The Commission for Infectious Diseases at a meeting Friday, convened to discuss the current epidemiological situation in Macedonia, didn’t recommend additional restrictions against the coronavirus be put in place concluding the country is in green zone having enough capacities to treat COVID-19 patients.

According to the methodology for determining the risk of Covid-19, the percentage of hospitalized cases, the percentage of free hospital beds, as well as the number of seriously ill and Covid-19 deaths  are taken into account. It has been established that Macedonia is in a green zone with sufficient facilities for treating Covid-19 patients. The increase in the number of new cases is 79.9 percent, according to the Ministry of Health.

The Commission also discussed the issue of the availability of Covid-19 tests. At the same time, the Commission, as stated, recommended a doubling of the testing capacities of the institutions that are responsible for it, as well as monitoring the situation for the possible provision of additional capacities where necessary.