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Macedonia 18.11.19 | 17:55

Bitola police investigating the death of a newborn baby

The police is investigating a case reported by the Bitola hospital, where a dead newly born baby was brought yesterday. The baby was brought by its parents, and there were no signs of violence. Police spokesman said that an autopsy has been ordered to determine the cause of death.

Economy 18.11.19 | 11:17

Milevski: No regional landfill to be built in Bitola

Minister of Local Self-Government Goran Milevski denies that the regional landfill will be built in Bitola instead of Debarca. I have to respond to the speculation that circulated today among the Bitola public, in order to disturb the citizens. I talked to Prime Minister Zaev and I can assure you that...

Macedonia 07.11.19 | 10:49

Two Cubans arrested on the Macedonian – Greek border near Bitola

Two Cuban citizens were detained near Bitola yesterday, as they were attempting to cross over from Greece. The men were aged 33 and 44. They were handed by the border guards to the Bitola police. While most migrants along the Balkan route come from the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan, occasionally...

Macedonia 11.10.19 | 22:47

Two illegal migrants from Cuba arrested near Bitola

Two men from cuba were detained yesterday morning as they were trying to illegally cross into Macedonia from Greece. The men aged 39 and 19 were caught by border police near the village of Dragos, and were sent to the Bitola police station. Most of the illegal immigrants who cross the border from Greece...

Macedonia 09.10.19 | 09:43

New guerrilla action in Bitola, the city wakes up with an eerie warning

As a warning that “winter is coming”, Bitola this morning woke up with a guerrilla action and signs of enormous pollution throughout the city. Negligence of local authorities continues, and the lack of accountability and ignorance of the situation only exacerbates and deepens the pollution...

Macedonia 28.09.19 | 23:46

Mickoski grateful to the city of Bitola for its support

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski expressed his gratitude to the citizens of Bitola, Macedonia’s second city which swung strongly away from its support for the ruling SDSM party at the latest presidential elections. Mickoski was promoting the “Macedonian Renewal” pre-election...

Macedonia 27.09.19 | 21:18

Advise me properly because we want to be politicians who will serve the people

Today we are starting to visit homes, streets and boulevards to tell our story to the citizens and to implement the policies of the future government with them in our election program, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski and announced the launch of the “Talks for Renewal of Macedonia” campaign. Before...

Macedonia 09.09.19 | 19:00

Fire breaks out in several stores in the Bitola old bazaar

Fire engulfed the roofs of three stores in the Bitola old bazaar today. Firefighters fought the blaze for two and a half hours before extinguishing it. The structures were saved, and there is no word yet on the cause of he fire.

Macedonia 17.08.19 | 19:50

A man from Bitola with government counter-action returns Kutlesh Star to hundreds of places

Goran Bozinovski from Bitola intervened on hundreds of manhole covers with individual counter action following the Government’s action on removing the Kutlesh Star from public spaces, including manhole covers. With the counter-action he carried out in Bitola, Bozinovski quickly became very poplar...

Macedonia 31.07.19 | 15:18

Zaev welcomed with a sign asking him about his corrupt Bitola party boss

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev was “welcomed” in the village of Kravari near Bitola, during his visit today, with a sign asking him about “Kiki”. The message is dedicated to one of the SDSM party officials who were allegedly involved in the major racketeering scandal. Bitola is ground...

Macedonia 27.07.19 | 20:26

Telma reports on the racketeering scandal: An elderly woman close to Boki 13 was paid 750.000 EUR by a construction company from Bitola

Telma TV reports that an unprecedented bank withdrawal was one of the events which tipped off investigators about the major racketeering scandal which brought down Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva. It reportedly involved a major construction company from Bitola which transferred 750.000 EUR to the account...

Macedonia 25.07.19 | 11:53

After meeting with leaders in Greek Macedonia, Reeker goes to Bitola

US acting Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia Philipo Reeker, who is a former Ambassador to Macedonia, began his visit to the country from Bitola, after he met with Greek political leaders, toured the northern part of the country, where resistance to the imposed name deal is the strongest. Reeker...

Macedonia 01.07.19 | 17:17

Motorist strikes a horse on a notorious stretch of the road north of Bitola

A motorist shared online the accident he had near Bitola, where he hit a horse that was walking freely by the side of the road. The notorious stretch on the Bitola – Resen motorway, just north of Bitola, was recently supposed to be cleaned of the piles of trash thrown by the sides of the road along...

Macedonia 21.06.19 | 15:28

Notorious dump site near Bitola is being cleaned

The unregulated dump site which had accumulated over years on the ring road north of Bitola is finally being cleaned up. Town hall calls on the citizens of the near-by Bair district to stop throwing trash along the side of the road. Some 200 cubic meters of trash had to be removed from the road which...

Macedonia 21.06.19 | 14:41

When covering a drain becomes newsworthy

Public relations officers of municipal services often have little to work with, but the teams from Bitola and Veles really scraped the bottom of the barrel in the past few days, and social media users in Macedonia took notice. Bitola was first to go with a press release announcing its new rainwater drain,...

Macedonia 26.04.19 | 22:44

Mickoski: Bitola rises against injustice

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski paid Friday a visit to Bitola, where he met with a large number of citizens. Mickoski pointed out that the government faced with defeat already started with the threats, blackmails and pressures, and therefore asked the citizens of Bitola not to give up, because the...

Macedonia 25.04.19 | 21:51

Dutch motorcycle driver killed in a crash near Bitola

A 58 year old Dutch citizen was killed in a horrific accident near Bitola this afternoon. The Dutch man was driving with a motorcycle group when he hit an Alfa Romeo car. Medical teams resuscitated the man, but he later succumbed to his injures in the Bitola hospital. Photographs from the site of the...

Macedonia 15.04.19 | 18:24

Bitola will recognize that Gordana offers a concept that Macedonia needs

We hope that in Bitola we will have a win again and that we will have great success, we hope that Bitola will recognize that Gordana offers a concept of justice to Macedonia which is needed both internally and externally. VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski said in Bitola. In Bitola there...

Macedonia 05.04.19 | 23:24

Mickoski: During the Prespa talks, VMRO refused Zaev’s offer of five seats in his Government

During the rally in Bitola, VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski revealed details from the failed attempts by Zoran Zaev to get VMRO to support the name change. Mickoski said that Zaev offered him a choice of any five seats in the Government in exchange for his support for the name change. In January...

Macedonia 23.03.19 | 22:57

Mickoski: Victory at the presidential elections ensures the fall of Zaev’s Government

These presidential elections will determine the fate of the country, said VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski during his visit to Bitola today. A victory at the presidential elections will ensure that we hold early general elections, and that is where we will bring down this Government. All of us...