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Macedonia 17.09.23 | 10:22

Road from Bitola to the border with Greece closed because of an accident

Traffic on the Bitola – Medzitlija road is closed due to an accident. Medzitlija is the second most important border crossing with Greece.

Macedonia 01.09.23 | 15:22

The misery of the public administration: Torn out chairs, desks glued together, broken windows…

The Minister of Justice Krenar Lloga visited on Friday the Regional Justice Department in Bitola. In his Facebook post, he wrote that now we need the EU more than ever. “The employees work in substandard conditions. There are disabled employees whose offices are on the fifth floor in a building...

Macedonia 06.08.23 | 22:33

Bitola police is looking for a suspected arsonist

Bitola police is looking for an arsonist, after the city faced a dozen small fires yesterday, and witnesses saw a suspicious person. The fires were planted in the Streliste area of the city. The most dangerous of the fires started between two gas stations, and it took an intervention from the firefighters...

Macedonia 22.07.23 | 21:58

Bitola: Young man stabbed at a Tea Tairovic concert

A young man from Bitola is in critical condition after a fight broke out at a concert of the Serbian singer Tea Tairovic. Three men aged 18 and 19 have been detained over the bloody incident during which a 19 year old was stabbed. Two others were also injured.

Culture 14.07.23 | 16:54

The clock tower of Bitola declared a site of historic importance

The historic clock tower of Bitola was declared today by the Government to be one of the sites of highest cultural and societal importance. 33 meters tall, the tower dominates the surrounding and is the main landmark of Bitola. It was built in 1830, at the heart of the bazaar – across the church...

Macedonia 11.07.23 | 22:47

Cell set on fire in a disturbance in the Bitola prison

A disturbance was reported in the Bitola prison today, and one cell was set on fire. There are few details about the condition in the prison, other than that it is left without electricity – likely because of safety reasons. Firefighters are at the scene to put out the fire. There are no reports...

Macedonia 08.07.23 | 08:25

Young man from Spain drowned in Bitola

A 22 year old Spanish citizen drowned yesterday afternoon at the Bitola open air pool. Local medical teams were summoned to the pool, but they were only able to determine that the man is deceased.

Macedonia 05.07.23 | 20:36

Major storm in Bitola, streets turned into rivers

A torrential downpour hit Bitola today, with some of the streets turning into small rivers. Mayor Konjanovski immediately convened the crisis center. Worst affected are the areas beneath the Bair hill. http://www.facebook.com/100000625871938/videos/1755708441528453/

Macedonia 25.06.23 | 12:14

Little Yana’s parents: We are leaving the country, there is no justice here, Macedonia is taken hostage by dynasties

The parents of the 5-year old Yana Hristovska, who died three months ago at the Bitola Hospital after receiving infusion, say that they will leave the country. Their statement comes after the competent institutions decided that there was no medical error during the treatment. “We are leaving the...

Macedonia 15.04.23 | 13:42

Police displays nearly a ton of marijuana that was seized in Bitola and Kavadarci

The Interior Ministry displayed the drugs seized recently in large coordinated raids. iDuring the raid near Kavadarci, in a company that was registered for cannabis oil production, the police found 570 kilograms of marijuana. And in Bitola, 300 kilograms of marijuana and almost 500 plants were seized....

Macedonia 10.04.23 | 19:23

Bitola hospital under investigation after another tragic accident

The Healthcare Ministry is announcing an investigation in the work of the Bitola hospital after another tragic incident, where a baby died just hours after birth. Several weeks before a 6 year old girl died during treatment, for alleged viral infection that affected the heart. In the case reported yesterday,...

Macedonia 04.04.23 | 22:08

Sign on Bulgarian club “Vanco Mihajlov” in Bitola painted over with black paint

The sign on the “Vanco Mihajlov” Bulgarian club in Bitola was painted over with black paint today. The club was ordered by the Justice Ministry to change its name, after a commission, founded on the basis of a newly adopted law, determined that the name of the club honors a pro-Nazi historic...

Macedonia 03.04.23 | 16:51

Jana died from inflammation of the heart muscle caused by Covid?

Six year old Jana Hristovska, a girl from a village near Bitola who died during treatment recently, had an inflammation of the heart muscle after she suffered Covid. This is the initial finding of the doctors who are investigating her death, which the parents believe was caused by medical malpractice....

Macedonia 30.03.23 | 15:17

Prosecutors still collecting evidence in the death of the girl from Bitola

State prosecutor Ljubomir Joveski says that he is still collecting information in the case of the death of six year old Jana who died last week after possible medical malpractice. Protesters gathered in Bitola and Skopje yesterday to demand accountability. Joveski said that Bitola prosecutors are gathering...

Macedonia 30.03.23 | 08:31

Protests in Bitola and Skopje after a six years old girl died during treatment

Large groups of people gathered in Bitola and Skopje today, to protest the poor state of public healthcare, after a young girl died in Bitola. The death of the six years old Jana is still being investigated but healthcare authorities insist that there was no mistreatment. Jana was given an IV drip but...

Macedonia 24.03.23 | 14:04

The prosecutor’s office issued an order to determine the causes of the death of six-year-old Jana in the Bitola hospital

The Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office of Bitola issued orders and instructions to carry out all necessary checks and that the cause of the death of six-year-old Jana in the Bitola hospital has not yet been determined. Yesterday, a six-year-old girl from the Bitola village of Kravari, died during...

Macedonia 17.03.23 | 11:07

Bulgaria expresses concern after Macedonia orders the Bulgarian club in Bitola to change its name

The Bulgarian Foreign Ministry issued a statement condemning the decision by the Macedonian Justice Ministry to ban a Bulgarian club in Bitola from using the name “Vanco Mihajlov”. Mihajlov was leader of VMRO between the two world wars and cooperated with Croatian Nazi leader Ante Pavelic...

Macedonia 06.03.23 | 20:51

Prosecutors demand an end to the expansion of the Bitola coal mines after a historic site was damaged

Bitola prosecutors are investigating the actions of the REK Bitola coal mine, which damaged part of the neolithic site Vlaho while expanding its coal mine. The work was conducted between November 2022 and March 2023, and the eastern side of the historic site was completely destroyed. Prosecutors demand...

Macedonia Culture 14.02.23 | 09:55

Culture Ministry approves only 6% of the necessary funds for the reconstruction of Goce Delcev’s memorial house in Bitola, which has been closed for years

These days, the problem with honoring the apostle of the Macedonian national struggle, Goce Delcev, is still ongoing. But in addition to the sale of his ideological legacy, Delcev’s memorial house in Bitola has been closed for years. The reason why it is closed is the alleged bad condition of the...

Macedonia 07.01.23 | 11:21

Tourism sites in Bitola now open for people with disabilities

Several associations that promote the rights of people with disabilities from Bitola, Demir Hisar and Resen initiated a project to help all visit the tourist destinations in Bitola. The sites covered include the ruins of Heraclea Lyncestis, the Watchtower, the church of St. Dimitrija, the Isak Mosque...