The Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office of Bitola issued orders and instructions to carry out all necessary checks and that the cause of the death of six-year-old Jana in the Bitola hospital has not yet been determined.

Yesterday, a six-year-old girl from the Bitola village of Kravari, died during a medical examination and provision of health care at the Clinical Hospital – Bitola. As informed by the Hospital, an autopsy was performed at the Department of Pathology, and the results are expected to arrive in ten days.

After the competent institutions have all the details about the cause of death of the six-year-old girl in the Clinical Hospital in Bitola, they will be shared with the public, Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski said today.

Kovacevski said that he had also spoken with the Minister of Health, and extraordinary supervision of what had happened in Bitola had also been launched.

The director of the Bitola hospital is already on his way to Skopje, where he will have a meeting with both the Minister and the Deputy Minister of Health, and the Public Prosecutor’s Office has also been informed about this case, Prime Minister Kovacevski said.

The Minister of Health, Fatimr Mexhiti, indicated that they acted immediately yesterday when they received the first information about the incident in Bitola.

We are waiting for the outcome from the competent services, the State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate and the inspectors, and you will be notified immediately during the day. We have not yet contacted the girl’s family. First, we are waiting to see what the error is, Mexhiti said.