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Balkans 15.12.19 | 11:34

Albania arrests nine people after earthquake

Nine people have been arrested in Albania on suspicion of murder and abuse of power over the collapse of buildings in last month’s earthquake, BBC reported. Two of those arrested on murder charges owned hotels that collapsed in the city of Durres, one of the areas worst hit. Both hotels had been...

Balkans 14.12.19 | 22:39

Albania seeks arrests for quake deaths in collapsed buildings

Albanian prosecutors have issued a series of arrest warrants on charges including murder and abuse of office over the deaths of 51 people killed when a 6.4-magnitude earthquake toppled dozens of buildings last month, police said on Saturday, Reuters reports. Police and prosecutors said initial investigations...

Balkans 01.12.19 | 14:38

Durres Mayor resigns after comments on death toll spark outrage

Mayor of Durres Valbona Sako stated she was resigning today, after her comments last evening on the earthquake death toll in Durres sparked outrage. Sako wrote on Faceebok: “Hurt by the strong negative reactions to a statement I made under stress that exceeds my strength, I resign from the duty of...

Balkans 30.11.19 | 16:25

Albania ceases quake rescue operations, turns to damage assessment

Albanian authorities have ceased rescue operations in earthquake-stricken areas, with the death toll reaching 50, Prime Minister Edi Rama told a news conference on Saturday. Rama said that 41 people remain hospitalized since the quake and that damage assessment has begun. The 6.4-magnitude quake...

Macedonia 29.11.19 | 21:21

Ohrid hotels open their doors and offer free accommodation for Durres people

Fear, panic and insecurity among Albanian people after the deadly earthquake. Since tremors continue to be felt in the country following the devastating earthquake, families are massively displaced, fearing to stay in their homes, reports Sitel. Some of the Ohrid hotels, villas and private apartments...

Balkans 29.11.19 | 20:13

Turkey to build 500 homes for families affected by the Albania earthquake

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced Friday at a press conference that Turkey will help Albania to build 500 homes in Durrës for all of the families which were affected by the earthquake. Although Turkey is assisting special search and rescue teams, Erdogan believes that this assistance...

Macedonia 28.11.19 | 22:13

Ahmeti, Xhaferi and Osmani visit areas affected by the quake in Albania

Albanian President Ilir Meta, along with Macedonian Parliament Speaker, Talat Xhaferi, closely followed Thursday the search and rescue action being carried out in one of the buildings in Durres damaged by the devastating earthquake. They were also accompanied by Vice Prime Minister Bujar Osmani, DUI...

Balkans 28.11.19 | 20:46

Albania earthquake death toll climbs to 46

Hopes were fading Thursday of finding anyone else alive beneath the rubble of collapsed buildings in Albania, two days after a deadly quake struck the country’s Adriatic coast killing at least 46 people and injuring more than 2,000. By Thursday afternoon, search operations were winding down, and...

Balkans 28.11.19 | 11:04

Earthquake death toll in Albania rises to 35

The number of casualties from the devastating earthquake in Albania has risen to 35, local news outlets report. More than 650 were injured and 45 were saved from the rubble of collapsed buildings across the country. Rescuers are still searching for survivors in the worst hit areas around Durres and Tirana.

Balkans 27.11.19 | 22:29

Albania quake death toll rises to 32, eight people fight for life

The death toll from the powerful earthquake in Albania has risen to 32, and the number of injured has reached 658, Albanian Daily News reports. Albanian Health Minister Ogerta Manastirliu said the health condition of eight injured is serious. She added that two of the injured were likely to be transferred...

Balkans 27.11.19 | 17:46

524 tremors felt in Albania since Tuesday’s deadly earthquake

Following Tuesday’s powerful earthquake that struck Albania, 524 earthquakes have been registered in the area so far, according to the seismology department at the Institute of Science in Tirana. Four earthquakes measuring over 4.5 on the Richter scale have been registered, including the 6.3 magnitude...

Macedonia 27.11.19 | 16:58

Macedonian community in Pustec collects donations for earthquake victims

The Macedonian community in the municipality of Pustec, Albania, collected donations Wednesday to the victims of the devastating earthquake that killed 29 and injured more than 700 people. The humanitarian action was organized by Albanian Parliament member Vasil Sterjovski and the mayor of Pustec.

Balkans 27.11.19 | 15:06

Rescuers working round the clock in Albania

Rescuers throughout Albania are working to save people who are trapped under the rubble of homes and buildings toppled in yesterday’s earthquake. The team dispatched by Macedonia has so far recovered two bodies from the ruins at two different sites. Other teams have been more fortunate and reports...

Balkans 27.11.19 | 11:16

Greek rescue teams save two people in Albania

Greek rescuers saved a man and a woman buried under the ruins of buildings that collapsed in Albania following yesterday’s devastating earthquake. One of the rescues was performed north-west of the capital Tirana, where a Greek team located a 45 year old woman still alive in the rubble. During...

Macedonia 27.11.19 | 11:06

Gjorcev helped with the earthquake relief effort in Albania

Among the people gathering to help victims of the powerful quake that hit Albania was Macedonian member of Parliament Vladimir Gjorcev. The VMRO-DPMNE official was in Tirana for a conference when the earthquake hit, and all the participants left for the worst damaged city of Durres. We help unload some...

Balkans 26.11.19 | 22:30

Tirana Mayor Veliaj says that 500 homes in his city were damaged by the earthquake

Tirana Mayor Erion Veliaj informed that 500 houses and buildings in the Albanian capital have been damaged from the powerful earthquake which hit the country overnight. Veliaj said that the city authorities have opened shelters for people who had to evacuate their homes for fear they will collapse and...

Macedonia 26.11.19 | 19:46

Macedonian search and rescue team sent to Albania

The Macedonian Search and Rescue Directorate (DZS) sent a team made up of 41 specialists that includes two trained dogs to Albania, where they will help in the efforts to look for survivors from the devastating earthquake. Specialized equipment is also sent out, loaded in 11 vehicles. DZS director Adnan...

Balkans 26.11.19 | 17:03

The tremors continue – another five degree quake hits Albania

Another earthquake, measuring five degrees on the Richter scale, hit Albania at cape Rodon. Although the quake was centered at sea, there is no tsunami threat reported. At least 16 people were killed in the strongest of the earthquakes which hit near the port city of Durres overnight and some 600 are...

Balkans 26.11.19 | 15:41

Albania earthquake toll climbs to 14 as rescuers hunt for survivors

Rescue crews used excavators to search for survivors trapped in toppled apartment buildings on Tuesday after a powerful pre-dawn earthquake in Albania killed at least 14 people and injured more than 600. The 6.4 magnitude quake was felt across the southern Balkans and was followed by multiple aftershocks....

Macedonia 26.11.19 | 15:14

Macedonia to allocate EUR 100,000 initial assistance to Albania

At Tuesday’s session, the Government decided to allocate MKD 6 million as initial financial aid to address the consequences of the earthquake in Albania. In addition to the assistance to Albania, rescue teams of 30 experts have been already sent to Albania to participate in rescue operations and...