants who want to exercise this basic right in the general parliamentary elections, set be...

Macedonia 22.04.21 | 10:39

Mickoski urges Macedonians in Albania to support Pandi Jani for member of Parliament

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski urged the Macedonian in Albania to vote at the coming general elections on Sunday in large numbers and to support the ethnic Macedonian candidate Pandi Jani. Jani is on the list of the LSI Socialist Movement for Integration party. I urge you all to come out and...

Macedonia 19.04.21 | 15:41

Albania orders Macedonian visitors to quarantine for two weeks

Albania – one of the few countries Macedoanian citizens can still visit – ordered a 14 days quarantine for all visitors from Macedonia. The order will be in effect at least until May 3rd. Albania is currently enacting high volume vaccination of its citizens, while Macedonia is lagging behind....

Macedonia 22.03.21 | 13:25

Grubi goes to Albania to push for greater registration of Albanians in the census

Zaev’s First Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi is in Tirana today to discuss the census in Macedonia. Albanian parties, politicians and organizations are all organized to inflate the Albanian share of the population in Macedonia by registering all available emigrants and dual citizens. Before this...

Macedonia 01.03.21 | 21:22

Edi Rama says that Albania will have to wait for Macedonia in the EU accession process

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said that Albania will wait for Macedonia so that both countries can open EU accession talks at the same time. Macedonia and Albania are in a group of sorts and a number of EU member states oppose separating them in the EU accession process. Meanwhile, Bulgaria opposes...

Balkans 11.01.21 | 10:12

Albania to begin vaccinations as Macedonia lags behind its neighbors

Albania is the latest neighboring country that beat Macedonia to the begin its coronavirus vaccination process. Of all our neighbors, only Kosovo remains yet to begin the process. Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said that he has secured 500,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine and that the use of the initial...

Macedonia 01.01.21 | 10:39

Albania: Macedonian citizen kills partner, her sister

Albanian police arrested a citizen of Macedonia, Perparim Ademi, for the murder of two women in Tirana. Ademi killed his partner Kristina Bardhi and her sister Zaneta Metani. The killings, perpetrated with a firearm, were reportedly carried out before two minors. Bardhi wanted to leave Ademi (59), which...