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Macedonia 24.11.20 | 18:54

Healthcare Minister says he will investigate the Bitola hospital after images show Covid-19 patients being treated next to bodies of the deceased

Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce said that he will investigate the horrific images shared from the Bitola hospital today, where coronavirus patients were shown being treated lying in beds next to unclaimed bodies of deceased patients, covered only in a sheet. Hospital director Biljana Gagacovska insisted...

Macedonia Sport 12.11.20 | 23:39

Parties break out across Macedonia

Parties celebrating the historic entry in a European Championship are breaking out across the country. In Strumica, Sasko Pandev, the brother of team captain Goran Pandev who scored the crucial goal against Georgia, had the famous Angusevi brass band to celebrate. Sasko got Goran on the phone to share...

Macedonia 30.10.20 | 21:01

Critic of SDSM extradited from Germany to serve out his prison sentence

Dusko Ilievski, a farmer activist once close to the ruling SDSM party, who has since broken with it and revealed a number of corruption allegations against SDSM officials, was extradited from Germany to serve 1.5 years in prison. Ilievski, known as the “Milkman”, is ironically sentenced for...

Macedonia 28.10.20 | 16:53

Huge stockpile of WW1 artillery grenades found in Bitola

A large cache of WW1 artillery grenades was found two days ago buried near the Tumbe Kafe football stadium in Bitola. Over 300 grenades were found during construction work and it is believed that over a thousand will be found in total. The 75mm shells were probably stockpiled for an artillery battery...

Macedonia 12.10.20 | 10:33

Baby from Bitola tested positive to the coronavirus

A two months old baby in Bitola was infected with the coronavirus. The baby has light symptoms and is under the oversight of a pediatrist. It’s believed that it was infected by its grandmother. The mother is also positive to the virus. Several more severe cases of the illness in children are treated...

Macedonia 28.09.20 | 22:13

EU condemns police brutality incident in Bitola while Interior Minister Spasovski says the case is under investigation

A European Commission spokesperson condemned the recent police brutality incident against several Roma men in Bitola. Ana Pisonero said that the Commission has noted that the Government has condemned the incident and that it expects to see those responsible brought before the face of justice. The incident...

Macedonia 28.09.20 | 16:46

Four children tested positive to coronavirus in kindergartens in Skopje

Several kindergartens in Skopje have reported a total of four children who have the coronavirus. The cases prompted 16 children and four teachers to go into self-isolation. Public kindergartens have reopened on September 9, after months of shut-down, in order to allow parents to go back to work. In all...

Macedonia 26.09.20 | 11:51

Roma groups protest in Bitola after a brutal police beating

Protests are scheduled to take place in Bitola today, after the beating of three Roma men by the police on Tuesday. The men were in a drunken accident close to a police patrol, and instead of receiving assistance, the officers started punching and kicking them. The footage of the incident caused outrage...

Macedonia 25.09.20 | 09:47

Second police brutality incident reported in one day

Footage from Skopje that was uploaded to the social media yesterday showed police officers attacking people who were driving in the car. Е не ќе го ланџаат 🤦🏻‍♂️ pic.twitter.com/H0vxEw71AG — Демир (@Trollowsky) September 24, 2020 The police stops the car, and tries...

Macedonia 24.09.20 | 15:07

Shocking video shows brutal police attack on a Roma man

A Roma rights organization posted a video showing police brutally attacking a Roma man, who is thrown to the ground and one officer slaps and kicks him while he is down. Полициска бруталност врз Ромите РОМИТЕ НЕ СЕ ГРАЃАНИ ОД ВТОР РЕД! #МожетеПовеќеМожетеПолошоУжаснати...

Macedonia 23.08.20 | 18:31

Three months old baby among the 137 newly infected coronavirus patients

A three months old baby from Bitola is among the 137 newly diagnosed coronavirus patients, the Healthcare Ministry disclosed. The city, which was largely spared during the epidemic, has seven new cases today The daily report notes that the 137 cases were found out of 1,414 tests. One patient (63 year...

Macedonia 13.08.20 | 12:48

Brothers from Bitola charged with producing and hoarding child pornography

Two brothers from Bitola were arrested for enticing a minor to film pornographic material, and for possession of a huge cache of child pornography. The brothers are aged 51 and 52. One of them is charged with luring a 13 year old girl to film pornographic materials in 2016. The man was residing in Australia...

Macedonia 01.08.20 | 15:58

Covid-19 kills young man from Bitola who survived leucemia as a child

A 27 year old man from Bitola, who succumbed to the coronavirus epidemic, had previously suffered from leucemia. The Healthcare Ministry issued a statement saying that the young patient was treated for leucemia as a child for over a decade, which left serious problems with his immune system. He contracted...

Macedonia 30.07.20 | 12:48

Scooter driver killed in an accident in Bitola

A young man from Bitola was killed while driving an electric scooter yesterday afternoon. The 26 year old man was hit by a car while driving in the northern part of the city. He was immediately taken to a hospital but succumbed to the injuries.

Macedonia 15.07.20 | 15:51

Chain voting attempt reported in Bitola

Police was called on a voter in Bitola, who came to a polling station with several additional ballots. The incident was reported around 13h. When election observers noted that the female voters has ballots on her, they demanded an intervention. This could be a case of chain voting, also known as “Bulgarian...

Macedonia 06.07.20 | 20:14

Durlovski to Sekerinska after the flooding in Bitola – You removed the Star of Kutles from the water pipe covers but forgot to clean them

Following the flash flooding that hit Bitola this weekend, VMRO-DPMNE candidate Igor Durlovski asked his opposing candidate Radmila Sekerinska from SDSM why the ruling party focused on scraping the manhole covers instead of cleaning the sewage system. One of the most humiliating elements of the imposed...

Macedonia 04.07.20 | 22:11

Streets flooded in Bitola after a torrential rain

A torrential summer rain caused flooding in parts of Bitola. Citizens are sharing pictures of cars half submerged in murky water and farmers are also reporting damages. Surprisingly, the rain affected even the higher areas of the city. It was a short but intense burst of rain, typical for the summer...

Macedonia 04.07.20 | 13:31

Leaked tape shows henchmen of the Zaev family ordering that the car of an opposition activist is set on fire to cover up corruption in REK Bitola

A shocking new audio leak reveals a conversation between people close to Zoran Zaev’s brother Vice Zaev. In the conversation, which has all the hallmarks of a mafia group plotting its next moves, they plan to set fire to a car owned by a VMRO-DPMNE activist in Bitola who was outspoken about their...

Macedonia 28.06.20 | 16:07

Durlovski: The Renewal will bring modern and European education to Macedonia

The head of VMRO-DPMNE’s list in the fifth electoral district Igor Durlovski, said Sunday in Bitola that the “Renewal of Macedonia” programme will bring many reforms that will help the young generations in education, as well the educators. Knowledge reveals our potential, develops it...

Macedonia 24.06.20 | 17:36

Bitola man charged with sexually assaulting his 13 year old niece

A 13 year old girl from a village near Bitola reported that her uncle was touching her inappropriately. The incident was reported yesterday to a doctor who called the police. During the night, the 37 year old suspect was arrested and charges of sexual assault are being filed.