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Macedonia 30.11.21 | 12:31

Delcevo: Covid patient refused hospitalization, died during transport to Skopje

A 52 year old patient with Covid, who refused hospitalization, died while being transported from his native Delcevo to Skopje. The patient was adamant that he doesn’t want to be cared for in a hospital, even though he had severe pulmonary infection. A Delcevo ER team was eventually able to initiate...

Macedonia 17.10.21 | 00:31

Mayoral candidate in Delcevo photographed as he was buying votes

The mayoral candidate of a political party in Delcevo was photographed today as he was buying votes, Infomax reported. The candidate is seen with his hand in his pocket, pulling out cash, while meeting would-be voters. Due to the strict rules on reporting ahead of the elections, the name of the candidate...

Macedonia 16.10.21 | 22:40

Opposition candidate for Mayor was interrogated by the police

An opposition candidate for Mayor of one municipality was summoned to a police station today for interrogation. Because of the strict limits on reporting on the day ahead of the elections, Republika is unable to name the person involved and the municipality where this apparent incident of police intimidation...

Macedonia 15.10.21 | 14:31

SDSM activists in Delcevo distribute flour as part of voter bribery, accuses VMRO-DPMNE

In Delcevo, SDSM distributes flour, as part of the voter bribery in these elections, accuses VMRO-DPMNE. The bribe is distributed by Gjoko A. and the competent institutions will be notified about it. The bribe is a consequence of the fact that the people will defeat SDSM in these elections. Respond to...

Macedonia 14.10.21 | 19:23

Stojmenovski: I am determined to start working from the first day after October 17

What I see in front of me tonight is a truly magnificent sight. This is proof that the time has come for progress, the time for change, the time to create a new future, now! Delcevo demands it from us, we owe it to Delcevo, said the candidate for mayor of Delcevo, Nikolco Stojmenovski at Thursday’s...

Macedonia 14.10.21 | 18:35

LIVE from Delcevo: Presentation of VMRO-DPMNE’s candidate for mayor Nikolco Stoimenovski

Watch live the rally of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE in Delcevo where the candidate for mayor of Delecevo, Nikolco Stoimenovski, will be presented.

Macedonia 06.10.21 | 20:01

Delcevo without water for almost two days: Authorities’ failure to fix a defect left the city without basic needs

For the second day in a row, the citizens of Delcevo react that due to the incompetence of the mayor and the utility company, the city is left without drinking water. As of yesterday, a whole neighborhood has no water due to some defect, and the citizens react in revolt, the authorities fail and are...

Macedonia 04.09.21 | 09:40

Stojmenovski: Delcevo needs a highway connection to Bulgaria

We need to put our city on a new highway link with Bulgaria, sayd Nikolco Stojmenovski, the VMRO-DPMNE candidate for Mayor of Delcevo in his interview with Republika. Delcevo has a narrow road link with the Bulgarian city of Blagoevgrad, which has highway access to Sofia, but otherwise has exceptionally...

Macedonia 06.08.21 | 17:41

The largest active wildfires in the country are those in Delcevo and Pehcevo

Fires are still burning in Delcevo, Pehcevo, Sveti Nikole, Stip, Prilep, Kumanovo, Valandovo, and Radovis. The Gostivar fire has reignited, as well, while the Saraj fire near the villages of Raovikj and Bukovikj has been put under control, according to the Crisis Management Center. The Crisis Management...

Macedonia 06.08.21 | 09:29

Pasjak wildfire near Delcevo contained

The Pasjak wildfire in Nov Istevnik village near Delcevo has been contained. A string of fires started at Pasjak on August 2, affecting several settlements in Delcevo and Pehcevo. The all-out efforts of the people who were fighting the blaze day and night stifled the fire and stopped it from spreading...

Macedonia 05.08.21 | 17:00

Inhabitants living in fire-hit regions near the villages of Nov Istevnik and Star Istevnik ordered to evacuate

Inhabitants living in regions badly affected by a wildfire near the villages of Nov Istevnik and Star Istevnik in Delcevo, eastern Macedonia, have been ordered to evacuate and transfer to the nearby town. Due to the alarming situation on the ground, uncontrolled spread of fire and strong wind, and in...

Macedonia 04.08.21 | 17:12

Fire starts burning houses in Delcevo village, locals say the helicopter was withdrawn

A wildfire near a village in the Delcevo region, eastern Macedonia, is sweeping through several houses in the village even though army helicopters were extinguishing the fire on Wednesday morning. Firefighters from Delcevo, Berovo, Makedonska Kamenica, members of the Army, local population, volunteers,...

Macedonia 11.05.21 | 15:37

Mickoski in Delcevo: Current government to leave so that Macedonia can move forward!

The leader of VMRO DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski said Tuesday in Delcevo that the current government should leave, so that Macedonia can move forward. Delcevo deserves a good life, happy citizens and progress in all fields. We must not allow young people to leave, the future depends on all of us together....

Macedonia 02.11.20 | 14:54

Rape in Delcevo, attacker detained

A man from Delcevo was detained after reportedly raping a woman on Saturday. The incident occurred in the woman’s home, where the man forced his way in. The court ordered 30 days detention for the attacker.

Macedonia 11.07.20 | 09:09

Mickoski: We are only five days away from the victory over injustice and humiliation

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski told a rally in Delcevo on Friday that people decide on July 15 the future of Macedonia they want to live in, whether it will be a humiliated country or a proud country. Therefore, he urged citizens to vote for the “Renewal of Macedonia” coalition. Mickoski told...

Economy 03.07.20 | 18:42

Janusev visits a factory in Delcevo

We visited the textile factory “Viteks” in Delcevo. The textile industry is a leader in this region. Therefore, in the program we have pledged to the realization of several projects related to this branch, which will help in modernization and improvement of export performance, VMRO-DPMNE’s...

Macedonia 23.12.19 | 09:56

SDSM party official in Delcevo attacked by an activist angry he didn’t get the promised employment

A fight erupted among SDSM party members and officials in the city of Delcevo, reports the Netpress news site. According to the report, the incident occurred in a bar owned by a powerful local official of the party, identified by his initials V.V. He was attacked by a local party activist identified...

Macedonia 30.11.19 | 21:17

Janusev: After April 12 we will start to change things radically

Everything that we see happening all over the country is happening in Delcevo as well. One of the biggest problems, the emigration of young people especially in the last few years since this “life for all” came, which is not life, but hardship, bare struggle for survival, VMRO-DPMNE Secretary...

Economy 04.09.19 | 20:01

Sad but true: 12 buses from Eastern Macedonia leave for Italy in one day

A reportage of the “Infomax” news portal from Delcevo. A sad picture that is seen daily in Eastern Macedonia, where people, both young and old, are moving away in search of a better life. In just one day 12 buses left for Italy from Delcevo.

Macedonia 19.12.18 | 11:02

Rock slide cuts off infrastructure starved eastern part of the country

Lack of investment in infrastructure, especially in eastern Macedonia, is on full display this morning after a rock slide cut the main Makedonska Kamenica – Delcevo road. Passengers along the A3 road, which connects this part of the country with Bulgaria, are diverted to the Vinica – Bigla...

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