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Macedonia 31.03.24 | 14:25

Skopje: Search for a missing 20 year old girl

Skopje police is looking for an Albanian citizen, a girl of 20, who was reported missing yesterday. Enkeleda Cela studied economics in Skopje. She was last seen at a gas station in Skopje’s Ilinden district, east of the city, wearing jeans, a black jacket and a bag.

World 15.01.24 | 19:34

Albania is constructing a new port that will serve as a NATO base and will be linked to Struga and Pristina by rail

The Port Authority of Durrës, located in northern Albania, has revealed plans to initiate a tender for the construction of a new cargo terminal at its largest port, Durrës, in the first quarter of 2024. The first phase of this ambitious project has received a construction permit following the successful...

Balkans 14.01.24 | 10:25

Earthquake in Albania

An earthquake measuring 4.5 on the Richter scale struck Albania around midnight. The quake was felt across south-western Macedonia, in the areas of Ohrid, Struga, Gostivar, and all the way to Skopje. There are no reports of damages or injuries.

Macedonia 30.11.23 | 19:45

A joint declaration on the fight against corruption was signed by the OSCE Ministerial Council

The Foreign Ministers of Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Montenegro, meeting at the 30th OSCE Ministerial Council in Skopje, signed a joint statement aimed at combating corruption, money laundering, and aiding asset recovery. This joint statement, which acknowledges corruption’s...

Macedonia 12.11.23 | 17:39

Macedonians in Albania want the census to be extended because of the Bulgarian pressure

Vasil Sterjovski, leader of the party representing ethnic Macedonians in Albania, called for the census in this country to be extended. The reason Sterjovski gave was the pressure that Bulgarian diplomats exerted over Macedonians in Albania, urging them to register as Bulgarians. The Albanian Government...

Balkans 11.11.23 | 20:28

Greece blocks important step on Albania’s EU path

Greece moved to obstruct Albania’s opening of EU accession talks, over Albania’s arrest of an ethnic Greek politician. Fredi Beleris is the Mayor of the Albanian southern city of Himara, which is majority Greek, and is facing a corruption charge which prevents him to assume the office. In...

Macedonia 15.10.23 | 21:55

Sterjovski: Macedonians in Albania face the battle of this generation

Vasil Sterjovski, leader of the only party of ethnic Macedonians in Albania – MAEI – referred to the current political moment in the region as the battle of this generation of Macedonians. This is a new chapter in our enduring history. Every generation has a battle, and every generation leaves...

Macedonia 16.09.23 | 21:39

Macedonians in Albania condemn Bulgaria’s latest assimilation push

The Macedonian association Ilinden from Albania strongly condemned the visit of Bulgarian Vice President Iliyana Yotova, who is working to have as many Macedonians in Albania as possible register as Bulgarians in the coming census. Yotova opened a Bulgarian language school in Elbasan, and it is widely...

Macedonia 14.09.23 | 16:36

Nikoloski: There are no Bulgarians in Albania!

There are no Bulgarians in Albania! There are only Macedonians and our deracinated Government is giving them up, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski, after reports that Bulgarian Vice President Iliyana Yotova plans to open a Sunday school in Bulgarian in the city of Elbasan. Bulgaria...

Macedonia 14.09.23 | 13:05

Bulgaria is looking for inexistent Bulgars in Albania, buying people’s souls with passports

When Macedonia is out of order, then the Bulgarian assimilative policies come to order! Instead of implementing the European Court of Human Rights’ sentences which require acknowledgment of the Macedonians living in Bulgaria and their right to associations and use of the Macedonian language, Bulgaria...

Macedonia 14.09.23 | 11:12

Bulgarian Vice-President to open a Bulgarian school in an Albanian region populated by Macedonians

On Thursday the Bulgarian Vice-President Ilijana Jotova will open a Bulgarian school in the region populated exclusively by Macedonians. This step comes in the wake of the pending census in Albania when it is expected many Macedonians to declare as Bulgars because of the passport the Bulgarian officials...

Balkans 05.09.23 | 09:03

Macedonian nominated as Minister in the Albanian Government

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama appointed an ethnic Macedonian – Arbjan Mazniku – to the newly created post of Minister for Local Administration. Rama is conducting a Government reshuffle, and tapped Mazniku, who is currently deputy Mayor of Tirana. He originates from the village of Vrnica,...

Macedonia 02.09.23 | 12:09

Documents corroborate the historical truth about the Macedonians in Albania

Despite the Bulgarian attempts to present the Macedonians living in Albania as Bulgarians, there are historical documents that refute these quasi-historical claims, Nova Makedonija wrote. “There are a large number of documents in the Albanian and the Italian archives on this issue, but the most...

Balkans 20.08.23 | 08:31

Several big wildfires in Albania, the largest one near Hymara

Albanian firefighters are struggling to deal with several huge wildfires around the country, the largest one burning near Hymara, a very popular tourist destination on the Albanian coast, where large police forces and a helicopter joined the fight against the fire. Near another tourist destination, the...

Macedonia 03.08.23 | 13:25

An earthquake in Albania felt in Macedonia

The Sizmological laboratory of the faculty for Natural and Mathematical Studies in Skopje registered an earthquake with a local magnitude of 3.1 degrees by Richter The epicenter of the earthquake was in Albania, 97 kilometers southwest of Skopje. “According to the available data, the earthquake...

Economy 31.07.23 | 19:14

PM Kovachevski: With the one-stop-shop border crossings to efficient and competitive economy

The one-stop-shop system at Kjafasan-Qafë Thanë border crossing with Albania was launched on Monday, ensuring a faster flow of people and commodities. Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski, Albanian PM Edi Rama, First Deputy PM Artan Grubi, Albanian Deputy PM Belina Balluku, ministers, MPs attended the...

Balkans 25.07.23 | 15:55

Britain will pay four million pounds annually to Albania to take home its murderers and rapists

According to the recently ratified agreement between Great Britain and Albania, Britain will pay Albania four million pounds annually to take home the 200 most dangerous ethnic Albanian criminals, condemned in Britain for heavy crimes, such as murder, robbery, rape, drug smuggling, Albanian media inform. Among...

Balkans 14.07.23 | 21:58

Albanian man planned to smuggle weapons into Macedonia

Albanian police seized a cache of weapons in the city of Pogradec, on lake Ohrid. The weapons were supposed to be smuggled into Macedonia. The cache consisted of one light machinegun, one automatic rifle, two semi-automatic rifles, and a significant quantity of ammunition. It was found in the stall of...

Balkans 03.07.23 | 17:57

Bill Clinton visits Albania

Former US President Bill Clinton is visiting Albania, for a meeting with Prime Minister Edi Rama. This evening Clinton will receive a grand welcome in downtown Tirana. He is remembered fondly by the Albanians for launching the Kosovo War against Serbia, that eventually led to independence for Kosovo.

Macedonia 06.06.23 | 10:50

Albanian politicians offer logistic support to Bulgarian attempts to assimilate ethnic Macedonians in Albania

Bulgaria doesn’t spare any means or money to “create” new Bulgarians in Macedonia’s neighboring countries. Issuing Bulgarian passports in the Albanian regions populated by ethnic Macedonians accelerates daily. They are aided in the process  by the local Albanian politicians,...