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Macedonia 22.01.23 | 11:55

First case of the Kraken Covid strain identified in Macedonia

The first case of the new Covid variant – Kraken – was identified in Macedonia. The patient who was diagnosed is from Gevgelija, and the sample was taken 10 days ago. Aleksandar Petlickovski from the Infectious Diseases Commission notes that the Kraken is expected to be a variant with mild...

World 05.01.23 | 11:59

WHO: China COVID data shows no new variant

Data from China shows that no new coronavirus variant has been found there, but also that the country under-represents how many people have died in a rapidly spreading COVID-19 outbreak, World Health Organization (WHO) officials said on Wednesday, Reuters reports. Global unease has grown about the accuracy...

Health 06.12.22 | 13:37

SARS-CoV-2 omicron BA.5 dominant strain in Macedonia; BQ.1.1 also taking foothold

The SARS-CoV-2 omicron subvariant BA.5 has become one of the dominant strains of the virus in Macedonia, according to the Institute of Public Health. In the past week, its virologists sequenced 30 samples positive for SARS-CoV-2 and in 26 of them detected BA.5. As the most easily spread strain to date,...

Macedonia 30.07.22 | 10:58

Country in yellow Covid zone, no new measures for now

The number of active Covid-19 cases in Macedonia is over 5,000 and the country is in the yellow zone, and the Commission for Infectious Diseases does not recommend new measures for now. According to the Minister of Health, Bekim Sali, when considering the current numbers in all infectious disease departments...

Health 16.07.22 | 19:13

Health Ministry recommends people wear masks indoors after surge in Covid cases

The Health Ministry in a statement issued Saturday recommends that people wear masks while staying indoors for a long time with at risk people advised to wear at least FPP2, N95 or FFP3 masks. Premises such as offices, kindergartens, conference rooms, gyms, etc, should be ventilated and disinfected frequently,...

Macedonia 15.07.22 | 20:46

No new anti-Covid measures, more tests recommended

The Commission for Infectious Diseases at a meeting Friday, convened to discuss the current epidemiological situation in Macedonia, didn’t recommend additional restrictions against the coronavirus be put in place concluding the country is in green zone having enough capacities to treat COVID-19...

Macedonia Health 07.07.22 | 19:46

2 deaths, 355 new Covid-19 cases out of 1,129 tests

Out of 1,129 COVID-19 tests carried out in Macedonia in the past 24 hours, 355 new cases were registered and one patient died, the Health Ministry said on Thursday. 89 of the new cases were reinfections. The Health Ministry added one death to the report, which occurred in June. Since the outbreak of...

Macedonia 03.05.22 | 18:53

Government ends almost all Covid restrictions

The Government announced it is ending almost all Covid related restrictions. The only remaining restrictions are the mandate to wear masks in public transit, pharmacies, retirement homes and hospitals. The Government still recommends practicing of personal protection measures, said Deputy Prime Minister...

Macedonia 16.04.22 | 11:44

Covid labs made 21 million EUR in revenue last year

A review of the Covid pandemic management in Macedonia showed that citizens spent at least 21 million EUR for testing over the past year. BiznisMreza.mk reviewed the spending after the public healthcare system did not provide tests for most of the affected citizens. The main laboratories – some...

Macedonia 15.03.22 | 09:45

63 percent of the positive tests were of the stealth omicron variant

Weekly tests of Covid patients showed that the stealth omicron variant BA.2 continues to dominate with 63 percent of the tests coming positive to this variant. 34.8 percent of the weekly tests came showed te BA.1 omicron variant. Overall, with 1,818 newly diagnosed cases in 30 cities across the country,...

Macedonia 09.03.22 | 09:41

Certificate requirement lifted in shopping malls

Starting today, customers can enter shopping malls in Macedonia without the need to show a vaccine certificate or a proof of having overcome the illness in the past six months. The Government accepted this proposal from the Covid expert commission. Masks will still be mandatory in the shopping malls.

Macedonia 18.02.22 | 10:35

Random coronavirus screenings begin in elementary schools

Screening of elementary school students will begin today, after an increase in positive tests in schools. Randomly chosen children will be tested for the coronavirus, in schools which have seen an increase in cases. Doctor Zlate Mehmedovic, spokesman for the Government’s Covid committee, said that...

Macedonia 09.02.22 | 09:32

“The Government left the citizens to fend for themselves in the new Covid wave”

After a week with 150 deaths due to the coronavirus infection, it is clear that the Government has left the citizens to fend for themselves, said the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party. Why is there not a plan in place for prevention and protection against the new Covid wave? Is th Government unable to form...

Macedonia 08.02.22 | 20:06

VMRO-DPMNE: Why the government does nothing and lets the state fail in the fight against Covid

150 people had died from Covid-19 in one week. The government does not have a plan for health protection, VMRO-DPMNE said in a press release. The real questions are: 1. Why the government does nothing and lets the state fail in the fight against Covid? 2. Why is there no plan and steps towards prevention...

Macedonia 30.01.22 | 19:45

Stip hospital asks for help from Kocani because 15 doctors and nurses tested positive for Covid

Because 15 doctors and nurses have tested positive for Covid-19, the possibilities for eventual reactivation of the modular hospital in Stip are reduced to a minimum, so the Clinical hospital is looking for other alternatives and greater activation of the hospitals in the region, writes the Express news...

Macedonia 28.01.22 | 10:49

Doctor Panovski: If the world had the Covid death rate of Macedonia, there would be 5.5 million more deaths

Macedonia has six times the Covid mortality of the global average, said microbiologist Naum Panovski. If our rate was applied globally, we would see 5.5 million additional deaths. The pandemic is not that dangerous, unless you’re in Macedonia, Panovski said during a TV interview.  

Macedonia 25.01.22 | 10:10

German report in the Tetovo hospital fire also points to the wiring, still early to say whether it will lead to criminal charges

According to Alsat TV, the report prepared by German forensics experts after the deadly fire in the improvised Covid hospital in Tetovo points to the extension cord used to power a defibrilator as the likely source of the fire. This was also the opinion of local investigators, who are waiting for the...

Macedonia 25.01.22 | 09:52

Hospital capacity becomes an issue as the new Covid wave continues to rise

The large spike in newly diagnosed coronavirus cases, caused by the free-wheeling New Year’s Eve celebrations and the spread of the omicron variant, overfilled the two main Covid centers in the capital Skopje. The 8th of September hospital and the Infectious Diseases Clinic reportedly sent back patients...

Macedonia 22.01.22 | 21:31

Covid spike: Kosovo introduced a strict border regime toward Macedonia

Due to the spining coronavirus infection rate in Macedonia, Kosovo urgently decided to impose a strict border regime. Starting today, the country will ban Macedonian citizens from entering unless they have received three doses of a coronavirus vaccine, or two doses and a PCR test. Unvaccinated people...

Macedonia 10.01.22 | 17:12

Konjanovski: Number of Covid cases in Bitola is escalating, let’s reduce gatherings

We have an escalating number of new cases. The number of hundreds of new cases per week, after the New Year holidays and after all those gatherings in the city increases to 600 per week, said today Bitola Mayor Toni Konjanovski after the meeting of the municipal crisis headquarters and urged the citizens...