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Macedonia 11.05.21 | 17:25

One person saved from a fire near Skopje

Firefighters saved a person from a house in Radisani, north of Skopje, which caught fire today. It took a rapid intervention by four vehicles and 15 men to save the person from his home. No injuries were sustained in the process, the city firefighting office said.

Macedonia 03.05.21 | 09:20

Fire near Galicnik put under control, locals had to tow the broken down fire engine into position

The forest fire that threatened the village of Galicnik has been put under control, local authorities said. The fire broke out near the historic village and attempts to put it out were complicated by the strong wind, that prevented helicopters from intervening, but also by the dilapidated state of firefighting...

Macedonia 02.05.21 | 19:45

Strong forest fire threatens the village of Galicnik

A strong forest fire is raging near Galicnik, endangering the historic village. An army helicopter was dispatched to help, but could not arrive due to the strong winds, and it was left to ground teams to protect the village. Tourists had to be evacuated from the Neda hotel, which was at one point in...

Macedonia 30.04.21 | 17:33

Forest fire broke out close to the Aurora resort in Berovo

Guests at the Aurora resort near Berovo had to be evacuated today after fire broke out in the dense surrounding forest. Media outlets are reporting that the fire is already out. There are no reports of any injuries.

Macedonia 26.04.21 | 21:05

New fire in the reeds on the Struga shoreline

Local media from Struga are reporting about a new fire in the reeds along the shore of lake Ohrid. Similar fires were reported twice in the past months near the village of Kaliste. Such incidents are often started by local developers who want to convert stretches of the shore into beaches. The reeds...

Macedonia 22.03.21 | 10:47

Fire in a substation frightens Skopje citizens

A major fire broke out in a substation in Skopje, apparently when a tree fell on it amid a strong snowstorm. Local residents of the Zelezara district posted pictures of a large fireball and the subsequent blaze. The fire was quickly out. Некој хаварија на далеководот pic.twitter.com/SnkAlmIZHv —...

Macedonia 16.03.21 | 21:16

Police arrests the mother of the 7-year old who died in a fire

Gostivar police arrested the mother of the seven year old child which died in a fire in an apartment building today. The shocked firefighters found the child chained by the legs. The case is being investigated as one of neglect and child abuse. The reportedly woman moved into Gostivar recently with her...

Macedonia 16.03.21 | 17:51

Horror in Gostivar: Abused, tied 7 year old child dies in a fire

A seven year old child has died in a fire in an apartment building in Gostivar. Firefighters informed prosecutors that the child was found chained inside the apartment, prompting an investigation into possible murder. The family acknowledged that they were keeping the child tied because “it was...

Macedonia 15.03.21 | 18:08

Car thieves opened fire on pursuing police officers in Skopje

Car thieves opened fire on police officers in the Gazi Baba district of Skopje yesterday afternoon. The incident happened after a local citizen reported his Ford Fiesta was stolen during the night. A police patrol spotted the vehicle and tried to stop the two thieves. At one point during the pursuit...

Macedonia 26.02.21 | 12:50

Macedonian diplomatic car torched in Solun

A diplomatic car used by the Macedonian consulate in Solun (Thessaloniki) was torched overnight. Greek media outlets are reporting that the car was doused with a flammable liquid and set on fire. Firefighters were summoned around 5:30 in the morning. Greek nationalists frequently target Macedonian owned...

Macedonia 24.02.21 | 09:07

Official car used by the director of the Albanian language agency torched near Skopje

An official vehicle owned by the newly established agency for the use of the Albanian language was torched in Vizbegovo, north of Skopje. The agency director Ilber Sela apparently took the official car home with him, and it was burnt down overnight. The fire was reported at 3:40 in the morning. The agency...

Macedonia 16.02.21 | 18:26

Elderly woman died in a fire near Tetovo

An elderly woman from the village of Zilce near Tetovo died in a fire this morning. Macedonia is hit by a cold wave and it’s possible this contributed to the tragic accident. The fire was reported by the son of the victim. Tetovo firefighters put it out but were too late to save the 80 year old...

Macedonia 08.01.21 | 17:10

Global shop-keepers divided into categories based on the damage they sustained from the fire

Shop-keepers in the burnt Global mall in Strumica have been divided into three categories, and will press their claims for reimbursement. The categories involve businesses who suffered total loss, partial loss, or no loss at all. The ground floor of the large mall developed under controversial circumstances...

Macedonia 08.01.21 | 15:11

Silence about responsibility for Global fire is complicity in future similar fire with human casualties

For a whole week there has been no word from the competent institutions about the fire in “Global” in Strumica, the spokesperson of VMRO-DPMNE Naum Stoilkovski reminded at Friday’s press conference adding that there is no information about the cause of the fire, and even worse, there...

Macedonia 06.01.21 | 20:03

Police lashes out against Christmas celebrations, ignores violations by Government supporters

While the police arrested a dozen citizens of the village of Orman near Skopje for honoring the traditions and lighting a Badnik fire to celebrate the coming of Christmas, a crony of the Zaev regime live-streamed a brass band party in his home. Еве како по ковид правила слави...

Economy 05.01.21 | 09:34

The companies that Zaev personally knows to “show solidarity” and return the money to the victims of the Eurostandard “fire”

The Association of damaged depositors from Eurostandard Bank welcomes the initiative of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev to help the store owners of the charred part of the “Global” shopping mall, but remind that the “fire” that occurred in Eurostandard Bank was a thousand times bigger...

Macedonia 03.01.21 | 19:40

Never mind the sprinklers, the Strumica mall didn’t even have functioning water hydrants

TV Vis from Strumica reports that the Global shopping mall did not have operational water hydrants that could’ve helped the firemen save some of the dozens of stores that were burnt in yesterday’s inferno. The mall, whose construction was notorious as part of Zoran Zaev’s early, 2008...

Macedonia 03.01.21 | 09:07

Major fire in the Global shopping mall in Strumica

A major fire broke out yesterday evening in the Global shopping mall in Strumica. There are no casualties but serious damage was inflicted on the shops. The fire started on the ground floor and then spread upwards. At least ten stores were burnt down, as well as much of the marketplace. Mayor Kosta...

Macedonia 09.09.20 | 10:12

Fire breaks out in Secretariat for European Affairs’ offices

Firefighters are on a scene of a fire after breaking out in a building in Skopje downtown. The former premises of Komercijalna Banka are now used by several state institutions. The fire was located on the first floor, where the offices of the State Environment Inspectorate are. The whole building, which...

Macedonia 05.09.20 | 20:41

Skopje: Man shot at person he suspected of torching his two cars

A man from Skopje’s Gazi Baba district fired a bullet at a man who set fire on his two vehicles overnight. The incident happened at 4 in the morning when a family realized that their two cars, a Volkswagen Python and a Volkswagen Touareg are on fire. The father of the family, 54 year old S.F.,...