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Culture 15.11.22 | 19:18

Albania will return 20 icons stolen from Macedonia

Albania agreed to return 20 icons which were taken from Macedonia a decade ago. The icons were seized in Albania in October 2013 in a large raid. Experts soon determined that the artefacts were not taken from churches in Albania, but from Macedonia. The culture ministries of both countries reached agreement...

Macedonia 14.11.22 | 09:35

Macedonia and Albania to hold joint government session, special traffic regime in Skopje

A joint session of the governments of the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Albania is to be held on Monday in Skopje with Prime Ministers Dimitar Kovacevski and Edi Rama delivering official addresses. The Skopje police department announced measures for a special traffic regime on the roads in...

Balkans 13.11.22 | 11:51

Albanians protest against the government in front of Tirana parliament

Thousands of people have gone onto the streets of Tirana to demonstrate against the ruling Socialist Party of Albania (PS) headed by long-serving Prime Minister Edi Rama. The demonstration in front of the parliamentary buildings took place late on Saturday and went off peacefully. Opposition leader Sali...

Macedonia 09.08.22 | 22:01

Public Security Bureau director visits Albanian police

Public Security Bureau director Saso Tasevski, accompanied by high delegation of Macedonia, paid Tuesday a visit to the Albanian state police today. Tasevski and the delegation met with the general director of the state police, Gladis Nano and his associates, after holding a tete-a-tete meeting first....

Macedonia 14.07.22 | 12:20

“Opening of negotiations” vs “starting the first phase”: This is the key evidence that Albania is starting negotiations and Macedonia is not

The text of the negotiating framework for Albania, which Telma has obtained contains a clear formulation for “opening the accession negotiations” without the creative two-phase solutions, as in the Macedonian case. The document has the same date, June 17, 2022, when the initial proposal for...

Economy 10.05.22 | 19:21

No Macedonian flag during the “cooking oil summit” in Albania

The meeting in Tirana, during which Macedonia agreed to export some of the cooking oil it is importing from Serbia, to Albania, took place without a Macedonian flag. Both ministers that were meeting, Kreshnik Bekteshi on the Macedonian side and Belinda Baluku on the Albanian side, are ethnic Albanians.

Economy 10.05.22 | 16:08

Macedonia will re-export Serbian cooking oil to Albania

Even as Macedonia is facing shortages of cooking oil, and is forced to ask Serbia for new deliveries, the Government agreed to export oil to Albania. The announcement came after a meeting of the Macedonian Economy Minister Kreshnik Bekteshi and the Albanian Finance Minister Delina Ibrahimaj. Macedonia...

Economy 09.05.22 | 15:23

Even as we face shortages of cooking oil, the Government plans to export it to Albania

Even as Macedonia is facing shortages of cooking oil, and is forced to ask Serbia for new deliveries, the Government agreed to export oil to Albania. The announcement came after a meeting of the Macedonian Economy Minister Kreshnik Bekteshi and the Albanian Finance Minister Delina Ibrahimaj. Macedonia...

Macedonia 13.04.22 | 16:26

Bulgarian President Radev supports separating Macedonia and Albania from the EU enlargement group

Bulgarian Prime Minister Rumen Radev said that his country will allow Albania to open its EU accession talks but remains a “no” on Macedonia. Radev said that Macedonia still has not implemented the demands from the Bulgarian package named 4+1 and blamed the Zaev and Kovacevski governments...

Macedonia 07.04.22 | 17:40

Albania asks to be allowed to open EU accession talks even if Macedonia remains blocked

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama asked that his country is taken out of the informal enlargement group with Macedonia. As Macedonia remains blocked by Bulgaria, this means that Albania is also blocked. Albania can’t continue to wait for the two neighboring countries to resolve their dispute. Our...

Macedonia 05.04.22 | 13:17

Bulgarian President Radev pledges no veto policy for Albania, but remains tough on Macedonia

During a meeting with Albanian President Ilir Meta, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev said that his country unconditionally supports the opening of EU accession talks with Albania. Radev left out Macedonia from his remarks, indicating that the still wants the veto against Macedonia to remain in place....

Macedonia 04.04.22 | 15:46

Macedonian Gorani villages in Albania cut off after a bridge collapse

Bridge collapse near the village of Shishtavec in north-eastern Albania has left a number of Muslim Macedonian Gorani villages cut off from the rest of Albania. The bridge collapsed due to the heavy storm in the region. In the mean-time, the inhabitants of this rugged region will have to travel through...

Economy 17.02.22 | 17:12

Energy crisis: Macedonia begins work on a power line to Albania

Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski attended the ground breaking ceremony today of a power line that is supposed to link Macedonia with Albania. The line will cost 17.2 million EUR and work will later include expanding the Bitola relay station, which connects Macedonians main – and struggling –...

Balkans 30.12.21 | 21:37

Albania to seek decoupling from Macedonia on EU path

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama told Thursday’s end-of-year press briefing that the process of European integration is clear, adding that “Albania is in an absurd phase of blockade due to the veto imposed by Bulgaria on Macedonia.” The European integration process is clear and we are in an absurd...

Macedonia 11.12.21 | 10:40

Sterjovski: Bulgaria is working to assimilate the Macedonians in Albania

Vasil Sterjovski, leader of the Macedonian MAEI party in Albania, warns that Bulgaria is working to assimilate the Macedonian community in Albania. Bulgaria has an aggressive policy aimed at assimilating the Macedonians in Albania over the past years. Albania remain silent in face of this policy, and...

Macedonia 07.12.21 | 20:59

Macedonian citizen detained on the Kosovo – Albania border carrying Bitcoin equipment

Albanian border police detained a Macedonian citizen who was carrying Bitcoin mining equipment. The 33 year old man was arrested at the Kukes border crossing with Kosovo. He had 39,000 EUR in cash and a device that is likely used to mine Bitcoin. He is charged with failure to report cash and valuables.

Balkans 26.11.21 | 20:36

Albanian Prime Minister Rama says he would vote in favor of unification with Kosovo, adds that such referendum will be held “one day”

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said that he would support the unification of Albania and Kosovo if a referendum for this is called, but added that he doesn’t know when this would happen. If you ask me hypothetically, for a peaceful referendum on national unity, I would violate the law on secrecy...

Macedonia 13.11.21 | 21:47

Albania blames the dispute between Macedonia and Bulgaria for the loss of its EU prospects

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama blamed the dispute between Macedonia and Bulgaria for collaterally blocking Albania’s EU prospects. Bulgaria is blocking Macedonia, as it demands major concessions on issues of national identity and history, and because Macedonia and Albania are seen as part of...

Balkans 29.10.21 | 17:49

Unification of Kosovo and Albania becomes more likely if the Balkans are not integrated in the EU, Edi Rama says

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama stated that the unification of Albania with Kosovo will get more likely if they are left out of the European Union. In an interview with a German paper, Rama said that the Balkans could return to the tensions of the past if its countries are left isolated. Albania is...

Balkans 29.10.21 | 10:03

4.5 magnitude earthquake rocks Albania, was also felt in Macedonia

Two stronger earthquakes rocked Albania this morning, and the second was also felt in parts of Macedonia. The second quake hit Albanian at 8:10 a.m., just 17km northeast of Centar Zupa, Macedonia. The quake, according to the EMSC, measured magnitude 4.5 at a depth of 10 km, according to initial information. Five...