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World 27.09.23 | 09:18

A series of earthquakes in Italy, the strongest of 4.2 near Naples

Several earthquakes, the strongest of which measured 4.2 on the Richter scale, occurred overnight in the large volcanic region of the Phlegraean Fields, near Naples, Italy’s National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology reported. According to seismologists, the strongest earthquake was registered...

World 10.09.23 | 10:49

Death toll from the Morocco earthquake reached 2,000, many more are critically injured

The death toll from the major earthquake that hit Morocco surpassed 2,000, and over 1,400 are in difficult condition. Some of the worst affected parts of the country are high in the Atlas mountains, and are difficult to reach with supplies and assistance. Many remain outside, and spent the last night...

Macedonia 09.09.23 | 20:13

Two Macedonian nationals evacuated to Marrakesh camp following earthquake

In a press release Saturday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs extended condolences to the victims of the devastating earthquake that struck the Al Haouz province of Morocco on Friday evening. In the press release, the MFA said the Macedonian diplomatic mission in Cairo is communicating with the relevant...

World 09.09.23 | 15:42

The number of killed in the Morocco Earthquake raised to 820

The death toll from a powerful earthquake that hit Morocco has risen to 820, Morocco’s Interior Ministry said on Saturday according to state news agency MAP. At least 629 others were injured, including 51 seriously wounded, in the quake that rattled several provinces in the North African country...

Macedonia 03.08.23 | 13:25

An earthquake in Albania felt in Macedonia

The Sizmological laboratory of the faculty for Natural and Mathematical Studies in Skopje registered an earthquake with a local magnitude of 3.1 degrees by Richter The epicenter of the earthquake was in Albania, 97 kilometers southwest of Skopje. “According to the available data, the earthquake...

Culture 03.07.23 | 21:18

Promenade exhibition honors Aco Shopov and marks the Skopje earthquake

An art exhibition is being held in Skopje in remembrance of the devastating 1963 earthquake as well as the famous poet Aco Shopov. The art exhibition is titled “Skopje’s urban stories” and it’s honoring the centennial of the birth of famous writer Aco Shopov, and 60 years since...

Macedonia 24.02.23 | 15:55

Earthquake felt in Struga

An earthquake was felt in Struga and its surroundings this afternoon at 12:19 p.m. According to the European Mediterranean Seismology Center, the epicenter was 11 kilometers northwest of Ohrid at a depth of two kilometers with a magnitude of 2.3 degrees. The earthquake was also felt in Albania.

World 15.02.23 | 08:45

Turkey, Syria earthquake death toll surpasses 40,000

The combined death toll following the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria on 6 February has passed 41,000 and continues to rise. The figure comes over a week after the deadly earthquake which the World Health Organisation described as the worst natural disaster in 100 years. Despite passing the ‘golden...

World 11.02.23 | 11:47

Earthquake death toll nears 25,000 after five days of searching

The earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria have claimed the lives of nearly 25,000 people as fewer and fewer victims were being found alive under the rubble five days after the disaster struck. In Türkiye alone, at least 20,665 people were killed and 80,088 others injured by the two strong quakes that jolted...

World 06.02.23 | 14:04

Second massive 7.7 magnitude earthquake strikes Turkey

A second earthquake has struck Turkey just hours after a massive 7.8 magnitude tremor struck the same region, killing at least 1,500 people, Telegraph reported. The epicentre of the first quake was in the Turkish city of Gaziantep, with much of the devastation centred along the border region, where...

Macedonia 06.02.23 | 12:35

VMRO-DPMNE extends condolences to friendly Turkish people over earthquake victims

VMRO-DPMNE and party leader Hristijan Mickoski extended Monday condolences to the friendly Turkish people and to the Republic of Turkey over the victims of the devastating earthquake that hit the area of the city of Gaziantep. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims, hoping the...

Macedonia 06.02.23 | 11:22

Hotlines available for assistance to Macedonian nationals in Turkey after devastating earthquake

Following the devastating earthquake in the southeastern part of Turkey, the Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs contacted the Embassy of Macedonia in Ankara and the Consulate General in Istanbul, which are in constant communication with the competent institutions of Turkey. Our diplomatic and consular...

World 06.02.23 | 08:56

7.8 magnitude earthquake kills more than 500 people in Turkey, Syria

A powerful earthquake has hit a wide area in south-eastern Turkey, near the Syrian border, killing more than 500 people and trapping many others, BBC reports. The US Geological Survey said the 7.8 magnitude tremor struck at 04:17 local time (01:17 GMT) at a depth of 17.9km (11 miles) near the city of...

Life Macedonia 14.12.22 | 12:52

Earthquake felt in Bitola

The telemetry seismological network of Macedonia, with stations in Skopje, Valandovo, Ohrid, Stip and Pecevo, maintained by the Seismological Observatory at the Faculty of Science and Mathematics in Skopje, today registered an earthquake 124 km southwest of Skopje in the Republic of Greece. According...

Balkans 21.11.22 | 11:08

5.5 Magnitude earthquake rattles Crete, no damages reported

A strong earthquake measuring 5.5 on the Richter scale hit northeast of Crete in the early hours of Monday the National Observatory of Athens (NOA) announced, reports the Greek Reporter. The epicenter of the quake was in the sea area between Crete and the islands of Kasos and Karpathos. No damages have...

Macedonia 26.07.22 | 09:50

Skopje remembers victims 59 years after devastating earthquake

Skopje marks Tuesday 59 years since the devastating earthquake, which leveled much of the city on this day in 1963, killing over 1,000 people and leaving 3,000 injured. Traditionally, official delegations, representatives of institutions and citizens will lay flowers in front of the monument dedicated...

Macedonia 25.04.22 | 21:24

4.2-magnitude earthquake felt in eastern Macedonia

A new earthquake was felt this afternoon in the eastern part of the country, seismologists said. According to the data available to the seismologic observatory, the earthquake measuring 4.2 on the Richter scale was felt by the population in Delcevo, Berovo, Pehcevo and the surrounding area. A series...

Macedonia 14.01.22 | 10:26

Another aftershock hits Bitola

A new aftershock struck the area of Bitola this morning. The earthquake hit around 3:40 and measured 2.8 degrees on the Richter scale. It comes five days after an earthquake measuring 5.6 degrees hit the region, causing panic among the citizens.

Macedonia 12.01.22 | 17:34

Government to provide financial assistance to Bitola citizens affected by the earthquake

Deputy PM Ljupco Nikolovski and Ministers Goran Milevski, Blagoj Bocvarski and Yeton Shaqiri paid Wednesday a visit to Bitola municipality, pledging support after the earthquake that affected the city a couple of days ago. Nikolovski said that the Government at yesterday’s session adopted several...

Macedonia 11.01.22 | 22:22

A series of new quakes felt in Bitola and Florina, the strongest had 4.5-magnitude

A series of earthquakes were registered tonight in the epicenter area between Bitola and Florina, of which the strongest had 4.5 magnitude. According to the Seismological Observatory at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Skopje, the epicenters of all the tremors were  registered in the...