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Macedonia 23.07.22 | 11:58

CMC: Budinarci, Mitrasinci fire smoldering but contained

The forest fire in the mountainous area between the villages of Mitrasinci and Budinarci has been contained. Earlier this morning, firefighters managed to secure a control line completely around its perimeter. Although still burning and smoldering, it is not likely to spread, according to the Crisis...

Macedonia 07.06.22 | 14:10

Singer Lambe Alabakovski is the person who set the door of the “Ivan Mihajlov” club in Bitola on fire

Macedonian pop singer Lambe Alabakovski set fire to the door of the “Ivan Mihajlov” club in Bitola, “Sloboden pecat’ reported. Earlier Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski informed on Facebook that that the perpetrator who set fire to the club has been arrested. I am pleased...

Macedonia 04.06.22 | 10:49

Bulgarian club “Vanco Mihajlov” in Bitola set on fire, no major damage done

The front door and the “Vanco Mihajlov” inscription from the Bulgarian club on Ruzveltova Street in Bitola were set on fire. No damage was done inside. Ljupco Gjorgievski, the president of the Cultural Center “Ivan Mihajlov”, says that the fire was set early this morning at five...

Macedonia 22.05.22 | 11:14

Nine guests hospitalized, 60 more injured in the Bushi hotel fire

Nine people were hospitalized and 60 more suffered from smoke inhalation and other injuries after the major fire in Skopje’s Bushi hotel. Fires broke out yesterday afternoon at several locations in the elite hotel, in the middle of the historic Old Bazaar. Guests scrambled to get out of the building,...

Macedonia 21.05.22 | 21:14

Fire in an elite hotel in Skopje

Fire broke out in the elite Bushi hotel in Skopje’s Old Bazaar this afternoon. Paramedics are at the scene and helped several people who suffered from smoke inhalation, while firefighters worked to help evacuate guests from the inaccessible hotel. There are no reports of serious injuries so far.

Macedonia 16.05.22 | 18:25

Tetovo hospital director – and brother of the Finance Minister – will be charged over the deadly Covid ward fire

Tetovo hospital director Florina Besimi, who is brother of Finance Minister Fatmir Besimi and an influential figure in the ruling DUI party, is going to be charged with the devastating fire in the improvised Covid hospital in the city on September 8th 2021. The fire killed 14 patients and their relatives. State...

Macedonia 07.05.22 | 10:38

Explosion heard after an electric fire in Skopje

A loud explosion awoke the citizens of Skopje’s western Karpos 4 district. Fire broke out near the United Nations bridge, apparently linked to a power pulon. Residents told Republika that the fire spread toward at least one vehicle.

Macedonia 14.04.22 | 18:12

Mayor Arsovska: The Treska factory fire was likely caused by arson

Skopje Mayor Danela Arsovska said that he major fire in the abandoned Treska furniture plant in downtown Skopje was likely planted. The site contained plastics, all sorts of rubbish and likely gas canisters, which caused a dark cloud of smoke to lift over the city and even explosions. I want to inform...

Macedonia 14.04.22 | 16:53

Burning plastic, explosions, make the Treska fire even more dangerous

Firefighters were able to put under control the major blaze that erupted in the abandoned Treska furniture factory in downtown Skopje. So far no injuries have been reported.   Locals said that on top of the huge pillar of smoke that rose over the city, and scared entire neighborhoods, they could hear...

Macedonia 14.04.22 | 14:43

Huge fire in the abandoned Treska factory in downtown Skopje

A huge fire erupted in the abandoned Treska furniture factory in downtown Skopje. The city block sized area is largely empty, but there are small houses and residential buildings around it, as well as commercial buildings operating in some of its former factory halls. There are no reports of injuries...

Macedonia 08.03.22 | 14:27

Six months after the tragedy, the Prosecution is in a “phase of evidence analysis”

Six months after the fire in the modular covid hospital in Tetovo when 14 people lost their lives, the Prosecution informs that an analysis phase of all collected evidence is underway. According to their information, it is still necessary to work on fully establishing the facts in the case in order to...

Macedonia 28.01.22 | 15:18

Major fire in a busy commercial area of Skopje

A major fire broke out in the Cair part of Skopje, in an area along the “Nikola Karev” boulevard that is used by many densely dotted stores. Police has blocked access to the area, as a thick column of smoke rises. Therer is still no word on the extent of the damage.  

Macedonia 26.01.22 | 12:36

Tetovo prosecutors will need three weeks to determine whether to press charges in the deadly Covid hospital fire

Tetovo prosecutors told TV24 that they will need to examine the new report about the deadly Covid hospital fire in detail before they decide whether they will press charges. Months went by since the September 8th fire that killed 14 patients and family members and they were spent waiting for the report...

Macedonia 24.01.22 | 14:52

German expert report on the deadly Tetovo hospital fire is translated, given to local prosecutors

Tetovo prosecutors are finally expected to begin using a report prepared by German experts after the deadly Covid hospital fire in September that killed 14 patients and their family members. The report was recently sent to Macedonia and has now been translated. Initial investigation showed that a defibrilator...

Macedonia 24.01.22 | 10:20

Firefighters worked through the night to put out the Bitola flour mill fire

Bitola firefighters worked through the night to put out the major fire that destroyed the Zito Bitola flour mill.  Ten teams were on the ground, and after the main blaze was put out, they rotated working on the ancillary fires. The building is largely destroyed, but fortunately, no casualties were reported.  

Macedonia 23.01.22 | 19:32

Huge fire in the Bitola flour mill

A major fire is raging through the main flour mill in the city of Bitola. The fire broke out in the early afternoon. At the moment there are no  reports of casualties. Ten teams from the Bitola fire department are working to to try to save the landmark building which is situated in the industrial part...

Macedonia 17.01.22 | 17:00

German expert report on the Tetovo hospital fire delivered this weekend, but it will take time to have it translated

German experts have submitted their report on the deadly September 8th fire in the Covid hospital in Tetovo. The report was finalized four months after their investigation and was delivered to Macedonia this weekend. State prosecutors say that it will take some time to translate it from German before...

Macedonia 10.01.22 | 22:52

Fire breaks out near Skopje stadium

A fire broke out Monday evening in the City Park in Skopje, Sitel reported. The barracks near the stadium, which are located near the children’s playground at the Tomce Sofka restaurant, are on fire.

Macedonia 22.12.21 | 17:22

Fire destroyed potential evidence of financial abuse in the city of Skopje

A video made yesterday evening shows the extent of the fire that consumed the wooden barracks used by the Skopje public company for road management. The offices are completely destroyed, and with them the documents about contracts, public procurement and other financial dealings by the city administration....

Macedonia 22.12.21 | 10:19

The barracks of PE “Streets and Roads” completely destroyed in a fire that started from a parked car

Fire broke out in the barracks of PE “Streets and Roads”, behind the shopping center Bunjakovec in the center of Skopje, which started from a parked car that exploded, the director of the enterprise Boris Nastov told “Sakam da kazam”. Unfortunately, the fire spread through all...