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Macedonia 30.11.21 | 12:31

Delcevo: Covid patient refused hospitalization, died during transport to Skopje

A 52 year old patient with Covid, who refused hospitalization, died while being transported from his native Delcevo to Skopje. The patient was adamant that he doesn’t want to be cared for in a hospital, even though he had severe pulmonary infection. A Delcevo ER team was eventually able to initiate...

Macedonia 18.11.21 | 18:40

23 patients died, 493 new Covid-19 cases

Out of 2,911 COVID-19 tests carried out in Macedonia in the past 24 hours, 493 new cases were registered and 17 patients passed away, the Health Ministry said on Thursday. The Ministry also added 6 deaths to the report that occurred in October and November. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Macedonia...

Macedonia 18.11.21 | 11:03

Dozen witnesses offered to testify about the Tetovo hospital disaster

A dozen witnesses came forward and offered to testify about the deadly Tetovo hospital fire on September 8th, which killed 14 Covid patients and their family members. We have people who were admitted to other parts of the hospital, and who were able to flee when the fire started to spread, come to us...

Macedonia 17.11.21 | 18:43

VMRO-DPMNE: Instead of stimulating measures, Filipce continues to threaten and blackmail the citizens

The covid death toll from is around 7,500. Every day young patients, a patient in his 20s, in his 40s die on the Minister of Death Venko Filipce. On the European list of deaths per million inhabitants, Macedonia is in a high third place. In the meantime, the Minister of Death multiplies the professional...

Macedonia 16.11.21 | 20:24

Government plans new restrictions to push people to get vaccinated

Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce announced that the committee on infectious diseases will meet tomorrow to prepare new steps to push citizens to get vaccinated. Interest in vaccines has dropped as the rate of infection also fell from the high reached during August and September. Our healthcare system...

Macedonia 03.11.21 | 12:27

Young people aged 20 to 29 had the highest increase in new Covid cases

Young people between 20 and 29 years of age have seen the highest increase in Covid cases over the past week. This group has seen the number of cases grow by 11.4 percent compared to the last week, the Healthcare Ministry informed. Overall, number of newly diagnosed cases grew by 3.7 percent –...

Macedonia 09.10.21 | 10:57

“The government is campaigning with a smile and cheerfulness, arrogantly offering the best, instead of preparing for the new covid wave”

If we have to choose what is most important for our children, we will say health first, then education. This is how we will start this conversation with Vesna Janevska, chair of the Committe for Education and Science of VMRO-DPMNE. Janevska is both a doctor and a professor. We started the conversation...

Macedonia 20.09.21 | 10:48

Shortage of medical staff contributes to the dismal results Macedonia shows in the fight against Covid

As Macedonia continues to have the highest Covid death rate in Europe, one of the reasons for this inability to competently treat the illness is the shortage of doctors and nurses, said doctor Vladimir Ristovski in an interview with Alfa TV. The large number of deaths is partly because of the fact that...

Macedonia 14.09.21 | 21:12

Pressure aimed at witnesses of the neglect and abuse in the Covid hospitals

Witnesses who spoke out about the abuse and neglect in the Covid hospitals are being pressured and silenced, sources say. The most dramatic such case came when a man who spoke out after his father and brother died in the catastrophic fire in the Tetovo Covid hospital said that he is receiving death threats...

Macedonia 09.09.21 | 11:28

PHOTO, VIDEO: Dreadful scenes at the burnt Covid hospital in Tetovo

As morning came, the city of Tetovo woke to dreadful scenes at the site of the improvised Covid hospital that burnt down yesterday evening. At least 14 patients were killed and 12 people were injured in the inferno. Local new outlets shared the scene of charred beds and plastic.

Macedonia 09.09.21 | 08:33

Horrific tragedy in Tetovo, at least 14 dead as fire rips through improvised Covid hospital

The Macedonian public remains in the dark about the horrific tragedy that struck the modular Covid hospital in Tetovo yesterday evening. After hours of uncertainty, this morning prosecutors informed there were 14 casualties in the fire – all or almost all of them Covid patients who were hospitalized...

Macedonia 02.09.21 | 17:27

Tetovo police files charges against violations of Covid isolation orders

Tetovo police filed charges againts local citizens who violated orders to self-isolate because of Covid. Nine people from the city and villages between Tetovo and Gostivar were charged when police patrols did not find them in their homes, despite the isolation order. These two cities in the Polog Valley...

Balkans 30.08.21 | 10:51

Thousands of vaccine opponents gather against Greece’s Covid policy

Thousands of vaccine opponents took to the streets in two Greek cities on Sunday to demonstrate against the government’s coronavirus policies. Local media outlets estimated that 3,000 people took part in Athens, and more than 5,000 in the northern port city of Thessaloniki. Some 200 people broke away...

Macedonia 09.08.21 | 10:36

VMRO-DPMNE: The package of Covid measures is late and inefficient

VMRO-DPMNE says that  covid. The Covid measures are same as the government, ineffective and discriminatory. Now Zaev and Filipce are dealing with the consequences of the coronavirus, and the reasons for this now are the complete ignoring of the problem and the untimely immunization. The race for commissions,...

Macedonia 09.08.21 | 08:58

The youngest Covid victim was a mother, and two other women from Kumanovo lost the battle with the virus

A 29-year-old mother from Kumanovo died due to Kovid-19-related complications at a clinic in Skopje. Besides her, two other women from Kumanovo died, aged 49 and 74. The director of the Kumanovo hospital, Snezana Zaharieva, said that the youngest patient sought help on July 29, first at the infectious...

Macedonia 27.07.21 | 22:30

Tetovo: Fully vaccinated patient with prior illnesses died of Covid-19

A 62 year old man from Tetovo died of Covid-19 after being fully vaccinated with the Sinopharm vaccine. Local hospital manager Gzim Nuredini said that the man suffered from several prior illnesses, including kidney deficiency and high blood pressure, and likely did not develop sufficient immunity even...

World 18.07.21 | 11:10

Fauci says U.S. ‘probably would still have polio’ if there had been as much misinformation as with covid vaccines now

If the health misinformation currently spreading regarding coronavirus vaccines existed during the days of polio, it would have never been eradicated, Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, said Saturday in an interview with CNN. “We probably would still have polio...

Health 18.07.21 | 10:15

Prof. Trajkovski: Those who did not believe in vaccines will die in the last covid wave

Dejan Trajkovski, a professor at the Technical University in Bitola, warns that it is simply unbelievable how everyone treats the upcoming wave unworried, both the population and the health authorities. In his latest analysis of the coronavirus situation in Macedonia, he says that the health authorities...

Macedonia 19.06.21 | 17:19

Another case of the Indian Covid strain identified in Macedonia

Another case of the Indian Covid strain was detected in Macedonia. It was found in a Macedonian citizen who was in Iraq and was treated in a private hospital in Macedonia after his return. The first such case was also identified in a person who was in Iraq.

Macedonia 15.06.21 | 21:03

Data breach in website for COVID-19 vaccine registration

The data left on the vakcinacija.mk website are not secure, a man told TV Alfa, claiming that in just seven minutes without special IT knowledge he managed to collect as many as 140 documents with personal data from the website, unique ID numbers, electronic records, type of vaccine, where and when people...

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