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Macedonia 09.09.20 | 10:12

Fire breaks out in Secretariat for European Affairs’ offices

Firefighters are on a scene of a fire after breaking out in a building in Skopje downtown. The former premises of Komercijalna Banka are now used by several state institutions. The fire was located on the first floor, where the offices of the State Environment Inspectorate are. The whole building, which...

Macedonia 05.09.20 | 20:41

Skopje: Man shot at person he suspected of torching his two cars

A man from Skopje’s Gazi Baba district fired a bullet at a man who set fire on his two vehicles overnight. The incident happened at 4 in the morning when a family realized that their two cars, a Volkswagen Python and a Volkswagen Touareg are on fire. The father of the family, 54 year old S.F.,...

Macedonia 04.09.20 | 16:37

Bus burns down on the Skopje – Stip higway

A bus operated by the Kit-Go company from Stip completely burnt down today on the Stip – Skopje highway. Local authorities say that the driver was alone in the bus when the fire started. He attempted to use the extinguisher but was not able to contain the blaze. Eventually, a firefighting team...

Macedonia 28.08.20 | 14:05

Owner of four trucks that were set on fire in Skopje says he was deliberately targeted

Duplek Naser, the owner of a trucking company which had four of its trucks set on fire in Skopje severak days ago, says that he was targeted by arsonists. Naser says that security cameras filmed three men douse the trucks and set them on fire where they were parked in Skopje’s Butel district. “The...

Macedonia 17.08.20 | 10:18

Homeless shelter burns down, no injuries reported

A barrack used to house homeless people in the Cicino Selo center near Skopje burnt down overnight. Fortunately no-one was inside when the incident happened. It took a large crew of firefighters with six vehicles to douse out the flames. The fire was reported around midnight but was only out in the early...

Macedonia 14.08.20 | 10:36

Two EVN vehicles torched in Tetovo

Two vehicles owned by the energy distribution company EVN were set on fire yesterday in Tetovo. The incident comes shortly after electricity prices were hiked by steep 7.4 percent. This sparked a protest in Tetovo, where the Austrian owned EVN has faced resistance when trying to collect on unpaid bills. Meanwhile,...

Macedonia 07.08.20 | 20:08

Two cars burn down in Karpos

Two cars were set on fire in Skopje’s Karpos district overnight. The incident was reported shortly after midnight, and the worst affected was a Skoda car. The fire spread to a part of a facade of a near-by building, as well as to a Volkswagen Passat that was parked close by. There is still no indication...

Macedonia 04.08.20 | 20:34

Police urged to act after a man set fire in a dry forest and bragged about it on TikTok

Citizens are urging the police to go after a TikTok user who posted a video in which he is setting fire in a dried out forest. The user @djeloking2020 posted the video in which he sets fire to a small spruce tree which immediately goes in flames in the dry weather, and the embers spread around it. When...

World 19.07.20 | 12:08

Arson may be the cause of fire in Nantes cathedral

The fire that broke out in Nantes Cathedral on Saturday morning, could have been a case of arson, the V4 news agency reports. Before being put out by the firefighters, videos uploaded to the internet showed the fire inside the church raging with huge flames. The fire department was called by the locals...

World 18.07.20 | 12:03

Fire in the Nantes cathedral

Firefighters in the French city of Nantes were able to put under control the fire that erupted in the centuries old gothic cathedral in the city. The fire was reported in the early morning hours. The cathedral dates from 1434, and was being built up over the centuries. The incident reminded the public...

Macedonia 01.06.20 | 11:29

Doctors can’t issue medicine prescriptions after fire in the public healthcare fund’s computer room

The FZOM public healthcare fund announced that doctors will not be issuing medicine prescriptions today. Republika has learnt that the reason is a fire that broke out in the FZOM server room. The incident happened on Sunday evening and the server is now off-line. The damage affected both national and...

Macedonia 24.05.20 | 17:33

Pub operating in the Macedonian Opera and Ballet building was set on fire last night

The Opera Pub, a place that operates out of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet building and is popular with actors, was set on fire overnight. Security cameras caught a man dousing the exterior of pub with gasoline and then lighting it on fire. The heat was so strong it melted the windows on the pub. The...

Macedonia 23.05.20 | 20:13

Prilep: Former fireman saves a woman from a burning house

Martin Stojanoski (31) from Prilep was praised for his heroism after he helped save an elderly woman a burning house today. Local media are reporting that the fire broke out around noon, in the eastern parts of the city. Neighbors were the first to the scene, and Stojanoski happened to be passing along....

Macedonia 23.05.20 | 12:47

Debar city dump fire was started deliberately

The city dump site in Debar has been on fire since Friday evening, local citizens are reporting, and the municipal firefighting teams have not been able to put it out. It was set on fire by somebody. If it happened during the day it could’ve been the heat, but it happened in the evening. And it’s...

Macedonia 13.05.20 | 10:32

Skopje city bus burns down

A Skopje city bus burnt down early this morning. The incident occurred at the central bus station. There were no passengers in the bus when the fire broke out. The driver was just preparing it for his morning run, when apparently there was a short circuit in the wiring. Another vehicle was affected and...

Macedonia 04.05.20 | 17:02

Car burnt down in Stip, police is investigating if it was arson

A BMW car, owned by a 34 year old man from Stip, burnt down in a fire overnight. The fire spread to a neighboring car registered to a company in Skopje. Police is investigating the cause of the fire – and if it was a case of arson.

Macedonia 12.04.20 | 19:10

Prilep police confirms that the man found to death was murdered after an argument

Prilep police confirmed that the horrific incident reported yesterday, in which a man burnt to death, was murder. M.K. (66) was found dead in his garage and an initial belief was that he committed suicide, but now the police informed that it was one of his neighbors who killed him. The two go into an...

Macedonia 12.04.20 | 12:40

Man burns to death in Prilep, police is investigating whether it was attack or suicide

A man from Prilep burnt to death in an incident yesterday afternoon. Police is still investigating the case, and they’re not sure whether it was suicide by self-immolation or an attack. Some outlets have reported that there was an argument between two neighbors, and one of them doused the other...

Macedonia 10.04.20 | 10:26

Forest fire breaks out north of Skopje

Forest fire broke out yesterday on Skopska Crna Gora, north of the capital. The fire affected a region between the villages of Blace and Gorno Blace. Eighteen forest rangers were sent to contain it, but given the inaccessible area, it may require helicopter assistance.

Macedonia 26.02.20 | 19:08

Fifth victim of the Romanovce gas blast

A 36 year old woman died from the injuries sustained during Sunday’s gas explosion and fire in the village of Romanovce near Kumanovo. She is fifth person to die in the accident that so far claimed the lives of three children and a man. Another woman is also listed as critical, with severe burns.