Because 15 doctors and nurses have tested positive for Covid-19, the possibilities for eventual reactivation of the modular hospital in Stip are reduced to a minimum, so the Clinical hospital is looking for other alternatives and greater activation of the hospitals in the region, writes the Express news portal .

The infectious disease ward in Stip is of regional character and half of its capacity of a total of 55 beds is filled with patients from other cities in the region. Temporarily, due to lack of staff who also contracted the virus, in this period we cannot count on the modular hospital. Therefore, we ask the Kocani Hospital, with which we cooperate well, to meet our demands once again and to include its staff and spatial capacities for admission of Covid-19 patients. We permanently receive patients from several cities in eastern Macedonia, mostly from Kocani and Radovis, says the director of the Clinical Hospital in Stip, Alen Georgiev.