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World 25.01.24 | 13:17

Twelve held over central China fire that killed dozens, reports state media

Twelve people have been taken into police custody for their alleged role in a deadly fire in central China’s Jiangxi province, state media said today. At least 39 people died and nine were injured after a fire broke out at a store in the city of Xinyu Wednesday. President Xi Jinping called for “deep...

World 09.12.23 | 16:27

A hospital fire near Rome left many dead and 200 people evacuated

The fire department declared the following morning that at least three individuals had perished in a late-Friday fire at a hospital close to Rome. The San Giovanni Evangelista hospital in Tivoli, just outside of Rome, had a fire at approximately 11 p.m. (2200 GMT), according to the fire department. During...

Macedonia 22.11.23 | 17:30

Warning of toxic fumes following warehouse fire near Tetovo

That sounds like a concerning situation. Fires involving chemicals like paint and varnish can indeed release harmful substances into the air. It’s crucial for authorities to take precautions like advising people to limit movement in the area and stay indoors with closed windows to avoid exposure...

Macedonia 01.10.23 | 22:13

Skopje police arrests murderer and his mother who set fire to the victim’s apartment hoping to destroy evidence

Skopje police arrested a wanted killer who stabbed a man and then, together with his mother, torched his apartment. There is still no motive for the bizarre murder that was reported a week ago. The killer, identified by the police as A.D. (39), killed his his 36 yeas old victim in the victim’s...

Macedonia 11.09.23 | 19:42

Fire near Aracinovo covers parts of Skopje with smoke

A column of smoke is visible near the village of Aracinovo and comes from the burning of garbage and dry grass. The smoke is nearing Skopje’s eastern suburbs. The fire is likely not a danger to the near-by houses, but is concerning the citizens worried about pollution.

Macedonia 08.09.23 | 21:54

Forest fire near Makedonski Brod

A major fire erupted near the village of Latovo, in the municipality of Makedonski Brod. Broadleaf forests are affected and a firefighting plane is being used to put out the fire, as are local firefighters.

Macedonia 26.08.23 | 22:44

Five firefighters saved by helicopter evacuation near Kocani

Five firefighters were rescued after a difficult situation between the cities of Kocani and Probistip. The men were fighting a forest fire in the area of the villages Cesinovo and Oblesevo, when they found themselves surrounded by the blaze. A transport helicopter MI-171 was dispatched and it took 60...

Balkans 22.08.23 | 20:21

18 migrants found dead after a forest fire in Greece

Greek firefighters found 18 burnt bodies in a village in the Marica-Evros region, close to the Turkish border. The dead were found in two groups, prompting rescuers to conclude that they were likely illegal migrants who crossed into the country. Greece has been affected by major forest fires for weeks,...

Macedonia 17.08.23 | 15:21

The Platform against Corruption demands resignation from Ljubomir Jovevski

The Platform of Civil Organizations for Fighting against Corruption demands the resignation of the Public Prosecutor Ljubomir Jovevski. The Platform bases its demand on the information included in the IRL documentary on the Tetovo Hospital fire, Murder in Tetovo, which revealed that Jovevski didn’t...

Macedonia 16.08.23 | 19:25

Tetovo Mayor Kasami calls the Government to punish those responsible for the hospital disaster

Tetovo Mayor Bilal Kasami called on the Governnment to seriously address the issue of the botched investigation into the 2021 hospital disaster, when fire in an improvised Covid ward in Tetovo killed 14 patients and family members. Protests were held in the city today after an investigative report showed...

Macedonia 06.08.23 | 22:33

Bitola police is looking for a suspected arsonist

Bitola police is looking for an arsonist, after the city faced a dozen small fires yesterday, and witnesses saw a suspicious person. The fires were planted in the Streliste area of the city. The most dangerous of the fires started between two gas stations, and it took an intervention from the firefighters...

Macedonia 05.08.23 | 10:07

Fires in Bogdanci and Volkovo put out

Firefighters were able the put out the large fire near Bogdanci, that at one point threatened the wind park in the area. About 350 hectares of low forest were burnt down. Planes were used in the actions oo the local firefighters. Meanwhile, a fire threatened homes in the village of Volkovo, near Skopje....

Macedonia 04.08.23 | 11:48

Forest fire threatens the Bogdanci wind power park

A large fire burnt overnight near Bogdanci, and still hasn’t been put under control. It spread on 500 hectares of low forest and shrub, and even threatens the wind power park Bogdanci, as well as the pumping system that feeds lake Dojran. Six dozen men are on the ground fighting the fire.

Macedonia 30.07.23 | 20:47

Negotino Mayor suspects arson as forest fire reignites

After fire broke out again in the Goceva Suma forest near Negotino, Mayor Goran Stojanov warned that this could be the work of arsonists. Firefighters from Negotino and the near-by Kavadarci had to join forces to put out the fire yesterday. The pine forest was planted in 1972, on the 100th anniversary...

Macedonia 21.07.23 | 10:54

Several fires put out near Kumanovo

Firefighters from Kumanovo were able to put out several significant fires, in the area of Kumanovo and Lipkovo. Teams were hard at work yesterday evening near Agino village, Brzak, Romanovce, Lojane and Tabanovce. In Agino, the fire damaged house. Damage was inflicted on pastures and on wheat fields...

Macedonia 19.07.23 | 11:18

Ban on movement through woods goes into effect

All persons found walking through woods between 6 and 29h will be fined between 1,500 and 2,000 EUR, the Agriculture Ministry informed today. The measure to ban movement through wooded areas, that goes into effect every year, is meant to prevent the risk of forest fires. All individuals who have to go...

Balkans 17.07.23 | 18:15

Strong forest fire prompts evacuations in Greece

Several settlements east of Athens have been evacuated after a major forest fire. Over 150 firefighters, including a unit from Romania, and several planes are fighting the fire. Greece is at serious risk from forest fires every summer due the heat and the strong winds.  

Macedonia 12.07.23 | 21:29

Firefighters remain on guard in the Kumanovo courthouse, where the archives were destroyed in a fire

Kumanovo firefighters will remain on patrol near the city courthouse, where a strong fire erupted in the basement offices, where the archives as well as the ammunition of the court police is kept. The fire caused suspicions of arson, and local media are speculating which important court case had to “go...

Macedonia 11.07.23 | 17:56

Investigation launched into suspicious fire that destroyed Kumanovo courthouse archives

Kumanovo prosecutors and forensics experts will investigate the fire in the Kumanovo courthouse today, where the archives were burnt. Given the sorry state of the Macedonian judiciary, the fire led to immediate speculation about arson and an attempt to destroy evidence in some politically important trials....

Macedonia 11.07.23 | 12:41

Fire destroyed Kumanovo Court’s archive

In the early hours (2 a.m.) of Tuesday morning a large fire broke in the Kumanovo District Court’s building. No one was injured and the firefighters quickly put the fire under control. The Court’s President, Snezhana Maneva, clarified that the fire broke in one of the subterranean rooms,...