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Macedonia 12.01.22 | 13:22

50 days after the bus disaster, “Besa Trans” finally lost its license

Full 50 days after the “Besa Trans” bus disaster, the license of the company is finally being revoked. 45 people were killed when the bus taking mostly Macedonian citizens back from Istanbul crashed south of Sofia, in Bulgaria. The license of the company was quickly suspended, but it required...

Macedonia 07.12.21 | 20:44

Inspectors unable to enter the Besa bus company

Agents from the state transport inspection service are unable to conduct new investigations in the Besa Trans company in Skopje, whose bus crashed in Bulgaria two weeks ago with the loss of 45 lives. According to inspection director Rufat Huseini, the owner of the company could not be reached, and its...

Macedonia 03.12.21 | 09:47

On request of the families, the Foreign Ministry drops plans for a funeral procession for the victims of the Besa bus disaster

The Foreign Ministry called off its plans for a televised funeral procession for the 45 passengers killed the Besa bus disaster. Bulgarian authorities organized the transport of the bodies to the Skopje airport this morning, after they were identified using DNA samples. The Foreign Ministry yesterday...

Macedonia 27.11.21 | 16:10

Bus disaster: Prosecutors interrogated the owner of the Besa company

This morning prosecutors questioned Bedri Haxhiku, owner of the Besa Trans company, whose bus crashed in Bulgaria on Tuesday morning with loss of 45 lives. Haxhiku is available to both Macedonian and Bulgarian prosecutors, who hold the lead in the investigation. Macedonian prosecutors supplied their...

World 08.02.19 | 11:21

Brazil dam disaster: ‘I was in my truck as the mudslide hit’

When the Brumadinho dam collapsed, a huge mudslide headed straight for Elias Nunes’ truck, BBC reported. Elias Nunes gives a first-hand account of how he and his colleague survived the Brumadinho dam’s collapse.

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